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0-60 in Seconds Flat! How Juice Press Grew So Quickly

How did Juice Press go from zero stores to 60+ stores in less than 6 years?

A midnight essay by Marcus Antebi, Co-Founder

In 2007 I had enough of the doldrum of my family retail business. Several years before that, I retired from sport skydiving and sold off a skydiving retail and mail order business I started some seven years before.

It was time for change! I was 40 years old at the time and I knew exactly what I wanted to do next. I wanted to sit on a sun-drenched bench, drink juice all day, and talk to like-minded people. I had watched Doug Green (founder of Liquiteria) work hard for many years on his juice business and like so many other people, I too adored the juice biz! I had noooooooo idea what I was in for. (The high workload that is.)

In 2009/10 I started Juice Press and from day one, I intended to grow this as big as possible. Every process I created, I contemplated the scalability of that move. I worked harder than anyone else I knew in the business at that time. I made a point of doing everything myself until I felt I had someone better than me to do the job. In other words I micro-managed everything.

I had certain skill sets tailored made for this business. Primarily, I see juice in 4d, nutrition in 5d, retail in 6d, and I love to work and I love all aspects of our operation! (Love is too gentle a word. What’s the next highest word after love? Obsession!)

After two or so years and with just around four stores, I met my beloved Kenny Dichter (research Kenny). He found me struggling with my then-partner and Kenny agreed to buy him out and put other people along with himself in place to help Juice Press grow. Kenny brought Michael Karsch into the venture which was a critical move on his part.  Over a short period of time Michael invested deeper and deeper into Juice Press.

Michael managed Juice Press along with me while keeping his focus on his primary business in finance. We built a small management team including a very talented COO named Peter Kay. Peter Kay is a critical part of the story. He has done so much for the operation, the product, the projects we are involved with, and more! So much more.

Without Kenny & Michael there would be NO juice flowing from the heavens the way it is now! Michael especially has been enormously instrumental in developing the brand with our families and team. He has helped me build tremendous infrastructure to the company. (All the infrastructure, really.)

He and I, with the help of so many people, have taken advantage in a good way of the real estate opportunities available and built around a lot of extraordinary categories within our category,  such as, homemade energy bars, truly healthy cookies, hot soups, a line of critical supplements, bottled functional waters, and hot sauce. To name a few.

With the team we have assembled and of course with the love and support of our customer base we have accelerated  from just 4 stores in 2013 to almost 60 stores by 2017.

I hope to add more to this timeline of events and periodically come to this page to edit the numbers to reflect more and more stores.

In conclusion we grew fast. We could have gone faster. People need this product and we want to exist everywhere. We have adhered to all of my primary principles during our growth and we have been rewarded for our integrity and intentions. In fact as a result of our growth, the values of the company have reached higher. Something I did not detect was possible.

The contributions of Erica Karsch and Roxanne Palin on a day to day basis are invaluable. Steve Karsch, Kenny Dichter, Ken Langone, David Wasserman and many others have added tremendous value to this mission.

The greatest retail brand has now emerged to benefit all of us in so many ways.


Today there is a pharmacy, ATM, or a coffee shop on every corner it seems in America. Tomorrow there will be a juice bar on every corner. 800 of them will be a Juice Press!


0-60 in seconds flat: hard work, a great partner, a great team, never comprise the quality, knowledge of the plants, and luck!


Thank you for your continued support.

Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

we are on a mission to remain the best plant based beverage and food company that ever existed.

“i am a very competitive business man. i am driven for simple reasons to be the best juice man in the industry. one of them is that my family and friends depend on juice press!”


juice press  is an extraordinarily detail driven business. there is no other way to survive unless we are prepared to fight and win every daily problem. we build awesome retail stores and work hard to staff them with juice enthusiastic team members.


we are the best juice and smoothie bar on the planet. it’s true. we checked. if you found us, it means that your food and health consciousness has soared higher. here are some reasons why we are the best!


*we are usda organic. juice press uses only usda organic produce. our supplements, such as green powders, are usda organic. our kitchen is certified usda organic and inspected regularly.


*we cold press our juice. cold press juicing has several advantages. both the goodnature x1 and the norwalk juice presses shred down the solid produce to a pulp. the pulp is then pressed by the hydraulic press. this method is far more efficient than a rotary blade machine, which leaves behind much juice in the pulp.


norman walker invented this machine some 75 years ago. the press has two separate juice extraction machines built into it: the pulverizer and the three ton hydraulic press. harder vegetables and certain fruits require first being pushed down the pulverizer feed tube. a slow spinning blade creates a pulp out of the produce. the pulp is then wrapped in a cotton or linen cloth and placed on the press tray where the press crushes the juice from the pulp.
the result is the extraction of the maximum amount of juice from the least amount of produce. the pulverizer is also proven to be the most effective way to liberate the nutritional enzymes from the fibers of the produce.


*we have 65+ cold press juice formulas. we have the most extensive lineup of juices anywhere. whether you’re craving all green, all fruit, or a combination of both, we have something for you.


