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Post Cards & Branding
Post Card: Bottle in Your Pants

It’s true. You can’t hide a juice in your pants and make it through airport security these days. God knows I’ve tried! For years I was desperate to bring my favorite juices through airport security. Ive been known to chug 2 juices and then a smoothie right before An airport security run through. It really sucks! But Now some of my favorite @juicepress products are being offered inside LaGuardia (Terminal D), John F. Kennedy(Terminals 2, 5, 8) and Newark (Terminal C). We don’t need to risk “lock down” at Guantanamo Bay or endure a “water boarding” session over a concealed bottle of juice being discovered anymore! Thanks @cshark95

bottle in your pants

Postcard: James Bond

James Bond

Post Card: Every 16 Seconds

every 16 seconds

Postcard: Don’t Listen To Your Parents

Going back several generations, well-meaning parents have passed along mistakes about food. Some more critical than others. Most of us grew up in a society proliferated by ridiculous diets and notions about food. Fad diets have left their scars on the intellect of grown-ups and now on the youth.

Here is a brief list of ridiculous ideas about food that have affected our lives: (1) high protein diets are beneficial; (2) fruit is bad; (3) fruit sugar is the same as processed sugar; (4) dairy from a cow is needed for vitamins and minerals; and (5) cooked vegetables should be eaten more than raw vegetables. These are just a few errors in the minds of people. This does not take into account the mistakes we make at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We don’t eat enough fruit early in the day. We eat animal flesh in too great amounts, and we make late night dinners the largest meal of day.

My parents were confused about nutrition. So-called experts caused this. They say on one day we need more protein, less calories, less sodium, less saturated fat, more calcium and fiber, and then the messages flip backwards and we need more of those key elements.

The truth is we have all been corrupted by the greed of companies who provide us with our food. This is a global problem that begins with what crops we grow, how livestock are treated, and the food messages that are endorsed, such as “Milk does the body good,” which is false for young and grown adults. To the highly processed foods that are being pushed across the grocery aisles. We are all at fault for accepting these mistakes as they all affect our health adversely.

The time is now to protest bad foods and bad information. Begin the healing with your own body. The best thing you can begin with is eliminating all processed foods.


Thank You,
Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

Postcard: Babies Without Cow’s Milk?



THEY’D GROW JUST FINE WITHOUT IT! Studies show that infants as well as adults who avoid cow’s milk have healthier immune systems.

Milk needs to be consumed by the species of the mother who created it. Milk is the perfect superfood for newborns who have undeveloped digestive systems. It contains the nutrients and compounds vital to growth and immunity. When animals of smaller mass consume milk from animals with greater mass, the growth inducing compounds (hormones) may cause irritation to the smaller animal as well as excessive growth.

Cow’s milk stimulates the body. This stimulation is mistaken for health and becomes an addiction. Stimulation is not energy. Stimulation from any kind of food ages us faster because the organs and systems are forced to work harder because the body reacts by secreting a variety of hormones. It’s similar to driving sports car at 12,000 RPM all the time. As the engine wears down, it compensates by making other systems work harder.

Cow’s milk promotes growth beyond the human body’s natural capacity. This is a form of stimulation that irritates the inner lining of the body. The results include the secretion of mucus. Dairy is a well marketed ‘myth.’ Sources of dairy are much different than they were centuries ago – or even 60 years ago.

Cows are milked about 300 days a year. For much of that time, they are pregnant. The later in pregnancy a cow is, the more hormones appear in her milk, which pass large amounts of estrogen into it. This is not good for your body. Dairy is also pasteurized, which destroys most of its nutrients and enzymes. There’s much more to learn about the adverse effects of dairy products. Milk should be consumed by the infant of the animal who produced it. Vegetation is a better source of all nutrients.


Thank You,

Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

Postcard Nov. 2016



Postcard: What Is The Best Source Of Fuel Before A Workout?

Postcard Question: Which of These — the rat, the pig, the apple, broccoli, cotton candy, or gummy worms — is best before a workout?

Is this a trick question? No. This is simply asking: what is the best source of energy for human chemistry? Factually by design, when looking at our digestive system compared to carnivores, it is obvious that we are meant to consume carbohydrates: fruits and vegetables. So, the answer to the question is first the apple and then broccoli.

These are clean burning fuels with no side effects or negative byproducts. There’s nothing toxic to remove from these sources of fuel.

Protein is a lousy source of fuel. You have to break it down into amino acids and then convert that into glucose for fuel.

Fat is actually a better source of fuel because it’s what I call an “in-between” food. But let’s face it, there’s no better fuel than carbohydrates. And the best source of that is unprocessed fruits and starchy vegetables. This is still a controversial statement. Fructose directly unprocessed from the fruit is never bad for human chemistry. Can you get this?

