Our production facility in Long Island City is Kosher certified under the Rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Zev Schwarcz of the IKC International Kosher Council. These packages are marked with “KOSHER” and/or the IKC hechsher. Our facility provides most of the items in our stores except for select products made by our outstanding partners. Items that are not Kosher are not marked with Kosher. Our organic, vegan soup is made in a separate facility and is not under the certification of a Rabbi.

We do not use any dairy products or flesh foods anywhere.

All items made in our facility (except those containing grape juice) are certified kosher.

Rabbi Zev Schwarcz Tel: (718) 635-1037

email: rabbi@ikckosher.com

IKC is an Orthodox certification. Rabbi Zev Schwarcz, is the Rabbi directing the IKC. He is a graduate and musmach of Telshe Yeshiva in Cleveland. He has had over 20 years experience with Kashrus supervision. All of IKC’s Mashgichim are Orthodox, bnei yeshivos. IKC’s guideline’s are the Halacha (Jewish Law). IKC’s strives to do everything according to Halacha (Jewish Law).

A common concern of some clients is how we clean leafy greens. We wash our green leafy vegetables carefully using an organic compound for eradicating organisms. Our large conveyor washing system is designed to free trap particulates and send them to the bottom of drainage tank.

All foods, juices, extracts, and supplements made by Juice Press are kosher (except those containing grape juice).

We are open seven days a week and on all high holidays.