*we have 30+ amazing tasting superfood smoothies. our nutrient-rich superfood smoothies taste amazing and are made to order. all raw, nothing processed. no one can touch our diverse lineup.


*we have an amazing line up of raw foods including salads, desserts, and entrees.


*we have amazing seasonal hot cooked soups. this category is growing and fast for us.


*we don’t use hidden ingredients or processes to preserve or enhance our juices or smoothies.


*we like our juice to be 100% raw and to possess the electrical power that all living organisms possess — everything is pure. this miraculous way of eating and living has changed my life and can change yours.


ok here’s the abstract part: our juice is so fresh and pure and our formulas so intense that our juices will have a powerful and positive effect on your digestive system. very few juice places can do what we do. the only ones that come close are the small mom and pop shops (not always) and they don’t even know why their juice may be powerful.


we know integrity matters. our nutrition guru fred bisci taught me that my integrity feeds every cell in my body the way clean foods do. i believe it because i feel it. my partners are the finest men and women i’ve ever been honored to know and serve. we share the same drive to reflect our values and integrity into the juices and foods we make daily. all of us demand quality. we drink the hell out of the juice and go nutty for juice press foods.


we make the juice that changes lives. we’re the weirdos who demand organic produce. we demand variety. we demand the best of everything.


thanks for your belief and support in us. we won’t let you down.





marcus antebi | co-founder and ceo

Founder Marcus Antebi’s Story
marcus antebi founder

Marcus Antebi wikipedia Jan. 11, 2017


Some time in early 2008 I was fed up with the family business (art, antiques, and high-end jewelry). I had made a go at another wildly complex business in skydiving years earlier that didn’t work out the way I hoped either. Both businesses ultimately prepared me for the challenges of growing Juice Press from nothing in the fall of 2010.

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in my teens in Beverly Hills — two vastly different experiences! At age 15 I got sober from excessive “weed” smoking and today I am still recovering and sober. I am 31 years sober at the time of this writing. I grew up in retail in one form or another and retail is what I do best. My sober lifestyle propelled me into sports and nutrition.

I and I started as a rock climber in the early 90’s and later discovered ultimate frisbee and played in competitive leagues. In my mid 20’s I caught the bug for recreational skydiving and pursued that with my heart, mind and body. I and I phased out from skydiving with 2,300 jumps, moved back to NYC from upstate New York where I and I started training Thai boxing with the masters at Five Points Academy.

I and I quickly became consumed by that sport. My trainer lined me up with my first fight in 2004 and that’s where I first learned how to crash weight fast to weigh in at 140 lbs. With the frequency of fights I and I was making, I and I was cutting down weight regularly. It was painful and mentally draining. It wasn’t until the end of my competitive training and fighting that I figured out the obvious benefits of a plant-based diet that especially included superfoods, raw juices, and lots of salads. The idea for Juice Press was sparked because I and I was dissatisfied with the commercial juice and raw food industry in New York.

(I and I is the Rasta term for “I” and “me”. I will go back to writing “I” again because I am not a Rasta.)


In 2003 I was back working for my father and in 2008 I decided to leave that business and start my own thing. I worked on a business plan for Juice Press for about 12 months and when I found the first store on East 1st Street in NYC I was very unsure of myself. My dream was to sit on a bench in the sunlight and talk with people all day long. Added to that dream was to drink juice and listen to reggae. My father thought for sure that he was going to have to support me the rest of his life. I took all my savings to build out Juice Press! Construction and retail concepts came naturally to me because of all my years toiling in retail. To be honest my biggest obstacles were the partners I chose to start Juice Press at that time. We were all well intentioned, but we were a bad match for each other in this particular venture. There was a lot of chaos and infighting. I had made the most significant financial commitment to this venture, worked seven days a week at it, and creatively build the cabin and felt like no one was there to lift it higher!

By the 4th Juice Press opening, I was talking with two different groups of private investors. I was introduced to a third interested party, Kenny Dichter and Mark Teixeira. Kenny and Mark were positive and very grounded men and I felt like the other parties were too old school for a brand like JP. Things were not exactly in order at Juice Press but Kenny D. saw the vision and believed in me. How he and I secured our deal is an unbelievable tale!

Kenny called me up one morning and invited me to fly to Orlando to meet some pro golfers. We hopped on his jet and sat for three hours haggling over Juice Press and penned in a deal on a napkin! Being the old school retailer I am, I insisted that he give me a $500. deposit from his pocket on the deal to make sure the deal was now “holy.”



A few months later I was introduced to Michael Karsch. MK was pals with Kenny for decades. At that time Michael was involved with his hedge fund business. He was very cautious of me and to my surprise he agreed to buy out my remaining original partner. MK and I could not appear to be any different than we did. Early on he and I had to feel each other out and that was not always easy. Michael instituted many, if not all, of the key missing components of our current infrastructure. Slowly, Michael and I became very trusted friends. The movement of the relationship took time and trust on both sides. Michael is a rare breed of genius because he is entirely systematic and mathematic while sensitive to creative and branding. I am a “deadly” mix of “operations”, branding, creative, and retail intuitive. Michael and I with our incredible team built Juice Press, not without a lot of blood sweat and tears, into more than 60 retail stores in the Northeast.

