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16 Hour Cleanse

This type of fasting in my opinion is relatively easy compared to other lower calorie cleanses that also require you to completely abstain from your daily eating patterns.

This type of “intermittent fasting” means you are eating as you normally would – but during the day only. After 4 p.m., you are no longer eating. This is a powerful approach to an overall healthy eating pattern. In my experience the results of this adjustment will be positively astounding the longer you hold this pattern.

The first benefit of this type of fasting is you have eliminated several common areas where we are most likely making our worst dietary and lifestyle mistakes. Just by leaving out these mistakes, and leaving them out after the sun goes down, there will be an immediate improvement in your overall chemistry. The health claim here is: leaving out dietary mistakes and unhealthy eating patterns will lead to better health.

These mistakes are scientifically proven as problems and include but are not limited to: eating late at night, overeating, and the consumption of wine and spirits and other stimulants, especially at dinner time.

It is better for our chemistry to go to sleep with an empty stomach. This takes practice. Especially if you are “emotionally” eating at night time.

Our natural eating and healing patterns are programmed to follow the circadian rhythm*. The optic nerve signals the brain when the sun goes down and the brain signals the hypothalamus gland (which regulates various metabolic processes and responsibilities of the automatic nervous system) that it is resting time. When you are not digesting food or cleaning up dietary mistakes during the dark period of the day, your chemistry has free reign to heal.

The 16 Hour Fast

Every night when you sleep you are doing a “dry fast”. (No water, no food.) This sleeping fast has a necessary and positive impact on your chemistry. It is required for the natural process of blood dialysis along with many other detox and healing processes.


As explained, after sunset is a critical time to take control over your chemistry and biological healing functions by allowing your entire system to focus on cleaning up the mess we normally make within our bodies. Factors like environmental toxins, stress, and diet create this mess. The more time your chemistry has to work on cleaning the mess, the more the mess will be cleaned up. (Results vary dramatically from person to person.)

Since juice requires little to no digestion to absorb nutrients, the water it provides does not interfere but in fact amplifies the process. The last part of that statement is an abstract hypothetical postulation on my part. That being said, I’m selling juice, not a dry fast, therefore I encourage people to drink 2-3 juices or similar smoothies from 4 p.m. until bedtime.

People more experienced with this type of fasting will need less juice or smoothies to support the remaining hours of the day they are awake.


In the winter I take my evening juices and dilute them with hot water to warm up my body. Sometimes I love or feel the need for smoothies and juice. Juices are fabulous with warm water and they allow me to be sipping juice for a much longer, more comforting period of time. I have been doing this exact program with a few mistakes here and there for 7 months. With all my caloric needs being met during the day, I still lost 15 pounds changing nothing else in diet.


Make time during the day to lay flat on your back with your eyes closed. This is another way to stimulate blood detoxification. Go for massages, colonics, visit bathhouses, read good books at night time, do yoga, meditate, pray, listen to soothing music, and practice your best lifestyle goals with the best intentions.

The juices and smoothies are powerful in helping the detox process. However, the claims of what juice can do are secondary to the power of what you are leaving out of your lifestyle pattern. In other words, the body is doing most, if not all, of the work. The juices are raw and electrical forces that summon the body’s own electrical vital forces — vital force is all the energy you have left over concluding your day and digestion. Vital force, if there is enough of it, has a direct positive impact on your immune system and your spiritual system. (This is an abstract philosophy from my own experience.)


Drink any kind of juice or smoothie you like. All green, green with some fruits, or mostly fruit juices. This is your unique choice and has no bearing on the effect of this 16 Hour Juice Fast.


*A circadian rhythm is a roughly 24-hour cycle in the physiological processes of living beings, including plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria. In a strict sense, circadian rhythms are endogenously generated, although they can be modulated by external cues such as sunlight and temperature.

Self Heal

The body forgives you of all mistakes the moment you take your first sip of raw, fresh juice. The body forgives the moment you eat your first salad, take the first sip of an organic produce smoothie. The moment you do not make the first mistake that inhibits your body’s ability to heal. Forgiveness is not a medical word – but we don’t speak in medical terms. We are not doctors. This claim may seem wild and made by a man who stands to profit if the world converts to his life style. It is not. There is science to my words and methods to my “madness.” Let me clarify my first few statements.

For every mistake you leave out of your diet, whether it’s overeating, eating processed foods, eating late at night, or eating too much protein, there’s an immediate improvement in your overall chemistry. The chemistry continues to improve at each meal, each day. Fresh produce is more than nutrients. It is an energy that will help the body “remember.” Each time you drink a juice or eat a salad, you are lengthening the distance from “toxic” foods, and there are many forms of toxic foods. Either the foods themselves are toxic, or they are toxic in the way they are consumed.

I am designing these back pages to try to help my fellow man/woman to achieve optimal health on their own. This is my purpose in life. It always has been in one form or another. To help others find their strength and heal. I am far self-righteous. I am driven to a few simple causes. This is one. This is my favorite cause besides the love of my family. Another is to honor the earth and protect the animals. What made me this way? It is not important at this time. What is important is that I continue on this path and help others to find their way. I am certain that I am not a master of my own temple. I am also very much engaged in mastering the disciplines of my humanity for the purpose of being better and living as long as possible.


I want your food obsessions to be lifted. I want to help you find liberation from processed foods. I want to help you find your way back into your beautiful body.


As boy I watched helplessly as my father and sister overate and I felt powerless to help them. These experiences were at the heart of many of my anxieties about my own diet. As a result because of my nature I am the opposite of my family and community and many people in the world.


I felt my family’s suffering my entire life and I could never change their eating patterns to bring them the happiness I wished they had. I am sad but grateful in an ironic way that this is a force that drives my desires to help others. I feel a deep calling to help others and it drives me to master myself and absorb knowledge. It is the reason I founded Juice Press. It is the reason I have the partners I have attracted. My primary partner is a great teacher and he is a healer. He is different than me on the surface. His strengths amplify my voice and power. Together we do a lot of good for people.