You don’t need that much protein to BE healthy — in fact, it is the opposite. Too much protein is part of what causes cancer, and this can easily be shown even to the layman.

We are biologically designed to eat a plant-based diet. Protein feeds the IGF-1 and IGF-2 hormones. These are the hormones that help the cell divide and multiply. They also help cancer cells divide and multiply.

When you’re eating processed sugars your body produces more insulin to pick up this type of sugar, which increases the production of IGF 1/2. Again, this is what causes all cells to grow and multiply. The consumption of excessive amounts of protein is part of what enables cell division and growth. A high protein, processed sugar diet creates the perfect internal environment for cancer to proliferate.

Cotton candy and gummy worms & processed sugar

These are curses and scourges on mankind’s health. These items represent mankind harming mankind. Greed and ignorance perpetuate these foods’ existence!

If one wants the “express train” to disease, pain, dullness of thought, and depression, use these types of foods in one’s life.

Soda, processed chemical energy drinks, most breakfast cereals, and hard alcohol are all in the same general “genre of doom.” I am not judging the user of these things. I am passing judgement on these things themselves. I state that they are not good for me.

The apple will yield 100 amazing calories of clean burning fuel and other amazing gifts that the body utilizes to fight disease. Fruit has an alkaline ash after buying in the body. Fruit has the living enzymes which are additive to your vital forces.

So why is there so much confusion? There has always been confusion around the subject of nutrition. It’s about the money! It’s about promoting lifestyles that people lead. Fear and Ignorance. And many of the health “gurus” are simply not doing the work on themselves so they simply do not know what to teach.

Fresh raw juices mixed with both fruit and vegetables are the best source of energy. Also whole fruits and blended smoothies are fantastic and clean as well.


Thank You,
Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

Postcard: How To Avoid Creepy Dudes at Juice Press

Believe it or not we polled 96 men who shop at Juice Press and found that 7% of them can’t stand juice, fruit, vegetables and only come to our stores because they want a chance to “hook up.” People have learned that Juice Press attracts such a diverse group of people including some of the healthiest and most beautiful men and women. If you feel like you have been cat-called we have some tips to avoid the “pick-up” from “enthusiastic” male clientele.

(1) Go to Juice Press with a male friend who can easily be mistaken as your boyfriend. Your “boyfriend” has to stay close enough to keep the creepy dudes away, but not too close that a new person of interest would fear to approach you. The perfect distancing is everything.

(2) Purchase a set of rotten teeth and wear them when sitting at Juice Press to insure everyone leaves you alone!


(3) Everyone knows that Juice Press is one the best places in all of the world to meet healthy, like-minded, successful people. Why not take the time to get to know your fellow shopper and find out they are not creepy at all?


postcard Nov. 2016


Postcard: Try Our New Donut Cleanse

We have evidence.

Donut fasting won’t help. However, there is important scientific evidence that proves water fasting is healing to the body. Water fasting is not easy. Juice fasting has similar effects but the process of taking control over your chemistry is slower with juice than with water. Nonetheless the juice fast is effective. The longer you abstain from dietary mistakes the longer you have free-reign over your chemistry to improve it. Dietary mistakes include: eating processed foods, eating late at night, overeating, eating too much protein, eating cow’s milk product, not eating enough plant based foods, and especially not eating enough fruit and starchy vegetables. Drinking plenty of raw juice is the secret weapon in the fight against these mistakes.

We often forget the value of juice fasting because juice fasts are difficult to do. Not enough doctors are “prescribing” them because most doctors do not have experience with juice fasts and thus cannot teach patients how to do them. There is ample scientific data at this present time that prove that leaving out dietary mistakes and lifestyle patterns positively alters one’s health, and there are mountains of scientific data that also prove fasting has a profound positive impact on the immune system. Medical people now need to connect the dots that a juice cleanse/fast is a friendly way to leave out mistakes during the duration of the fast, enjoy the benefits of the immediate improvements and then begin to make the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health.


Juice fasting is not a fad or quackery. Try to do a cleanse for as long as you can and see the results for yourself. I am happy to personally answer questions that arise during a cleanse or answer questions about juice fasting prior to beginning the great journey.

Thank You,


Marcus Antebi – CEO and Co-founder


Postcard Nov. 2016

Postcard: Proud MILF

MILFs all over the world are asking the right questions about what to feed our children. the answer is simple when first we ask what not to feed them!

eliminate processed foods and make sure that children eat plenty of fruit and all spectrums of colors of vegetables. children need calories more so than focusing on protein.

juice press moms want what is best for our kids. children’s nutrition is simple to understand but not always easy to follow. the key is to leave out all processed foods, eliminate all dairy products, and rely on a plant-based diet for most of their calories. generally, if kids are getting enough calories, they’re getting enough protein. ensure that they eat a wide variety of vegetation including vegetables (both cooked and raw), fresh fruit, raw nuts, sprouts and seeds. fresh fruit is a crucial source of vitamins, sugar, and antioxidants. vegetables are crucial for minerals, including calcium, iron, and magnesium. what applies to you generally applies to your children. visit our website for more of the wholesome story.