I gladly surrendered my sense of control of a small chaotic business to a Man and team that is better equipped to build a “homemade” institutional business! I have a big piece of a big company as a result. I don’t believe I would have been able to hold on to Juice Press had it not been for Kenny, Mark, and most of all Michael Karsch. (I have a picture of my kids on my night table with Michael in his own picture frame!)

Let’s Get Together & Feel Alright


I’m figuring out that traditional nutritional science and concepts are very misleading and have failed at improving human health. Eating more kale and spinach is important, but by no means is that the answer to the problems that commonly plague us. It’s the processed foods we consume that are killing us. I feel that it’s incredible that scientists, chemists, nutritionists, and doctors are not *getting this* and offer little to help us change our patterns and habits. Food alone does not heal us. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines are abstract sciences and in this day and age I don’t believe this is the medicine we need to move forward.

Western medicines and surgical advancements can prolong life and do have benefits, but they don’t address the simplest of all sciences; the solution is leaving out processed foods and gradually phasing out the errors in nutritional choices people make because they are told they are consuming wholesome foods. My food mentor since I founded Juice Press is the wonderful Fred Bisci. He has helped me form the basis of much of what I know. I speak with him almost every day to continue my education. Fred has been 100% raw vegan for over 50 years. His knowledge on the science of food and the body is unparalleled.

Throughout the “Knowledge” pages on this website, I believe there are some great tips that I repeat over and over. These concepts are derivatives from my long time friendship with Fred Bisci and my personal experience. My diet pattern is in accordance with my “preaching’.

Overview of my diet: juice – salads – Smoothies (about 2400-3000 calories daily). (Lots of fruit.) VEGAN

I stop eating at sunset. I drink cold brew coffee. Zero processed foods.




marcus sitting with katelin
marcus antebi sitting outside juice press #1 on east 1 street. circa 2013.
me with sonic
marcus with his dog sonic circa 2010
marcus antebi with fred bisci and daniel ceballos
marcus antebi (left) with fred bisci nutritionist and juice press head  chef daniel ceballos.
marcus antebi with founded partner at juice press #4 on mott street
marcus antebi with his founding partner alain palinsky at juice press #4 on mott street. alain palinsky left juice press circa 2012.
marcus antebi thai boxing match with brian robertson
marcus antebi thai boxing match with brian robertson circa 2005.
marcus antebi sit flying over demand, florida circa 1996
marcus antebi sit flying over demand, florida circa 1996.




USDA Certified Organic
juice press is a certified usda organic food company.

juice press is usda organic. not just our juice, not just our foods, not just our smoothies! everything we produce and handle is certified usda organic!


“i am fortunate to have a close working relationship with fred bisci. fred has been 100% raw vegan for more than 45 years. fred bisci is 85 and thriving. as the co-founder and ceo of juice press, i can not stress enough the importance of using organic produce in everything you consume.


i am also obsessed with the legacy teachings of norman walker. mr walker invented the norwalk cold press machine in 1932 and lived 99 years. both men teach the importance of using organic produce and avoiding pesticides. i am a believer in their work and knowledge base and adhere to it.


1. i have access to research that “”accidentally”” demonstrated that pesticides in trace amounts killed good bacteria that lives within juice. my hypothesis is that pesticides can destroy important weaker strains of good bacteria that reside within your gut. this is a negative thing.


2. i believe that genetically modified organisms (gmo’s) may also be responsible for the more recent scourge of allergies that we have developed towards certain foods.


3. another major point that should not be overlooked is that in taste tests i conducted in early 2010, all of my test subjects, myself including, we all liked the taste of the juices made with organics over conventional.


4. i recently formed a relationship with two brilliant doctors: woodson merrell, md and phil landrigan, md. both esteemed doctors are anti-conventional produce. they both aggressively believe in organics.


5. i personally drink our juice every day of my life and so do my partners. we do not cut corners to boost profits. we do exactly what we say we will and that’s why we are so good.” marcus antebi – co-founder




juice press is usda certified organic. our cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies and vegan foods are made using organic produce and organic superfood powders.


our facility is usda certified organic and subject to inspections.

Our Super Kitchen

Our 25,000 sq/ft super kitchen is located at 31-00 47th Avenue in Long Island City New York.


Super Kitchen News: November 11, 2016

Very exciting things going on at our super kitchen in Long Island City! Located 5 minutes from the 59th street bridge, the super kitchen is the primary retail and ground floor tenant of the Falchi Building.

The team is doing an excellent job in November 2016 of installing extraordinary mechanization and logistical improvements.We are installing an enormous (by our standards) bottle labeling machine and an incredible ‘Willie Wonka” type machine to mix, form and wrap our energy bars. Currently we are doing all of our energy bars by hand! Madness!