I have certainly helped my family in more recent years, including my father. He makes small but meaningful changes. My sister Raquel is now vegan. My mother Marilyn feels better when she follows easy steps like leaving out dairy and not eating late at night. I encourage them to do whatever they can to feel better. I lead by example. I do the things I tell others to do.

I can help you step by step. Whether it’s a matter of explaining to you how to switch brands of cigarettes from the very toxic “Menthol Cigarettes,” to a more pure form of tobacco, or more advanced lessons on fasting and cleansing, it’s all the same teachings.

Our physical chemistry is trying to follow a “divine mechanical order” and if we get out of “its” way the process of our healing chemistry is a miraculous physical event.

When I speak of the “divine” I’m speaking of the “creation” of all of the Material world and not the creator.  Our bodies know how to find their way back to a “healed state” (in most cases). The power to carry this out varies from individual to individual because we are all unique bio-chemical machines. Our slightly unique mechanisms and our overall mental and spiritual attitudes play a big part in in our self-healing success.

Medical intervention is often necessary, and when applied at the right time by the right people, is divine as well.

Medicine and science is miraculous as well. It is often misused. Medicine can also block the pathway to recovery and make one more sick than well.

If the body’s natural pathway to recovery is open, a natural healing can take place!

Throughout these knowledge pages are fragments of my own experience and the great teachings of several of my mentors. Please read and then comment directly to me what you feel is missing.



Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

3 Pack Vitamin/Probiotic Supplement

Juice Press is proud to offer our pure supplements in an easy to use 3 pack. The small package includes our vegan probiotic (ProViotic), our vegan vitamin D3, and our vegan Vitamin C with ginger (Ginger Fireball).



What are the values of these supplements:

ProViotic – Juice Press is extremely proud to be the first to offer this amazing 100% vegan probiotic. You absolutely do not need to eat mucous-forming dairy yogurt to get the benefits of a probiotic. With our vegan capsule you’re going directly to the source of the friendly bacteria and excluding a dairy medium. Our probiotic does not need refrigeration.


More powerful and pure than any other probiotic on the market, Proviotic’s good bacteria has the longest track record of safety of any probiotic. It was discovered 109 years ago and has a perfect safety record recognized by the US FDA. It is safe for all ages in limitless quantities.

Vitamin D3 – Made from the only source of vegan vitamin D3 on earth, lichen, with chicory extract (a prebiotic) and chamomile extract. Vitamin D deficiency is a common issue and transparent supplements are frustratingly hard to find. Get your vitamin D fix with our pure offering. Each tablet of our 100% natural vegan vitamin D3 contains 2000 IU (500% of Daily Value) in one serving. Ingredients: Vitamin D3 From Lichen, Chicory, Chamomile Extract

Vitamin C with Ginger – a pure, transparent, gluten-free vitamin c tablet with no sugar, no chemicals, no fillers. these suckers contain only two ingredients: acerola fruit and pure ginger root. ginger fireball suckers have over 400% daily recommended value of vitamin c, more than 2x vitamin c of ginger fireball drink. it is made strong with a powerful ginger kick and supports immune health!


Thank You,
Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

Stop Worrying About Fruit Sugar!

It’s time to wake up and learn the facts that have been muddled, befuddled, and cuddled by misconception, misperception, misinterpretation, confusion and abstract science. Some scientists mislead people to believe that fruit sugar is detrimental to human health.

The sugar in an apple, for example, is called fructose. And fructose in a fruit is never bad. The fruit has nutrients you need and energy you want. Nutrients and compounds that fight disease.

If you remove the sugar from the fruit and use it as a sweetener it can be harmful. When you eat the whole food or fresh juice it is beneficial to your health, especially with fighting cancer.

Fruit does not make you sick. Au contraire! When they eat a piece of fruit or drink raw fresh fruit juice you are helping to detox your chemistry – when you’re especially toxic fruit can make you feel woozy. But this is because it has the power to pull endogenous toxic material from the cells and into the bloodstream for removal.

Fruit is the most easily digested food and the most cleansing of all foods. It has energy and nutrients.

The juice format is unique because the insoluble (unable to dissolve in water) fiber is mostly removed during the juicing process. But, not all of it is removed, and actually, quite a bit of fiber remains.

Juice is powerful because there is more overall produce present in a single serving, which means more access to the overall nutrients.

The electrical energy of the living produce is an important part of its scientific benefit to our chemistry. Here’s why: the living juice is an enhancement to your living chemistry.

Back to sugar.

Fruit sugar and the sugar in starchy vegetables like beets and carrots are instant perfect energy for human chemistry. This type of sugar does not feed or breed pathogenic cells.

Pathogens feed on the byproducts caused by processed and refined sugars.

You need processed sugar to feed cancer combined with a high protein diet. Additionally and critically, cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment which is caused by cancer cells a specific oxygen smothering lifestyle that produces high degrees of gases like methane.

A lot of people believe that Otto Warburg said that fruit sugar or sugar in general feeds cancer. He did not teach that. He in fact taught that fermentation causes cancer and people observed incorrectly. When you deprive yourself of oxygen, your cells use other gases to survive and then mutate.

Max Gerson was an epic doctor who lived in the 1920s and 30s who had people drinking all kinds of fruit juices. If you go to Gerson Institute, you live mostly on juices with fruit and vegetables every day.

Fred Bisci teaches if you starve yourself of needed fruit and vegetable sugars you give cancer an unfair advantage. You also force yourself to seek calories that resist digestion such as animal protein, heavy amounts of grains, or worse, processed food.

Cancer as an example is adapted to absorb insulin far better than a normal cell. Cancer is a vampire because one of several things it feeds on is healthy blood. Cancer can thrive in the low oxygen environment people create through dietary mistakes.

Fruit and starchy vegetables contain energy that is vital and compounds that help fight off cancer and other illnesses.