Juice Press Postcard Nov. 2016 MILF

Postcard: Name 10 Body Parts with Only 3 Letters
Answers To Postcard "Name Ten Body Parts"


Answer: ten body parts with only 3 letters in them: toe, leg, hip, rib, arm, jaw, gum, eye, ear, and lid.

Where do most health issues and diseases begin?  “All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

Where specifically? Most problems begin in the upper GI. The upper GI can become filthy over a lifetime of dietary and lifestyle mistakes. Fermentation caused by dietary mistakes leads to off-basing. Gases can enter into the lower digestive system and make their way into the bloodstream. These off-gases can cause inflammation on a cellular level.

This diet-induced inflammation may trigger insulin resistance (driving type 2 diabetes), leptin resistance (causing obesity), fatty liver disease, and has been strongly linked to many of the world’s most serious diseases. Keep in mind that this is an area of research that is rapidly developing. No clear answers have been discovered yet, and chances are that the science will look completely different in a few years.

What is the first organ digestion begins with? With the mouth. The mouth includes the tongue and teeth. These are the first digestive organs.

What is the largest organ of elimination? The kidneys are vital organs of elimination. However, the skin is like a “third kidney” and is the largest organ of elimination.

What are humans best designed to digest? Humans are best designed to absorb and utilize carbohydrates such as fruit and vegetables. Many people’s current diets are highly flesh-based, forcing their bodies to convert proteins and fats into glucose for energy.

What are micronutrients & macronutrients?  The micronutrients are the nutrients you need less of and/or may produce within your body. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. The macronutrients are the nutrients you need in larger amounts and do not synthesize internally. You obtain macronutrients only from the foods you eat. The macronutrients are carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Additionally, there are compounds that are vital for your health that you obtain from the foods you eat. They include compounds such as, antioxidants, phytochemicals, polyphenols, and flavonoids.

Is fruit sugar good for me? Yes. Fruit sugar is vital to all chemistry types in varying amounts depending on your overall chemistry, health, and activity level. If you deny your body fruit and the fruit sugar it contains, you deny yourself of critical vitamins and compounds. You also give cancer an unfair advantage over healthy normal cells.

What are probiotics? Probiotics are friendly bacteria that live on the outside and inside of the animal they are native to. They are the front line of defense and the soldiers of your immune system.


Press & Media: “Barbie Visits Tribeca Juice Press”


Image from Barbie’s Instagram post circa 2014

Wikipedia Pages for Juice Press & Co-Founder
What Do The Rabbi & The Cleric Have in Common?

What do these men have in common? Answer: Fasting and Cleansing.



Post card Nov 2016


When you understand the value of water fasting and dry fasting, you then can put the pieces together and understand the power of JUICE FASTING.

Further more, it is important we recognize the importance of Yoshinori Oshumi’s work (read below) which further validates the work of others.

Yoshinori Ohsumi, a cellular biologist from Japan, became a Nobel Prize winner in physiology and medicine “for discovering the mechanisms of autophagy.” The Japanese scientist has scientifically substantiated that fasting is good for one’s health, reports the Komsomolskaya Pravda Russian newspaper.

The Nobel Prize Committee’s press release reads:

“Ohsumi’s discoveries have led to a new paradigm in our understanding of how a cell processes its contents. His discoveries have opened new ways of understanding the fundamental importance of autophagy for a large number of physiological processes, such as adaptation to starvation and response to an infection.”

Autophagy is the process of utilizing and recycling unnecessary or dysfunctional cellular components—the so-called cellular rubbish which accumulates in cells. The term “autophagy” originates from two Greek words which summarily mean “self-eating.” Autophagy is intrinsic to living organisms, including those of human beings. Thanks to autophagy cells get rid of excess parts, while an organism gets rid of unnecessary cells.

Autophagy becomes especially intensive when an organism is under stress, for example, when it fasts. In this case a cell produces energy using its internal resources, that is, cellular rubbish, including pathogenic bacteria.

The Nobel Prize winner’s discovery indicates that abstaining from food and keeping fasts is wholesome—the body truly cleans itself. This is confirmed by the Nobel Prize Committee.

According to Ohsumi’s colleagues, autophagy protects organisms from premature senility. This process even probably rejuvenates organisms by creating new cells, removing defective proteins and damaged intracellular organelles from them, thus maintaining them in good condition.