Also in November of 2016: This may seem far less exciting, but we are replacing our 20 yard garbage container with a unit that is a compactor all in one. Also we are installing a new hydraulic carb board bailer. I hope thats how you spell that. More? We are moving from show sanitizing mats to a automated shoe and boot sanitizing system. Most of all, we are eagerly awaiting the massive filling machines we are building to automate 65% of our filling. Last but not least, we are installing a 3rd giant 60 gallon soup cooker to handle the volume of stores. I hope we have enough room for all of this equipment. Excited! Great job Shawn, James, Peter, and the 200 person work force in LONG ISLAND CITY SUPER KITCHEN.

Out of this immaculate and action-packed kitchen we produce over 100 different items every single day of the week. Sunday is a hard work day not a rest day.


Visit the our store located at the front of the Falchi building. Walk the hallway and peek into the glass and see what we do every day to bring our product daily to NYC.







7.1.16_Falchi_Tanya Blum Photo -9038

7.1.16_Falchi_Tanya Blum Photo -9034

7.1.16_Falchi_Tanya Blum Photo -9010

7.1.16_Falchi_Tanya Blum Photo -8962

7.1.16_Falchi_Tanya Blum Photo -8853

7.1.16_Falchi_Tanya Blum Photo -8770


Find us at Equinox gyms
Please check our JP Locations Page for a list of Equinox locations.

Juice Press is excited beyond words to offer many of our amazing selections throughout the Equinox chain.  This is a relationship a long time in the making and now finally the vision and the dream have been materialized!  As a long-time Equinox member, I believe that the Equinox brand is the best all-around health club experience in the world.  I would personally be lost without access to Equinox throughout the country.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve members and Equinox employees alike. Gratefully, Marcus Antebi, Co-Founder and CEO, Juice Press


Equinox Press Release

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, (April 14, 2016) – Equinox, the high performance lifestyle leader, today announced a strategic partnership with Juice Press, which will bring Juice Press cafés to select Equinox locations throughout the Northeast. This partnership will provide convenient access to unprecedented, organic food and beverage offerings.


In a move that furthers Equinox’s strong commitment to nutrition, Equinox will replace select cafés with Juice Press locations over the next four months, beginning with the new Equinox East 92nd Street, which opens in early May. Already home to a Juice Press in its Bryant Park club, Equinox is greatly expanding this amenity to meet demand of consumers for Juice Press’s high quality clean nourishment options. “At Equinox, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled experiences in our clubs, and we’re proud to partner with Juice Press to further maximize our members’ lives,” said Patrik Hellstrand, Group Vice President of Operations at Equinox.


“Nutrition is an important pillar within Equinox’s holistic approach to health and wellness, and Juice Press’ offering aligns with our beliefs around clean, conscientiously sourced foods.” Equinox believes that food is information, which affects the entire body and its ability to perform. While there are many ways to eat well, the key is striking the right balance. “Partnering with Equinox is transformational for Juice Press,” said said Michael Karsch, Chairman of the Board, and Marcus Antebi, founder of Juice Press, in a joint statement. “Our ability to help consumers avoid food and beverages containing processed ingredients will be very meaningfully expanded by the Equinox footprint of world class workout facilities.


The alignment of the Equinox and Juice Press brands will reinforce to consumers that wellness is an integrated effort between exercise and dietary efforts and decisions.” Juice Press locations will appear at the following Equinox Clubs throughout this year, East 92nd Street, 76th Street, Summit, Paramus, Tribeca, Printing House, Greenwich, CT, Brookfield Place, 54th Street, Columbus Circle, 74th Street, High Line, Park Ave, 85th Street, 50th Street, Dumbo, E. 53rd Street, Bond Street, Gramercy.


Please check our JP Locations Page for a list of Equinox locations.

We are Kosher!

Juice press is a privately owned chain of restaurants under the Rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Zev Schwarcz of the IKC International Kosher Council.  Link to IKC website 

We do not use any dairy products or flesh foods anywhere.

We do not have any grapes or grape juices.

Rabbi Zev Schwarcz Tel: (718) 635-1037



IKC is an Orthodox certification. Rabbi Zev Schwarcz, is the Rabbi directing the IKC. He is a graduate and musmach of Telshe Yeshiva in Cleveland.He has had over 20 years experience with Kashrus supervision, most of it with the OU. All of IKC’s Mashgichim are Orthodox, bnei yeshivos. IKC’s guideline’s are the Halacha (Jewish Law). IKC’s strives to do everything according to Halacha (Jewish Law).

A common concern of some clients is how we clean leafy greens. We wash our green leafy vegetables carefully using an organic compound for irradicating organisms. Our large conveyor washing system is designed to free trap particulants and send them to the bottom of drainage tank.


All foods, juices, extracts, and supplements are kosher. We are open seven days a week and on all high holidays.


Co-Founder Marcus Antebi’s Manifesto
marcus's manifesto

Fundamental reading fasting: USC’s study on protein | read USC’s study on fasting


Dear Health Conscious People,


For the past 8 years, my partners and I have been obsessively dedicated to building the premier raw juice and raw food grab & go venue in the world. We have a simple approach to achieving optimal nutrition for the people of country: Eliminate process foods and let the body do the healing. Nourishing your body and teaching you how to eliminate nutritional mistakes is our passion; we never compromise our high standards.

