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We do our research. Since 2010, we’ve vetted ingredients, scoured for superfoods, and tested thousands of recipes. You can trust that when you’re at JP, you’re getting the best.

USDA Organic, Plant Based, Nutrient Dense and Always Delicious!

Plant based PRIDE

Plants are pure, powerful nutrition. They are full of protein and important nutrients that fuel your day and your workout. Ask US Open Men’s Singles Champion, Novak Djovokic, who eats entirely plant based and loves JP! Without paid endorsements or sponsorships – we’ve amassed a loyal and devoted following among athletes and champions alike. We’re proving that plant-based nutrition is clean, powerful, and can fuel champions!

USDA Organic

Getting a product USDA Organic certified is not an easy or simple process – but it’s worth it. At JP, we use only the highest quality, certified organic ingredients because we know how important it is to have food that is free from pesticides and synthetic substances - not only for taste, but for your health as well. To us, the USDA symbol signifies a return on our promise to you, as we continue to demonstrate transparency.

Never processed

Processed Foods are the root of inflammation, causing the body to expend energy breaking down toxic ingredients. Pure, unprocessed foods are clean fuel which allow the the body function at its highest level. By cutting out processed foods, your body is able to self heal.


We care deeply about Mother Earth and recognize the impact of our business on the Planet’s bottom line. Keeping sustainability front of mind to drive JP into the future, we’re excited about all of the ways that we are constantly working to implement sustainable solutions in our stores. Learn more.


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