It’s really quite simple.
Stop fearing fruit juice from a raw and fresh source. These juices are loaded with vitamins and minerals.
Fruit juice is not bad, it is good. That doesn’t mean you should have 97 bananas every day.
Eliminate processed foods and don’t eat late at night. Reduce or eliminate animal protein – you don’t need that much protein to function. Protein is not a diet solution.
And remember you were meant to consume water plump carbohydrates. That is optimal.
Thank You,
Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

Standing Rock North Dakota Pipeline


Jan. 24th, 2017 The New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump sharply changed the federal government’s approach to the environment on Tuesday as he cleared the way for two major oil pipelines that had been blocked, and set in motion a plan to curb regulations that slow other building projects.


In his latest moves to dismantle the legacy of his predecessor, Mr. Trump resurrected the Keystone XL pipeline that had stirred years of debate, and expedited another pipeline in the Dakotas that had become a major flash point for Native Americans. He also signed a directive ordering an end to protracted environmental reviews.

Juice Press Founder, Marcus Antebi, felt it necessary to bring a measure of awareness to our customers to the important Dakota Pipeline issue.


“In early October 2016, Juice Press  was preparing a “blurb” about the Dakota Pipeline on the left side of a JP popular juice. At that time there was total uncertainty on the outcome of the protesting happening on the Land in South Dakota.


The blurb simply stated what the oil company was trying to do and that there was wide spread protests occurring. Most New Yorkers were unaware of the issue. When we were ready to go to print with the label, The US Army Corp of Engineers announced that it would NOT allow the Dakota Pipeline to traverse through the Sioux’s protected land and under Lake Oahe. This was a momentary victory for those against the pipeline. We revised the blurb to reflect this decision but I wanted to keep “awareness” alive because I was told by people far more knowledgable than myself the matter was not over.


A few days after Donald Trump took office, he signed a series of executive memorandums clearing the way for the Dakota Pipeline.


There are many major issues to debate and fight for and against in this world. The Dakota Pipeline is both a big F*** You to the treaties designed to protect Sioux land and to the environment because it threatens clean drinking water for our entire nation. The policy of running crude oil pipelines underneath or near water supplies hurts us all. 


While creating jobs is an important challenge, we can not do this at any expense. Fur trapping and hunting buffalo to near extinction also created jobs. Plowing down forests creates jobs. Genocide creates jobs. War creates jobs as well.

This country can not heal itself until we truly honor our Native People and the land we all share now. The Native People are a gentle reminder of how mankind should live in accordance with the laws of nature. They do not impede progress by their existence. If we listen to the voices of ancient people, we insure that our so called progress will not destroy us.” Marcus Antebi – Founder Juice Press

Sunday December 4th 2016 BBC News – (Trump Reversed This Decision)

The US Army has decided not to allow an oil pipeline to cross under a reservoir on land it controls in North Dakota in a move praised by protesters. (Reversed by Trump on Jan. 27, 2017)

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe hailed an “historic decision” (now reversed by Trump) and said it was “forever grateful” to President Obama. Instead, the US Army Corps of Engineers will look at alternative routes, a statement by the campaigners said. The Sioux have been protesting since April against the pipeline which is near a reservation. “Today, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced that it will not be granting the easement to cross Lake Oahe for the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline,” the tribe’s statement read. “Instead, the Corps will be undertaking an environmental impact statement to look at possible alternative routes.”

The multi-billion dollar pipeline, which runs close to the Standing Rock Sioux Native American Indian reservation, is nearly 1,200 miles (1,900km) long.

– The Dakota Access Pipeline, a part of the Bakken pipeline project, is a 1,134-mile-long (1,825 km) underground oil pipeline project in the United States. The pipeline is being planned by Dakota Access, LLC, a subsidiary of the Dallas, Texas corporation Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. It begins in the Bakken oil fields in Northwest North Dakota and is set to travel in a more or less straight line southeast, through South Dakota and Iowa, and end at an oil tank farm near Patoka, Illinois. Routing the pipeline across the Missouri River near Bismarck was rejected because of the route’s proximity to municipal water sources, residential areas, and road, wetland, and waterway crossings. The Bismarck route would also have been 11 miles longer.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe believes that the pipeline would put the Missouri River, the water source for the reservation, at risk. They point out two recent spills: a 2010 pipeline spill into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, which cost over $1 billion to clean up with significant contamination remaining, and a 2015 Bakken crude oil spill into the Yellowstone River in Montana. The Tribe is also concerned that the pipeline route may run through sacred Sioux sites. In August 2016 protests were held, halting a portion of the pipeline near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. Peaceful protests continued and drew indigenous people from throughout North America, as well as other supporters. A number of planned arrests occurred when people locked themselves to heavy machinery.

Why would your neighborhood friendly juice bar take a stand with the indigenous native people on this issue? Let me give you some background.

Article written by Marcus Antebi Nov 22, 2016  – Co-Founder of Juice Press

I grew up watching my father consume books on the atrocities and systematic destruction of a huge part of Europe during Hitler & Stalin’s reigns of terror. I read many books on the Holocaust and during the 70’s & 80’s where I grew up it was very clear in the school-taught history books who the bad guys were.

As I recall clearly, the same books had a very warped teaching about the early invaders that came to this land and their actual barbarianism to the natives. It was not just the English invaders of the North that I am referring to. It was the earlier Spanish invaders of the South as well. All of The Americas were so advanced with their various knowledges and customs. The Spanish wanted the land and its resources so they invaded. The English came in the same way to the North, and just around 500 years ago these invaders dealt the final death blow to the dignified hunting and gathering societies native to the land.

This land (North & South America) was soaked in blood and the corpses piled high. Men, women, and their children were slaughtered, abused, and tortured, and the land was plundered. These great people were not savages or sinners. Their societies imbued the subtle beautiful aspects of humanity. What happened to the Native people happened to us all. Humanity was desecrated. What happened to the Jews, Poles, Gays, and the countless victims in Europe happened to humanity. The Australian Native people were hunted on horseback by the invaders and their beautiful societies were all but erased by the invading people— that happened to humanity.

I am proud to find a voice here and discuss these lessons to the few of you open to hear them. There are many more lessons that others can teach for the purpose of healing the people, the spirit, and the earth. I am trying to collect the facts from both sides of the argument and I am concerned about these people and our shared lands and rivers. What is happening at Standing Rock is happening to us. Not them. Us.