This vision for Juice Press came from my own experiences with “food noise” and the confusion around healthy eating. Growing up, my father and sister battled with food addiction. They were overweight and unhappy — I felt ashamed that I could not help them. It was their struggles and my unresolved feelings that made me determined to develop a healthy relationship with real, nutritious food and to help others do the same.

Several years ago I met my food guru and a true inspiration, Fred Bisci. At the time, he was a lively and active 80 year-old, having been 100% raw vegan for over 47 years. He has a Ph.D. in nutrition science and has been a nutritional counselor for over 50 years. Fred is the healthiest, happiest person I know. I’ve never met a man with greater integrity and more knowledge of nutrition. He’s the real deal and is true to the cause.

Over the years, Fred has taught me about optimal health. His theory, which I agree with, is that the key to health is actually what you leave out of your diet. He taught me that the body has the remarkable ability to heal itself. By eliminating processed foods and other dietary mistakes, we get out of our own way and allow the body’s natural pathway to healing to remain open. Beyond that, great health comes from consuming a lot of raw greens, especially in juices, and lots of raw fruit juices if your individual chemistry permits. Above all, vitality and optimal health is about cleansing at a rate that is fast enough to match your toxification by the environment and poor choices.

Since beginning my journey, I’ve been angry and judgmental at the nutritional confusion caused by some food companies. Fred and I speak in great detail about nutrition and we love discussing the controversies and misconceptions surrounding healthy eating: raw vs. cooked food, blood sugar levels, illness, calories, protein, juice vs. solid food, blended vs. juiced, the best alternative sweeteners, etc. The principles we believe in are based on science and our own experience, not quackery and abstract ideas. Our simple approach has many fans, including numerous M.D.s and others with degrees of all kinds.

Juice Press products are available to give you an accessible way to eliminate nutritional mistakes and work toward optimal health. In its current state, our specialty is cold pressed juices. They’re made fresh daily in Manhattan and we have over 60 varieties. Our diverse menu also includes options from raw oatmeal and salads to superfood smoothies. Nothing we serve is processed or pasteurized — everything is pure. This miraculous way of eating and living has changed my life and can change yours.

There have been some steps toward decreasing food confusion. I tip my hat to the recent ruling by the FDA to ban trans fats. Trans fats cause extreme inflammation, which is a precursor for disease. This is a huge triumph for the American diet and health. Unfortunately, we seem to be sliding in the wrong direction in another area.

My partners and I are dedicated to providing people with an accessible pathway to optimal nutrition. In our stores we will not use processing of any kind on our juices or produce. We constantly raise our standards and we plan to provide more and more raw vegan juices, smoothies, and food items. What started out as a personal journey has become my life’s mission and my service to you.




Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting Juice Press.



Marcus Antebi CEO and Co-founder, Juice Press

shortest shelf life
the shortest in the industry! and that's a good thing!

Epically short, because we are proud to have the freshest products in the industry.


Green juice: 3 days max

Orange juice: 3 days

Raw Oatmeal and Raw Chia in a cashew nut based milk: 3 days max in cold, cold fridge.

Ginger juice: 1 week

Apple juice: 3 to 5 days

Learn About the Probiotics in our Juices
PROVIOTIC is one of the most epic, game-changing discoveries for the juice and food industry that the world has seen in centuries!

Juice Press is extremely proud to be the first to offer this amazing 100% vegan, allergen-free, USDA Organic probiotic to our community of health conscious customers! It can not be stressed more how crucial a good probiotic supplement is to support a healthy immune system. That is why Juice Press places such a high importance on bringing you something so far ahead of what the supplement industry has provided.



We include ProViotic in many of our popular juices because of how important it is to the safety of our raw juices and to augment our juice’s enhancement of your overall immune system. We have the science of the most respected Ivy League university behind us as well as a 100 year track record of its use in consumer products!



Since this sub-species of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus has been safely used in foods for over 100 years with no indications of overdose or side effects, top scientists believe that if it is added to unpasteurized juice it will serve both as natural preservative capable of inhibiting “bad” bacteria and as a way to replenish the healthy bacteria found in our bodies. | FAQs



Our partners in Bulgaria collaborated with JP’s founders and came across the fascinating results in this strain of FDA approved probiotic (good bacteria) unlike any other. This strain of good bacteria is not only sourced from a plant, the snowdrop flower, but also thrives in pure, organic vegetable juice.  The product’s quality and manufacturing standards of integrity rival all probiotic supplements on the market. This product establishes JP as a leader in the industry and at the cutting edge of gut and immune health!



Because ProViotic flourishes in juice, JP’s raw, unprocessed juices and smoothies are the ideal delivery mechanism for a healthy dose of probiotics. Why? There are plenty of prebiotics (that’s food for good bacteria!) in the juice to keep the probiotics vital and strong up until the moment of consumption.   ProViotic is supportive of digestive and immune health, as well as inhibitory of well known pathogens like listeria, e. coli, and salmonella, as shown by ivy-league partnered research studies (learn more at  We believe the inclusion of ProViotic in our juices is a truly revolutionary step in the juice and food world, one to be considered among the most important food developments in centuries.

why is juice press special?
it's a lot of little and important details

“There’s no other food brand that I know of committed to all areas of food excellence! Broadest selection, organic produce, freshest products, highest standards and practices, innovation, and much more. We are the first raw juice company to innovate with the use of a probiotic supplement that is absolutely going revolutionize the industry.” Marcus Antebi – co-founder


Here is a brief summary of what makes us special:

1) Exponentially greater selection of the following items: cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, delicious raw foods, hot soups, and raw desserts.


