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Fred Bisci: Our Nutrition Mentor


Fred Bisci: Our Nutrition Mentor


fred bisci has been 100% truly raw and vegan for 50 years. for 7 years he has helped me understand very tricky aspects of nutritional science and directed me towards things i consider very valuable for my own diet and understanding. his most epic contribution to nutritional science is that he is really the first person to put all of the focus on ‘what you leave out,’ which simplifies what you should be doing to work towards healing rather than fad diets. i’ve gone to him so many times for his insight. i want to be clear with the world that fred is the reason juice press has a deep and centered basis in the science of nutrition. he has shown me how to heal my own body. he has pointed me towards knowledge i would have taken a life time discover.

although fred is not a tabloid headliner, he is the right kind of person to promote juice press’s food paradigm. he is also like a second father to me! juice press partners agree that an ongoing endorsement from him is like having bill gates endorse a technology company. he and i have spent hundreds of hours together talking. he’s not only decoded many of the mysteries of food for me, but he’s also been an inspiration for reaching greater levels of awareness and spirituality.



above: fred bisci and co founder marcus antebi at a “town hall” meeting at juice press on 22nd street.

i met fred sitting outside my first juice press a couple of months after we opened. he immediately struck me as a welcoming and kind person with an incredible knowledge of nutrition and raw food. needless to say, i was very impressed by his commitment to remain vegan and truly raw for well over 40 years at the time i met him. fred was eager to share his knowledge with me and help me create many of the educational printed items i have on display in each store.

fred set me on the right path in search of higher knowledge from the start. he dispelled many nutritional myths for me and made very clear that my mission should be to carry on with his work to educate others with his powerful and revolutionary concepts of how the body works. one of my most profound moments shared with fred was listening to him try to help a dear friend. the friend was a 70 year old man with a multitude of illnesses from diabetes to cancer. i listened to fred break down my friend’s diseases into medical terms and then back into lifestyle choices. while listening to fred’s powerful knowledge of medicine and natural healing, i knew fred was truly the authentic mentor i had been seeking. i was moved nearly to tears to be sitting in the company of such a great man.

another great moment for me with fred was flying him up to boston to meet the chief medical and chief executive officers of the jocelyn diabetes institute. fred was blown away that a prestigious clinic of science was deeply interested in what he and juice press had to say about treating type 2 diabetes through raw juice therapy and adopting a vegan lifestyle. fred never thought that in his lifetime a medical institute would come close to validating his life’s work. he was so happy he was at a loss for words. it was a treat to share that moment with him.

fred’s scope of knowledge on nutrition, science, and medicine is impressive to say the least. he expanded and refined this knowledge over 60 years through real-life personal health experiences and by working with over 35,000 people worldwide with their health issues. he is a recognized leader and pioneer of a plant-based diet in the real, fresh food and raw food movements. fred is really the first person who created the paradigm of focusing on “what you leave out of your diet” as a healing approach.




above: fred bisci, juice press partners: marcus antebi and kenny dichter.

fred believes that processed foods are the killer of the body and the origins of many problems. he received the famed nova award for best television health series “eat your way to health.” fred provides a unique acumen that leads people to the real foods that improve longevity and minimize life-threatening health risks. fred has completed 18 marathons and two ultra-marathons, was a power-style weight lifter, and is still an active athlete today! at 87, he is an active raw foodist, eating real, fresh food since the 1930s. he has been happily married for over 30 years and has two lovely daughters and two playful english mastiffs.

“i’ve been 100% raw for over 46 years and i have 50+ years experience with nutritional counseling. i eat at juice press almost every week. i send my friends and family there. their juices and foods are the best i’ve ever tasted. there are not many places where i eat out. i share marcus’s vision with bringing high quality foods and basic nutritional knowledge to the public. in terms of integrity and quality, there’s no place like juice press i know of.”  fred bisci

the lifestyle approach of “your healthy journey” is the culmination of the 50 year career of fred bisci, who has seen firsthand and understands in depth the healing power and corrective capabilities within the midst of our greatest gift, the human body. born in 1929, he is a lifestyle coach, food scientist, and clinical nutritionist. he has counseled and successfully helped tens of thousands of people with his lifestyle approach to nutrition and well-being, including those with numerous degenerative illnesses and ailments. his history includes hosting his own television show “eat your way to health,” which attracted the largest viewing audience in new york city and won the famed nova award for best health series. he is author of the book “your healthy journey (discovering your body’s full potential)” and has been interviewed and quoted in numerous books and health periodicals. fred has been featured regularly on radio and tv, sharing his wisdom on health, longevity, exercise, and quality of life.