Standing Rock was brought to my attention by two close friends connected to Juice Press’s head of innovation, Daniel Sage. They asked me one night to say a prayer for the protesting people of Standing Rock and I had to admit I was in the dark. So they explained and then I said a prayer with them. Afterwards, I scoured the internet for information on the subject.

There are several fundamental issues here that make this particular abuse of power my call to action. One of which is that I see this situation as an opportunity for a rapid, great change to take place in how “Americans” treat “Native People” on this land. All at once the healing can exist resulting from awareness and subsequent protesting that cease the pipeline. We can use Standing Rock as an ideal image of the healthy body returning from a sickened state and this imagining is more powerful than a prayer. This healing is a gigantic part of my own healing, your healing, and our children’s healing. Huge.

This is not happening in a far off land to “useless hippies.” Desecration of the sacred lands and burial sites and the dishonoring of historical treaties is happening to us all at Standing Rock. This wound is hurting all of us. It’s hard to adopt a cause for land far away for people you may feel no connection with. The cause is greater than those two components. This is also about how large, highly profitable business ventures are allowed to be more profitable than what is good for nature and people. In this case, the Return On Investment for the pipeline should be drastically limited for the sake of the water supplies, the people surrounding the supplies, and the sacred agreements made by our previous generations.

I want to bring your attention to the two critical issues: (1) we are not supposed to run crude oil pipes underneath or next to our drinking water supplies. It’s blindly stupid; and (2) we are not supposed to run crude oil pipes underneath or next to our drinking water supplies. It’s blindly stupid. There are other costlier but safer methods of transporting energy. They must be considered as the solution even though profits and ROI will diminish. ( I made that same point two times because it’s the main point and seems to obvious for people to miss. But a lot of people are missing it.)

There several reasonable counterarguments made by individuals who benefit directly by the pipeline. My least favorite is the argument that building this “infrastructure” will provide jobs. I personally honor the need for families to put food on their tables and have jobs, but this is not a reasonable answer. Hitler’s elite SS needed to put food on their tables as well and the ideology Hitler manifested a lot of jobs too. I am not saying the comparison of the two events is of equal horror. I am using the extreme example to prove a point: providing jobs at any cost is not an antidote to larger social problems

An argument for the pipeline is that all land owners that would have their land “intruded” gave their consent. Well, this is obviously not completely true because there are groups standing out there protesting who also have valid claims to parts of the land being used for the pipeline. Moreover, I find it hard to believe all people would agree to have a pipeline run through or under their land without some form of compensation. If the price was right, families are seduced to do things that may be harmful to themselves, their surrounding communities, and to future generations. So their “consent” is something that requires public intervention.

The protesting is valid and needed to protect the land, the animals, the water, and the spirit. Even if a million neighbors all agree that the pipeline can run through their living rooms but one family says “NO WAY’, the pipeline has a problem. (Typically, the pipeline gets built anyway.) At the “NO WAY” family’s land, the problem is impossible to divert because the pipeline came all that way. The pipeline builder would have to make a 90 degree turn to accommodate the “NO WAY” family. (I for one can’t imagine this same thing happening in a multimillion-dollar condominium in New York City.)

No one should live with the specter of an accidental crude oil leak, the nightmare of a clean-up, and the horror and fear of residual toxic materials that are always left behind. Not to mention the death and chaos this may cause to wildlife. The whole thing is f***ing nightmare.

I have said enough for now. As of December 4th The Army Corp of Engineers has decided to reroute the pipeline to circumvent the river and not go under it. This is a big development for the Native Tribes and the land. Can the news be trusted? Is this a ploy to get protestors to leave? Below are links you can follow to read more about Standing Rock and related topics. This link is a petition to the president to stop the pipeline from being built: American Rivers Petition


The Dakota Access Pipeline Protests (Wikipedia) | Facebook

Pro Pipeline Argument Site created by A project of the Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure Now and is called Standing Rock Fact Checker and Mid West Alliance For Infrastructure.

As I read these sites it is clear that Pro Pipeline facts can be debated and spun in a way that demonizes the Native People.

How can anyone prove that a pipeline is the safest way to move energy? That statement should be transparently stated: “A pipeline is the cheapest way an energy company can move crude oil safely – but there are still risks.”



I believe that is the truth.



Thank You,
Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

Culture and sacred tradition is not exclusive to our continent. We all share the same origin.

Postcard: Don’t Listen To Your Parents

Going back several generations, well-meaning parents have passed along mistakes about food. Some more critical than others. Most of us grew up in a society proliferated by ridiculous diets and notions about food. Fad diets have left their scars on the intellect of grown-ups and now on the youth.

Here is a brief list of ridiculous ideas about food that have affected our lives: (1) high protein diets are beneficial; (2) fruit is bad; (3) fruit sugar is the same as processed sugar; (4) dairy from a cow is needed for vitamins and minerals; and (5) cooked vegetables should be eaten more than raw vegetables. These are just a few errors in the minds of people. This does not take into account the mistakes we make at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We don’t eat enough fruit early in day. We eat animal flesh in too great amounts, and we make late night dinners the largest meal of day.

My parents were confused about nutrition. So-called experts caused this. They say on one day we need more protein, less calories, less sodium, less saturated fat, more calcium and fiber, and then the messages flip backwards and we need more of those key elements.

The truth is we have all been corrupted by the greed of companies who provide us with our food. This is a global problem that begins with what crops we grow, how livestock are treated, and the food messages that are endorsed, such as “Milk does the body good,” which is false for young and grown adults. To the highly processed foods that are being pushed across the grocery aisles. We are all at fault for accepting these mistakes as they all affect our health adversely.

The time is now to protest bad foods and bad information. Begin the healing with your own body. The best thing you can begin with is eliminating all processed foods.


Thank You,
Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

Post card: Babies Without Cow’s Milk?



THEY’D GROW JUST FINE WITHOUT IT! Studies show that infants as well as adults that avoid cow’s milk completely have healthier immune systems.