2) We have the shortest shelf life. We produce juice and food every day. We deliver every day. And we pull our juice and food off the shelf earlier than necessary to ensure freshness.


3) We are certified USDA organic – all of our produce and ingredients. No exceptions are allowed with USDA certification and inspections. Some of our local competitors are selecting certain sections of their retail areas to have “certified organic” displayed, while other areas are not certified anything. This is a confusing practice to consumers. We do not do this.


4) Strive for the shortest shelf life product in the industry.


5) We are “real” healthy and not “fake” healthy. We are one of the only companies concerned enough about your health to avoid all processed ingredients. We never use preservatives, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, iodized salts, or canned products in any of our products.


6) We believe and we are told that we have the best tasting products on Earth. Fresh, organic produce and brilliant formulations play a part.


7) We have the most locations in the raw, cold pressed juice industry. We never sacrificed on quality to expand. In fact the opposite is true. We pride ourselves on our super clean stores. Juice Press owners and team members are maniacally obsessed with detail and order.


8) Our people are the best. Juice Press is a great organization, from the owners, to the corporate team, to the managers and FOH team that make our stores beloved neighborhood spots.


9) Committed to the best method of juice extraction, cold pressing our juice on Norwalk and Good Nature cold press machines to maximize juice extraction and preserve nutrients and enzymes.


10) We are the only juice chain that has a fully transparent commissary open to the public for viewing. All of our business is your business – we pride ourselves on our transparency.


11) Expertise in food science; strive to be at the cutting edge of all things nutrition. There is science behind our philosophy on cleansing. Our proprietary, vegan probiotic, PROBIOTIC, is an entirely new category in the juice industry, and the success to date of our game-changing product suggests that customers trust Juice Press as a health and wellness platform.


12) Our brand is a lifestyle. Juice Press keeps people engaged, committed and interested in their own health.


13) We are the only juice company to deliver our full menu of fresh, organic products in NYC.


14) We pride ourselves on having the sharpest knives in the industry.


15) We have a sustainability plan in effect. We are charitable and thoughtful to our community.


16) We tell great jokes.


17) We drink and eat our juices, smoothies, and foods every day. That says something great about our passion and our love of what we do.

Fred Bisci: Our Nutrition Mentor
100% raw for 50 years, juice press food guru fred bisci is young and vital at 87!

Fred Bisci has been 100% truly raw and vegan for 50 years. For 7 years he has helped me understand very tricky aspects of nutritional science and directed me towards things I consider very valuable for my own diet and understanding. His most epic contribution to nutritional science is he is really the first person to put all of the focus on ‘what you leave out’ which uncomplicates what you should be doing to work towards healing more than fad diets. I’ve gone to him so many times for his insight. I want to be clear with the world that Fred is the reason Juice Press has a deep and centered basis in the science of nutrition. He has shown me how to heal my own body. Pointed me towards knowledge I would have taken a life time discover.

Although Fred is not a tabloid headliner, he is the right kind of person to promote Juice Press’s food paradigm. He is also like a second father to me! Juice Press partners agree that an ongoing endorsement from him is like having Bill Gates endorse a technology company. He and I have spent hundreds of hours together talking. He’s not only decoded many of the mysteries of food for me, but he’s also been an inspiration for reaching greater levels of awareness and spirituality.




Above: fred bisci and co founder marcus antebi at a “town hall” meeting at juice press on 22nd street.

I met Fred sitting outside my first Juice Press a couple of months after we opened. He immediately struck me as a welcoming and kind person with an incredible knowledge of nutrition and raw food. Needless to say, I was very impressed by his commitment to remain vegan and truly raw for well over 40 years at the time I met him. Fred was eager to share his knowledge with me and help me create many of the educational printed items I have on display in each store.

Fred set me on the right path in search of higher knowledge from the start. He dispelled many nutritional myths for me and made very clear that my mission should be to carry on with his work to educate others with his powerful and revolutionary concepts of how the body works. one of my most profound moments shared with Fred was listening to him try to help a dear friend. The friend was a 70 year old man with a multitude of illnesses from diabetes to cancer. I listened to Fred break down my friend’s diseases into medical terms and then back into lifestyle choices. While listening to Fred’s powerful knowledge of medicine and natural healing, I knew Fred was truly the authentic mentor I had been seeking. I was moved nearly to tears to be sitting in the company of such a great man.

Another great moment for me with Fred was flying him up to Boston to meet the chief medical and chief executive officers of the Jocelyn Diabetes Institute. Fred was blown away that a prestigious clinic of science was deeply interested in what he and Juice Press had to say about treating type 2 diabetes through raw juice therapy and adopting a vegan lifestyle. Fred never thought that in his lifetime a medical institute would come close to validating his life’s work. He was so happy he was at a loss for words. It was a treat to share that moment with him.