throughout the world, he has conducted seminars and spoken at universities, professional organizations, and business groups on how to lead a long, healthy life. he has successfully worked with a variety of amateur, professional, and olympic athletes, including: weight lifters; boxers; basketball, baseball and football players; marathon runners; tri-athletes; and wrestlers. he has also worked with actors. fred himself has been a tenacious athlete. he completed 18 marathons and two ultra-marathons, was a power-style weight lifter, and still leads an athletic life at the age of 87.

fred’s overall mission is to educate mainstream america and the international community on the inadequacies and failings of modern-day diets. he offers in its place a natural, simple, and commonsense approach to health, nutrition, and longevity. he is a firm believer in this approach and has achieved clinical results by educating people on how to experience the healing power and corrective capabilities of the human body. he believes “the human condition is spiritually, vibrationally induced, electrically, chemically empowered and biologically and genetically carried out.” fred’s understanding is that daily lifestyle elements challenge, distract, and overburden an individual’s genetic expression. this causes disturbances of the biological, chemical, genetic, and electrical functions of the body on the cellular terrain. he believes that our spiritual nature and attitude can combat these daily lifestyle elements and guide an individual toward peak performance and optimal states of health–it can lay the foundation for a well-grounded human experience.

for more detailed information on dr. fred bisci’s approach, products, lectures, lifestyle plan, and consultation services visit and read “your healthy journey (discovering your body’s full potential).”

why are we not hearing this from mainstream media? it is my belief that the health of the united states is just as big a problem, or more so, as the economy. in the last 10 years we have dropped from 15th to 41st place (2010 – fact) in worldwide health. we have come to an impasse and must change direction with our lifestyle in order to improve our health dramatically. to some, this change in lifestyle may seem complicated, but actually it is quite simple. it takes motivation and work on our part, but it is well worth the effort. the change in our lifestyle direction can dramatically improve the quality of life and slow the aging process. there are those who stand to gain financially from our society not changing. the food giants that make our processed food and the pharmaceutical companies that medicate us are making billions of dollars from this poor situation. much of the funding for the research is coming from these food giants and pharmaceutical companies and they are not going to encourage us to change. we must take responsibility for our own well-being by changing our lifestyle.

now is the time we can stop the damage and problems we are causing ourselves. all the information that we need is available. i am not talking about weight loss diets – they do not work long term. i am talking about lifestyle changes that have a dramatic and beneficial impact on our quality of life, longevity, performance, and well-being. there are many books available regarding different approaches that are causing much confusion. for example, misleading and one-sided information has directed the consumer to become obsessed with eating protein in exaggerated amounts. there is one common denominator in all the approaches that are successfully bringing about beneficial changes: it’s “what you leave out.” the lifestyle program recommended in “your healthy journey” will enable your body to begin a profound detoxification; it is a cleansing lifestyle and encourages you to omit those things that interfere with a healthy physiology.

when we leave out the cause of many of our problems, our body’s physiology and chemistry know what they have to do and how to open up the healing pathways for optimal, efficient performance. lifestyle changes also include addressing the stresses in our life. we will change the quality of our lives dramatically, physically and psychologically, by omitting the processed food and consuming our food in its purest biological form. we will also be omitting the many chemicals and added hormones that are detrimental to human health. the adventure of “your healthy journey” is a lifetime experience, requiring you to maintain consistent healthy changes throughout your entire life. this journey takes courage, faith, discipline, conviction, and a strong desire to achieve your optimal health. when you partake in this journey you will be directed to a higher level of health, well-being, positive thinking, good habits, happiness, and peace beyond what you can imagine.

bisci is the master of health

“fred bisci is the master of health… a man who walks the talk… fred has proven to me time and time again that your healthy journey is a living adventure, not a fad or diet. it’s a lifestyle that proves anything is possible through making the right choices and healthy living.”

~ diamond dallas page, ex-professional wrestler and founder of the yrg fitness system

a well-founded resource on health nutrition and longevity

“fred bisci is one in a million. his professionalism and dedication to the field of medically-based nutrition, complemented by a holistic approach to total well-being, has set the standard for health professionals. moreover, fred walks his talk by living a lifestyle demonstrative of the very principles he teaches to his clients. he is a well-founded resource who provides the necessary tools and actions to discover your body’s full potential and self-healing capabilities.”

~ william j. smith, ms, mepd, triathlon athlete

the godfather of nutrition

“fred is the godfather of nutrition! he has an innate, deep understanding of each person that allows him to understand and draw out information that others often miss. he listens to health concerns and springs into action, drawing from his years of experience to dispense words of reassurance, reality, comfort, wisdom and knowledge. he is genuine and guides your change towards a lifestyle that supports better health, leverages the healing power of real fresh foods, and leads to enhanced longevity.”

~ joseph serpico


above: typical day in the east village. a native american in a bikini, marcus antebi, and fred bisci. summer circa 2015.