Prepared by Vladimir Lagovskiy

Assertive Women “postcard”
circa 2011


Fruct without Fruit Postcard
CIRCA 2016

Is fruit sugar bad? Learn More


Drink Our Juice A Real Lot and Lose Like Eleventeen Pounds
circa 2012


Drink Our Juice A Real Lot and Lose Like Eleventeen Pounds in Due Time. 



We Are USDA Organic
circa 2011


Juice Press is USDA organic! Learn More


No Drones Delivery Postcard
circa 2015




Why Buy Bottled Juice? Postcard.
circa 2013

We can cold pressed the best tasting highly potent produce into a bottle. We control all aspects of quality and sanitation using the cold press, short shelf life bottled juice method. Our juices are the shortest shelf life in the industry, 2-3 days.



Ridiculous 50% off Coupon Postcard
summer 2016









Tiny Soup Sign on Prince Street
circa 2012


Proviotic Handmade Sign


Never settle neon at 59th street and Madison Ave
Summer 2016


Hot soup montage at JP11


Postcard and bookmark display


Empty Calories Acrylic Art Display
Art installation // Sam Tufnell















On display at Juice Press 12 on Rivington Street.

Cleanest Source of Protein
circa 2012





Tough bikers very very welcome


Sea Salt Decal Set in Only a Few Stores


Neon Sign: We Are On a Mission


Historical: Old Juice Press Bottle Labels
circa 2011

Juice Press opened in the Winter of 2010 on East 1 street in NYC. We printed all of our juice bottle labels on a commercial printer on stock blank label.



Back of house staff motivation decal
adopted from author napoleon hill


Smoothie Board: early adaptation


Book Mark: “Dairy is the ultimate cock blocker!”
circa 2011

Read this about dairy. (University of Southern California study)





Rat Protein Book Mark
circa 2011




Store Locations Card
circa 2016




Large Decal: Fruit Sugar vs. Processed Sugar


Feel Great For Free Booklet



“Gravity Juice” Bookmark
circa 2011


Boston Store in Chestnut Hill prior to opening circa 2016


Very large back lite Juice Press sign at hudson removed from macy’s store


Decal: Large “Guide to Healthy Living”
decals artwork and text copyright marcus antebi 2014

Below:decal present at the hudson and west houston location in NYC.



above: decal present on wall of juice press on west 22nd street in NYC.

outside ring: open-mindedness – enthusiasm – caring – hard work -tolerance – integrity – discipline -faith – perseverance

inside ring: drink fresh raw juice – avoid dairy -don’t eat late at night -pray – think positive – breathe clean air – eliminate eat processed foods -play – reduce the intake of protein – avoid drugs, alcohol, and tobacco -drink water – take probiotics -maintain oral hygiene – work out excessively – empty out stomach between meals – rest

Neon Sign 2: We are on a mission! Hudson Street
decal at hudson


large vending machine decal


Vending machine decal
circa 2016


Soda sucks Vending machine decal


children and dairy





Four Good Guys


Top: Chairman of the Board and CEO Michael Karsch. Bottom: Co-founder Marcus Antebi

The story of how these two guys met: Marcus Antebi started juice press in the winter of 2010 on East 1st street, NYC. A lot of critical events took place in the first 2.5 years. Juice Press expanded to 4 stores with number 5 in construction. All the while, Marcus was in the midst of closing a partnership agreement with his new friends and investors, Kenny Dichter & Mark Teixeira.

Kenny introduced Mr. Karsch to the project and he soon became a primary partner. “Mr. Karsch has been an invaluable partner to me in many ways. He has helped me professionalize myself and Juice Press in all ways. There would be no Juice Press without Michael Karsch!” – Marcus Antebi

“Kenny Dichter has been a critical investor and partner to Juice Press as well. His contributions have helped us make important contacts and gain credibility with other partners and investors.” – Marcus Antebi

“Not only is Mark Teixeira a smart and disciplined investor, but he is a role model athlete who brought Juice Press a great deal of credibility early on.”  – Marcus Antebi





Inflammation postcard
circa 2015


Jp8 merchandise
circle 2016

jp8_merch2 jp8_merch

Outdoor sign with baby in front of it at jp11
august 2016


59th Street store graphics and visuals
summer 2016






street art inspiration
unknown artist


Retired MILF Bookmark
circa 2011






marcus making a postcard
circa 2016


how do you like them apples?
august 2016








Whey Over Committed Bro! Postcard
august 2016


Read More  About Whey Protein

people and your chemistry
august 2016








trust me i’m a doctor
june 2011






Postcard: Wall Street Journal Article Probiotic
september 2015

proviotic postcard wall street journal

Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Neon in Boston and 51st street NYC


Feel Great For Free Pink Booklet
Circa 2015



above: co founder marcus antebi reading from the book of nutrition with Karlie Kloss.

Giant Painted Juice Press Mural

Wow! 12 months ! We had this beautiful hand painted mural on Houston and Wooster in NYC.


The Hug

the hug