Fred’s scope of knowledge on nutrition, science, and medicine is impressive to say the least. He expanded and refined this knowledge over 60 years through real-life personal health experiences and by working with over 35,000 people worldwide with their health issues. He is a recognized leader and pioneer of a plant-based diet in the real, fresh food and raw food movements. Fred is really the first person who created the paradigm of focusing on “what you leave out of your diet” as a healing approach.


Above: Fred Bisci, Juice Press partners: Marcus Antebi and Kenny Dichter.

Fred believes that processed foods are the killer of the body and the origins of many problems. He received the famed Nova Award for best television health series “Eat Your Way to Health.” Fred provides a unique acumen that leads people to the real foods that improve longevity and minimize life-threatening health risks. Fred has completed 18 marathons and two ultra-marathons, was a power-style weight lifter, and is still an active athlete today! At 87, he is an active raw foodist, eating real, fresh food since the 1930s. He has been happily married for over 30 years and has two lovely daughters and two playful english mastiffs.


“I’ve been 100% raw for over 46 years and I have 50+ years experience with nutritional counseling. I eat at juice press almost every week. I send my friends and family there. Their juices and foods are the best I’ve ever tasted. There are not many places where I eat out. I share Marcus’s vision with bringing high quality foods and basic nutritional knowledge to the public. In terms of integrity and quality, there’s no place like Juice Press I know of.”  Fred Bisci


The lifestyle approach of “Your Healthy Journey” is the culmination of the 50 year career of Fred Bisci, who has seen firsthand and understands in depth the healing power and corrective capabilities within the midst of our greatest gift, the human body. Born in 1929, he is a lifestyle coach, food scientist, and clinical nutritionist. He has counseled and successfully helped tens of thousands of people with his lifestyle approach to nutrition and well-being, including those with numerous degenerative illnesses and ailments. His history includes hosting his own television show “Eat Your Way to Health,” which attracted the largest viewing audience in New York City and won the famed Nova Award for best health series. He is author of the book “Your Healthy Journey (Discovering Your Body’s Full Potential)” and has been interviewed and quoted in numerous books and health periodicals. Fred has been featured regularly on radio and tv, sharing his wisdom on health, longevity, exercise, and quality of life.

Throughout the world, he has conducted seminars and spoken at universities, professional organizations, and business groups on how to lead a long, healthy life. He has successfully worked with a variety of amateur, professional, and olympic athletes, including: weight lifters; boxers; basketball, baseball and football players; marathon runners; tri-athletes; and wrestlers. He has also worked with actors. fred himself has been a tenacious athlete. He completed 18 marathons and two ultra-marathons, was a power-style weight lifter, and still leads an athletic life at the age of 87.


Fred’s overall mission is to educate mainstream america and the international community on the inadequacies and failings of modern-day diets. He offers in its place a natural, simple, and commonsense approach to health, nutrition, and longevity. He is a firm believer in this approach and has achieved clinical results by educating people on how to experience the healing power and corrective capabilities of the human body. He believes “the human condition is spiritually, vibrationally induced, electrically, chemically empowered and biologically and genetically carried out.” Fred’s understanding is that daily lifestyle elements challenge, distract, and overburden an individual’s genetic expression. this causes disturbances of the biological, Chemical, genetic, and electrical functions of the body on the cellular terrain. He believes that our spiritual nature and attitude can combat these daily lifestyle elements and guide an individual toward peak performance and optimal states of health–it can lay the foundation for a well-grounded human experience.

For more detailed information on Dr. Fred Bisci’s approach, products, lectures, lifestyle plan, and consultation services Visit and read “Your Healthy Journey (Discovering Your Body’s Full Potential).”

Why are we not hearing this from mainstream media? It is my belief that the health of the united states is just as big a problem, or more so, as the economy. In the last 10 years we have dropped from 15th to 41st place (2010 – fact) in worldwide health. We have come to an impasse and must change direction with our lifestyle in order to improve our health dramatically. To some, this change in lifestyle may seem complicated, but actually it is quite simple. It takes motivation and work on our part, but it is well worth the effort. The change in our lifestyle direction can dramatically improve the quality of life and slow the aging process. There are those who stand to gain financially from our society not changing. The food giants that make our processed food and the pharmaceutical companies that medicate us are making billions of dollars from this poor situation. Much of the funding for the research is coming from these food giants and pharmaceutical companies and they are not going to encourage us to change. We must take responsibility for our own well-being by changing our lifestyle.

Now is the time we can stop the damage and problems we are causing ourselves. All the information that we need is available. I am not talking about weight loss diets – they do not work long term. I am talking about lifestyle changes that have a dramatic and beneficial impact on our quality of life, longevity, performance, and well-being. there are many books available regarding different approaches that are causing much confusion. For example, misleading and one-sided information has directed the consumer to become obsessed with eating protein in exaggerated amounts. There is one common denominator in all the approaches that are successfully bringing about beneficial changes: it’s “what you leave out.” The lifestyle program recommended in “Your Healthy Journey” will enable your body to begin a profound detoxification it is a cleansing lifestyle and encourages you to omit those things that interfere with a healthy physiology.