The first rule of to understand milk is that it needs to be consumed by the indentical species of the mother who created it. Milk is the perfect superfood for newborns wh have undeveloped digestive systems at birth. It contains the nutrients and compunds vital to growth and immunity. When animals of smaller mass consume milk from animals with greater mass, the growth inducing compounds (hormones) may casue irritation to the smaller animal. They also cause too much growth.

People are stimulated by the foods that cow’s milk create. The stimulation is mistaken for health and becomes an addiction for lack of a better term. Stimulation is not energy. Stimulation from any kind of food ages us faster because the organs and systems are just working harder. Not because their is ample energy but because a variety of harmones are secreted as a reaction. It’s similar to driving sports car at 12,000 RPM all the time. As the engine wears down, it compensates by making other systems work harder to compensate.

Cow’s milk promotes growth beyond human’s natural capacity to grow. this is a form of stimulation which is irritating to the inner lining of the body. The secretion of mucus among other side effects are the result. Dairy is a well marketed ‘myth’. sources of dairy resemble nothing like they did centuries, or even 60 years ago.

Cows are milked about 300 days a year. for much of that time, they are pregnant. the later in pregnancy a cow is, the more hormones appear in her milk which pass large amounts of estrogen into it. Not good for your body. Also dairy is pasteurized, destroying most of its nutrients and enzymes. There’s much more to learn about the adverse effects of dairy products. Milk should be consumed by the infant of the animal who produced it. Vegetation is a better source of all nutrients.


Thank You,

Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

Post Card Nov. 2016



Postcard: What Is The Best Source Of Fuel Before A Workout?

Postcard Question: Which of These — the rat, the pig, the apple, broccoli, cotton candy, or gummy worms — is best before a workout?

Is this a trick question? No. This is simply asking: what is the best source of energy for human chemistry? Factually by design, when looking at our digestive system compared to carnivores, it is obvious that we are meant to consume carbohydrates: fruits and vegetables. So, the answer to the question is first the apple and then broccoli.

These are clean burning fuels with no side effects or negative byproducts. There’s nothing toxic to remove from these sources of fuel.

The rat bites so come with your A-game when you hunt for them. This filthy guy has about 650 calories with about 63 grams of protein. Protein is a lousy source of fuel. You have to break it down into amino acids and then convert that into glucose for fuel.

Fat is actually a better source of fuel because it’s what I call an “in-between” food. But let’s face it, there’s no better fuel than carbohydrates. And the best source of that is unprocessed fruits and starchy vegetables. This is still a controversial statement. Fructose directly unprocessed from the fruit is never bad for human chemistry. Can you get this?

You don’t need that much protein to BE healthy — in fact, it is the opposite. Too much protein is part of what causes cancer and this can easily be shown even to the layman.

We are biologically designed to eat a plant based diet. Protein feeds the IGF-1 and IGF-2 hormones. These are the hormones that help the cell divide and multiply. Including cancer cells.

When you’re eating processed sugars your body produces more insulin to pick up this type of sugar, which increases the production of IGF 1/2. Again, this is what causes all cells to grow and multiply. The consumption of too much protein is part of what enables cell division and growth. A high protein, processed sugar diet creates the perfect internal environment for cancer to proliferate.

Cotton candy and gummy worms & processed sugar

These are curses and scourges on mankind’s health. These items represent mankind harming mankind. Greed and ignorance perpetuate these foods’ existence!

If one wants the “express train” to disease, pain, dullness of thought, and depression, use these types of foods in one’s life.

Soda, processed chemical energy drinks, most breakfast cereals, and hard alcohol are all in the same general “genre of doom.” I am not judging the user of these things. I am placing judgement on these things themselves. I state that they are not good for me.

The apple will yield 100 amazing calories of clean burning fuel and other amazing gifts that the body utilizes to fight disease. Fruit has an alkaline ash after buying in the body. Fruit has the living enzymes which are additive to your vital forces.

So why is there so much confusion? There has always been confusion around the subject of nutrition. It’s about the money! It’s about promoting lifestyles that people are habituated in. Fear and Ignorance. And many of the health “gurus” are simply not doing the work on themselves so they simply do not know what to teach.

Fresh raw juices mixed with both fruit and vegetables are the best source of energy. Also whole fruits and blended smoothies are fantastic and clean as well.


Thank You,
Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

Post card: How To Avoid Creepy Dudes at Juice Press

Believe it or not we polled 96 men who shop at Juice Press and found that 7% of them can’t stand juice, fruit, vegetables and only come to our stores because they want a chance to “hook up”. People have learned that Juice Press attracts such a diverse group of people including some of the healthiest and most beautiful men and women. If you feel like you have been cat-called we have some tips to avoid the “pick-up” from “enthusiastic” male clientele.

(1) Go to Juice Press with a male friend who can easily be mistaken as your boyfriend. Your “boyfriend” has to stay close enough to keep the creepy dudes away, but not too close that a new person of interest would fear to approach you. The perfect distancing is everything.

(2) Purchase a set of rotten teeth and wear them when sitting at Juice Press to insure everyone leaves you alone!


(3) Everyone knows that Juice Press is one the best places in all of the world to meet healthy, like-minded, successful people. Why not take the time to get to know your fellow shopper and find out they are not creepy at all?


postcard Nov. 2016


Post Card: Try Our New Donut Cleanse

We have evidence.

Donut fasting won’t help. However, there is important scientific evidence that proves water fasting is healing to the body. Water fasting is not easy. Juice fasting has similar effects but the process of taking control over your chemistry is slower with juice than with water. Nonetheless the juice fast is effective. The longer you abstain from dietary mistakes the longer you have free-reign over your chemistry to improve it. Dietary mistakes include: eating processed foods, eating late at night, over eating, eating too much protein, eating cow’s milk product, not eating enough plant based foods, and especially not eating enough fruit and starchy vegetables. Drinking plenty of raw juice is the secret weapon in the fight against these mistakes.

