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Juice Press & Coffee

Are you surprised that Juice Press considers itself a leader in the coffee space even though we are not known for being epic in the category….YET!  Juice Press was cold brewing coffee long before *$ even heard of the term and method!


Coffee beans are a powerful plant medicine. When eaten in their raw form (2-5) beans they have amazing positive physical effects on human chemistry. The problem with coffee is in how it is handled by the makers and masters, and how much of it you consume.


We do not torture our beans with chemical weapons, (pesticides). This alone should always be the difference you choose when buying anyone coffee: choose organic!


We believe if you take a closer look at what we’ve always done – even since our early founding years, you will have a new impression of our company.


First, I want to take a moment to explain why I consider myself an expert in this category. The coffee bean is actually a seed that comes from a cherry picked from a coffee tree. Juice Press is the one true master of all things plant based. We are enlightened in the art of extracting liquids and juices — if you will — from plants. Simply put, we feel that coffee is nothing more and nothing less than a form of juice in all of its splendor.

I love a great cup of coffee. I mostly drink either espresso or Juice Press bottled coffees. Mind you, my diet is nearly totally raw, and I am 100% vegan. Coffee helps me focus and I feel pretty energized with coffee in moderation in my diet.

My chief concerns with coffee are similar to what I think about with green/fruit juices: (1) the crops/produce must be USDA certified organic; (2) the crops/produce must not suffer processes that would otherwise taint and toxify the crop/produce; and (3) the finished product must taste amazing and fresh.

Juice Press with ease is willing to take on the difficult commitment of bringing coffee to the our consumer maintaining 100% alignment to the above mentioned points.

There are additional points that make juice press coffee such an amazing offering. Before I list my comments I want my partner and I to get some credit for being innovators in the coffee beverage space.  Juice Press toiled with cold brew coffee long before it became a buzzword in the coffee industry.

We have worked at pairing the right coffee bean (the origin & the roast) with our homemade almond milk for the complimentary flavor profile. This was not an easy innovation. We tried many different variations until we came up with the most amazing coffee drinks. We also have fabulous bottled coffee specialities, that in my opinion will be the coffee beverages that the big coffee companies will try to copy in the future.

Our cold brew coffee with almond milk made with coconut water from thailand instead of almond milk made with just water. This extra touch is masterful and creates a gentle bouquet of subtle and impossible to replicate flavors (unless you use thai coconuts in your almond milk.) This is a coffee with a “nutrient consciousness”.  Almond milk is not inflammatory like cow’s milk is to most people.

Our world famous retail smoothie bars offer a smoothie we lovingly call the Harvey Wallbanger: cold brewed coffee, homemade almond milk, ripe banana, raw cacao, vanilla, and one date. It’s a best seller and is truly mind-blowing.

Another game changing drink we serve in a 16 ounce bottle is our coffee based blended smoothie that contains blended raw soaked easy-to-digest steel cut oats and raw cacao from south america. Raw cacao is a medicinal root and the raw ingredient for making chocolate. We consider this beverage a meal replacement and much more.


Additional Points of Juice Press Differentiation in the Coffee Space


Juice Press holds a high standard of transparency in all of the crops/produce we procure for and coffee is no exception.

Our coffee is made of Colombian sourced beans that come from USDA certified organic farms. This is critical to us because it means no harmful pesticides in our bodies and this is an environmentally friendlier crop. (Remember, coffee is one of the most sprayed crops of all plants.)

Our beans are roasted to a Viennese profile yielding a chocolate taste profile. We receive the beans within 2 days after the roasting in order to make our cold brew and future drip coffee and espresso drinks. Beans get stale with age due to oxidation, so its vital for taste to use them while they are as fresh as possible.

Our beans are  fair trade.



Thank You for reading this.

Marcus Antebi, co-founder and CEO Juice Press