When we leave out the cause of many of our problems, our body’s physiology and chemistry know what they have to do and how to open up the healing pathways for optimal, efficient performance. Lifestyle changes also include addressing the stresses in our life. We will change the quality of our lives dramatically, physically and psychologically, by omitting the processed food and consuming our food in its purest biological form. We will also be omitting the many chemicals and added hormones that are detrimental to human health. The adventure of “your healthy journey” is a lifetime experience, requiring you to maintain consistent healthy changes throughout your entire life. This journey takes courage, faith, discipline, conviction, and a strong desire to achieve your optimal health. When you partake in this journey you will be directed to a higher level of health, well-being, positive thinking, good habits, happiness, and peace beyond what you can imagine.

Bisci is the master of health

“Fred Bisci is the master of health… a man who walks the talk… Fred has proven to me time and time again that your healthy journey is a living adventure, not a fad or diet. It’s a lifestyle that proves anything is possible through making the right choices and healthy living.”
~ Diamond Dallas page, ex-professional wrestler and founder of the YRG fitness system

A well-founded resource on health nutrition and longevity

“Fred Bisci is one in a million. His professionalism and dedication to the field of medically-based nutrition, complemented by a holistic approach to total well-being, has set the standard for health professionals. Moreover, Fred walks his talk by living a lifestyle demonstrative of the very principles he teaches to his clients. He is a well-founded resource who provides the necessary tools and actions to discover your body’s full potential and self-healing capabilities.”
~ William J. Smith, MS, MEPD, triathlon athlete

The Godfather of Nutrition

“Fred is the godfather of nutrition! He has an innate, deep understanding of each person that allows him to understand and draw out information that others often miss. He listens to health concerns and springs into action, drawing from his years of experience to dispense words of reassurance, reality, comfort, wisdom and knowledge. He is genuine and guides your change towards a lifestyle that supports better health, leverages the healing power of real fresh foods, and leads to enhanced longevity.”
~ Joseph Serpico



Above: Typical day in the east village. A native American in a bikini, Marcus Antebi, and Fred Bisci. Summer circa 2015.

our fun marketing approach
funny bookmarks, postcards, printed materials with curse words. not what one would expect from a food chain.

my approach to marketing was developed in my previous marketing experience with my skydiving company. back then i needed to make a disruptive entry into the industry. i came up with things i thought were ludicrous and funny.


i taught myself photoshop out of necessity  and all of my marketing material in the skydiving business i owned was recognizable. years later when i started juice press, many of the things i found silly about the “cleansing” business and the juice retail industry were natural subjects for me to poke fun at.


the in store postcards, bookmarks, menus, brochures, guides to nutrition, and so on are all littered with inappropriate language, comments, and silly stuff. some of the materials were so inappropriate i had to discontinue certain pieces when i took on new polite partners and conservative investors.


today the stores are littered with secret messages and weird art pieces, silly bookmarks, scribblings and items that keep my creative side satisfied.


i hope that people appreciate the things i create for entertainment and to keep juice press marketing fresh and genuinely edgy.



marcus antebi – ceo & co-founder


Is Juice Press Expensive?
we prefer the term “pricey”!

Juice Press is charging a truly fair market price for the items we produce. You will find that most of our prices are less expensive than our top competitor’s prices for the same equivalent ingredients. USDA certified organic ingredients and short shelf life products are expensive to procure, distribute, and control. We believe there is no single chain in the world that does what we do short life products at the scale we do, for the prices we hold.

Our juice, compared ingredient for ingredient, is priced more competitively than anyone else’s in the industry. We have seldom increased prices, even when produce shortfalls drive our costs upward, we hold the prices where they are at.

Also, and this is a big point, no one sells foods by nutrient density and purity. Juice Press is offering more nutrient density than other food categories which promise mostly calories rather than nutrient density. Think about this carefully. What has more value to you energetically and nutrient-wise, a $10 juice or a $10 steak with fries? The steak and fries are more caloric, and for many, more stimulating. It does not provide a clean, easy-to-digest source of fuel. Protein content is of low importance since you don’t actually need that much protein to exist in the first place.

Producing consistent product requires a large team of people. Juice Press products feel expensive because people are first getting comfortable adding this category of food to their lifestyles.

No one has been able to produce a product of equal quality to ours for less money. The only way to cut corners is to use conventional produce over organic and to extend the shelf life to make distribution and waste management easier.


Thanks for considering Juice Press.
Gratefully, Marcus Antebi, CEO and Co-Founder

US Open

Juice Press was the proud sponsor of the 2015-16 US Tennis Open.

We were the official cold pressed juice company for the entire events. Juice Press offered a selection of cold pressed juices and smoothies from 2 large kiosks.


Additionally we had a smoothie bar inside the players food court and our juices were inside the players locker rooms.


We also had a bold cooler on the Arthur Ashe court with a Juice Press logo.

above: tennis legend novak djokovich attending juice press on 83rd street in nye circa 2016