We often forget the value of juice fasting because they are difficult to do. Not enough doctors are “prescribing” them because simply put, they do not have their own experiences with doing them and they can not teach what they don’t care to learn about. There is ample scientific data at this present time that prove that leaving out dietary mistakes and life style patterns positively alters one’s health, and there is mountains of scientific data that also prove fasting has a profound positive impact on the immune system. Medical people now need to connect the dots that a juice cleanse/fast is a friendly way to leave out mistakes during the duration of the fast, enjoy the benefits of the immediate improvements and then begin to make the corrections to your lifestyle that are needed for optimal health.


Juice fasting is not a fad or quackery in anyway. Try to do a cleanse as long as you can and see the results for yourself. I am happy to personally answer questions that arise during a cleanse or answer questions about juice fasting prior to beginning the great journey.

Thank You,


Marcus Antebi – CEO and Co-founder


Postcard Nov. 2016

Post card: Name 10 Body Parts with Only 3 Letters
Answers To Postcard "Name Ten Body Parts"


Answer: ten body parts with only 3 letters in them: toe, leg, hip, rib, arm, jaw, gum, eye, ear, and lid.

Where do most health issues and diseases begin?  “All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

Where specifically? Most problems begin in the upper GI. The upper GI can become filthy over a lifetime of dietary and lifestyle mistakes. Fermentation caused by dietary mistakes leads to off-basing. These gases can enter into the lower digestive system and make their way into the blood stream. These off-gases can cause inflammation on a cellular level.

This diet-induced inflammation may trigger insulin resistance (driving type 2 diabetes), leptin resistance (causing obesity), fatty liver disease, and has been strongly linked to many of the world’s most serious diseases. Keep in mind that this is an area of research that is rapidly developing. No clear answers have been discovered yet, and chances are that the science will look completely different in a few years.

What is the first organ digestion begins with? With the mouth. The mouth includes the tongue and teeth. These are the first digestive organs.

What is the largest elimination organ? The kidneys are the vital elimination organs. However, the skin is like a “third kidney” and is the largest elimination organ.

What are humans best designed to digest? Humans are best designed to absorb and utilize carbohydrates such as fruit and vegetables. Contrary to many people’s current diet that is highly flesh based and forced to convert proteins and fats into glucose for energy.

What are the micro & macro nutrients?  The micro nutrients are the nutrients you need less of and/or may produce some within your body. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. The macronutrients are the nutrients you need in larger amounts and do not synthesize. You obtain only from the foods you eat. The macronutrients are carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Additionally, there are compounds that are vital for your health that you obtain from the foods you eat. They include compounds such as, anti-oxidants, photo-chemicals, poly-phenols, and flavonoids.

Is fruit sugar good for me? Yes. Fruit sugar is vital to all chemistry types in varying amounts depending on your overall chemistry, health, and activity level. If you deny your body fruit and the fruit sugar it contains you deny yourself of critical vitamins and compounds. You also give cancer an unfair advantage over healthy normal cells.

What are probiotics? Probiotics are friendly bacteria that live on the outside and inside of the animal they are native to. They are the front line defense and the soldiers of your immune system.


Best Weight Loss Pattern Change

Over the years people have asked me what are the best weight loss diets to follow. It’s true that if you are in a calorie deficit you will lose material compounds from your body. These compounds weigh something, therefore you will lose weight if you are not replacing material with the material you are using. There is little value in following diet plans that are loaded with high amounts of fats or high amounts of protein. These are short term tricks on your chemistry and will lead to problems. Diets that sell you chemically processed shakes are not the solution. Fasting & Juice Cleanses are not diets and the intention should not be for weight loss purposes in my opinion. (A juice fast can promote weight loss if you are in a caloric deficit and because one may become more efficient biologically.)

This is technical language. People asking this “question” about weight loss desire the loss of unwanted external substance. Fat, cellulite and/or other body material. No one has ever asked me how to reduce the size of their eyeballs or lose unwanted pounds from their pancreas, spleen, or lungs. This is silly but worth mentioning.

Losing weight is easy. Stop eating. This is not sustainable. Breatharians and sun gazers die of starvation or damage their retinas. I’ve seen this too. People eat for emotional and psychological reasons, not just sustenance. Thus, people by choice remain at the body weight they choose on a conscious and subconscious level. It is not easy to prescribe a fad diet.

My Tip: If you want to continue consuming exactly what you are consuming now, calories and content, change one pattern: Never eat past sunset. In the summer months you can eat later than in the winter. It’s determined by sunset. Say 5:00pm winter and 7:30pm summer. NO SOLID FOOD after dark. For the first six months do green juices at night if you are hungry. Drink water throughout the night. No food. If you consume alcohol you must cut it off by sunset to follow this program.

In this pattern change you are following the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Which is on a 24 hour clock: work, rest, work, rest. When the sun goes down, the optic nerves signal the hypothalamus gland that it’s time to clean house. Not work. Without a filled stomach you take control over your entire chemistry, in this theory. The body has free reign to do its healing magic. (Try this program with consent of your doctor, priest, rabbi, whomever you must.) You will see dramatic positive improvements. No doubt this is a very difficult lifestyle adaptation.


This is not a health claim about a product for sale. This is my opinion about a pattern change in one’s dietary choices.


Thank You,
Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

Why No GMOs?

There are certainly many good uses for GMOs. Cross-pollinating may not be one of them. Tampering with better breeds of “superior” crops to produce “better” breeds may be safe. I do not know for sure. My concern with “GMOing” is like all things we discover we tend to manipulate them beyond their “benefits”. I wonder what will become of GMO-itization of our planet. I wonder. I am not afraid. I only wonder.


I am not one to argue GMOing into my own fatigue.


Corn takes 60-100 days to grow and gather all of the elements that make it the epic crop it can be for our consumption. GMO’ed seeds are being made to grow faster. What I can say is this:


If you want to live a long time, eat plants that take a long time to grow. This is spiritual science and I can not prove this in a scientific study today. Today. One day I will show this to be scientific.

There is much to study and learn. I am not feeling GMOs in the modern world. I don’t think this is the adjustment humanity needs to solve long-term food related problems.


Thank You,
Marcus Antebi – FOUNDER (Copyright Marcus Antebi 2016)

Research: Noble Prize Winner on Fasting

What do these men have in common? Fasting and Cleansing.


“When we first understand the value of water fasting and dry fasting, we then can add to that knowledge to understand the power of JUICE FASTING.” marcus antebi co founder of juice press.


It is important we recognize the importance of Yoshinori Oshumi’s work (read below) which further validates the work of Pavlo Arola (who discovered autolysis which is more or less the same science as Autophagy). Yoshinori’s work is critical to the validation of juice fasting and the lifestyle Juice Press promotes. Additional body of work is the studies down at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA on fasting. Learn More


Yoshinori Ohsumi, a cellular biologist from Japan, became a Nobel Prize winner in physiology and medicine “for discovering the mechanisms of autophagy.” The Japanese scientist has scientifically substantiated that fasting is good for one’s health, reports the Komsomolskaya Pravda Russian newspaper.


The Nobel Prize Committee’s press release reads:


“Ohsumi’s discoveries have led to a new paradigm in our understanding of how a cell processes its contents. His discoveries have opened new ways of understanding the fundamental importance of autophagy for a large number of physiological processes, such as adaptation to starvation and response to an infection.”


Autophagy is the process of utilizing and recycling unnecessary or dysfunctional cellular components—the so-called cellular rubbish which accumulates in cells. The term “autophagy” originates from two Greek words which summarily mean “self-eating.” Autophagy is intrinsic to living organisms, including those of human beings. Thanks to autophagy cells get rid of excess parts, while an organism gets rid of unnecessary cells.


Autophagy becomes especially intensive when an organism is under stress, for example, when it fasts. In this case a cell produces energy using its internal resources, that is, cellular rubbish, including pathogenic bacteria.


The Nobel Prize winner’s discovery indicates that abstaining from food and keeping fasts is wholesome—the body truly cleans itself. This is confirmed by the Nobel Prize Committee.



According to Ohsumi’s colleagues, autophagy protects organisms from premature senility. This process even probably rejuvenates organisms by creating new cells, removing defective proteins and damaged intracellular organelles from them, thus maintaining them in good condition.


Prepared by Vladimir Lagovskiy

below screen shot from the website Please read

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 3.40.54 PM

Research Fasting – Juice Press has your back!

Read This article from USC on fasting — read this

We are desperately trying to get you to do juice cleanse and fast. To heal!! The world is filled with juice frauds who fail to help you. And many who do. The ease and benefit of juice fasting is so simple it’s mind blowing. You need some science? I got science for you too….

Hello! Injured athletes, cancer sufferers, sufferers, everyone, come on. Wake up!!!!


Read this article about a dude who won the f**king pulitzer prize for his research on fasting – read this


AND if you’re really bored read this article about how dangerous meat and cheese is. (not preaching just teaching) Im trying to help you. HELP NOT HURT READ THIS


What is autolysis? Read this


Start Here

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Juice Press is excited beyond words to offer many of our amazing selections throughout the Equinox chain.  This is a relationship a long time in the making and now finally the vision and the dream has been materialized!  As a long-time Equinox member, I believe that the Equinox brand is the best all-around health club experience in the world.  I would personally be lost without access to Equinox throughout the country.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve members and Equinox employees alike.  Gratefully, Marcus Antebi, Co-Founder and CEO, Juice Press


Equinox Press Release

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, (April 14, 2016) – Equinox, the high performance lifestyle leader, today announced a strategic partnership with Juice Press, which will bring Juice Press cafés to select Equinox locations throughout the Northeast. This partnership will provide convenient access to unprecedented, organic food and beverage offerings.


In a move that furthers Equinox’s strong commitment to nutrition, Equinox will replace select cafés with Juice Press locations over the next four months, beginning with the new Equinox East 92nd Street, which opens in early May. Already home to a Juice Press in its Bryant Park club, Equinox is greatly expanding this amenity to meet demand of consumers for Juice Press’s high quality clean nourishment options. “At Equinox, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled experiences in our clubs, and we’re proud to partner with Juice Press to further maximize our members’ lives,” said Patrik Hellstrand, Group Vice President of Operations at Equinox.


“Nutrition is an important pillar within Equinox’s holistic approach to health and wellness, and Juice Press’ offering aligns with our beliefs around clean, conscientiously sourced foods.” Equinox believes that food is information, which affects the entire body and its ability to perform. While there are many ways to eat well, the key is striking the right balance. “Partnering with Equinox is transformational for Juice Press,” said said Michael Karsch, Chairman of the Board, and Marcus Antebi, founder of Juice Press, in a joint statement. “Our ability to help consumers avoid food and beverages containing processed ingredients will be very meaningfully expanded by the Equinox footprint of world class workout facilities.


The alignment of the Equinox and Juice Press brands will reinforce to consumers that wellness is an integrated effort between exercise and dietary efforts and decisions.” Juice Press locations will appear at the following Equinox Clubs throughout this year, East 92nd Street, 76th Street, Summit, Paramus, Tribeca, Printing House, Greenwich, CT, Brookfield Place, 54th Street, Columbus Circle, 74th Street, High Line, Park Ave, 85th Street, 50th Street, Dumbo, E. 53rd Street, Bond Street, Gramercy.


Please check our JP Locations Page for a list of Equinox locations.

shortest shelf life
the shortest in the industry! and that's a good thing!

Epically short, because we are proud to have the freshest products in the industry.


Green juice: 3 days max

Orange juice: 3 days

Raw Oatmeal and Raw Chia in a cashew nut based milk: 3 days max in cold, cold fridge.

Ginger juice: 1 week

Apple juice: 3 to 5 days

Learn About the Probiotics in our Juices
PROVIOTIC is one of the most epic, game-changing discoveries for the juice and food industry that the world has seen in centuries!

Juice Press is extremely proud to be the first to offer this amazing 100% vegan, allergen-free, USDA Organic probiotic to our community of health conscious customers! It can not be stressed more how crucial a good probiotic supplement is to support a healthy immune system. That is why Juice Press places such a high importance on bringing you something so far ahead of what the supplement industry has provided.



We include Proviotic in many of our popular juices because of how important it is to the safety of our raw juices and to enhance our juice’s positive enhancement to your overall immune system. We have the science of the most respected ivy league university behind us as well as a 100 year track record of its use in consumer products!



Since this sub-species of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus has been safely used in foods for over 100 years with no indications of overdose or side effects, top scientists believe that if it is added to unpasteurized juice it will serve both as natural preservative capable of inhibiting “bad” bacteria and as a way to replenish the healthy bacteria found in our bodies. | FAQs



Our partners in Bulgaria collaborated with JP’s founders and came across the fascinating results in this strain of FDA approved probiotic (good bacteria) unlike any other. This strain of good bacteria is not only sourced from a plant, the snowdrop flower, but also thrives in pure, organic vegetable juice.  The product’s quality and manufacturing standards of integrity rival all probiotic supplements on the market. This product establishes JP as a leader in the industry and at the cutting edge of gut and immune health!



Because PROVIOTIC flourishes in juice, JP’s raw, unprocessed juices and smoothies are the ideal delivery mechanism for a healthy dose of probiotics. Why? There are plenty of prebiotics (that’s food for good bacteria!) in the juice to keep the probiotics vital and strong up until the moment of consumption.   PROVIOTIC is supportive of digestive and immune health, as well as inhibitory of well known pathogens like listeria, e. coli, and salmonella, as shown by ivy-league partnered research studies (learn more at  We believe the inclusion of PROVIOTIC in our juices is a truly revolutionary step in the juice and food world, one to be considered among the most important food developments in centuries.

What are the benefits of juice?

This is a rather odd essay written by me late at night, deep into a long juice cleanse. Most of what my partners and I are trying to do centers around building a real business model that can be sustainable and scalable, while holding to the original dream of the first store. I loved juice and smoothies and salads. I wanted to eat and drink this stuff every day of my life and I never get bored of doing so. My partners and their families honestly feel the same way. It’s all we talk about. Juice Press. Juice Press.


What I do a poor job talking about is the hippie tree-hugging part of this equation for fear of being laughed out of my position as CEO. From time to time, I find these hidden places to write these types of commentary to whomever will listen. So I am grateful you landed on this page.


What is juice? It is something special and powerful. When it is raw and handled the way we at Juice Press handle it, it has awesome power. Juice like this has an abstract but real electrical force because all living things have an electrical force, albeit lower than normally detectable.  The frequency that juice vibrates at is so high that even when you are not aware of its presence, when you consume it, it adds to your own vibrational frequency and your vital force. Vital Force. Great term. Doctors have yet to even discover this term. It’s so abstract. Vital Force has a direct impact on your entire immunological system. It is the energy you have stored and left over from the foods you consume minus all of the energy you exert or burn. The remaining energy is Vital Force and it is used by your body to enhance your immune system. It is not a scientific term at all.


Juice is so powerful that only the juice devotee can feel it and talk about in the way I am. Drinking juice after the gym, before the gym, when you have a cold, when you’re in mourning, when you’re in trying to fall in love, when you’re trying to pick the winning horse, feeling anxious, feeling joyous, and so on, will raise your consciousness to a higher level. It’s impossible to describe or prove unless you have a clean diet and experience juice the way it is possible. I am a full believer.


There is nothing ever negative about juice. Not the lack of fiber because there is fiber, not the sugar, because the sugar is awesome for all chemistries, not anything. People think I am crazy because I am conflicting against traditional paradigms when I talk about fiber and sugar. People simply do not understand raw sugar v.s. candy and soda sugar. Its not all the same. Doctor so-and-so is ill-informed and he or she does not see problems with his worst patients due to them eating too many apples and pears.


Anyway, what you need to know is you should drink juice when you have splinter or when you’re lost and want to be found. Drink juice all the time. As much as you can stomach and as much as you can afford. (Please don’t shop lift for juice.)


introducing antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory raw green juices into our diet as an everyday habit is a fabulous antidote to the toxins we encounter. green juices neutralize acids and all raw juices make it easier to maintain blood alkalization. the main benefit of drinking raw juice is that if it helps us skip one or more crappy meals a day, we’re 1,000 times better off!

obviously, we recommend drinking as much green juice as possible each and every day. drinking juice and maintaining a sensible diet that excludes processed food is a step in the right direction towards optimal health.

while many of juice’s nutritional benefits are readily displayed on the nutrition facts panel, all juices provide value beyond what is visible on the label. 100% juice is an ample source of phytonutrients (compounds in fruits, vegetables, and other plants that can help promote overall health). although this benefit is not listed on the label, there is strong scientific support for the role fruits and vegetables play in reducing disease risk overall.

additionally, research shows that drinking 100% juice is associated with a more nutritious diet overall. studies suggest that appropriate consumption of 100% juice is linked to an overall healthier eating pattern, including reduced intake of total dietary fat, saturated fat, and added sugars. green juices have awesome and dynamic cleansing power.

green juice floods the body with nutrients, phytochemicals and the word of the day: folic acid. folic acid (also known as folate, vitamin m, vitamin b9, vitamin bc (or folacin), pteroyl-l-glutamic acid, and pteroyl-l-glutamate) is a form of the water-soluble vitamin b9. green juices also have cholorophyll, which promotes cleansing along with offering a host of other health promoting benefits, around which there are research studies ongoing.


is fruit sugar bad?
"people are confused by nutritional data panels and have been lead to believe that all sugars should be cursed and counted in grams."

first, we do not add any sweeteners to our cold pressed juices. ever. some blended smoothies have raw sweeteners – no processed or refined sugars are used in anything we make. this is one of my tenents of eating: nothing processed or refined.


second, if you are extremely concerned about your sugar intake from raw fruit, we have offerings for everyone at juice press! we have super green juices, salads, green smoothies, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. if you are ordering a smoothie, customize it as you like. more or less of anything is ok with us!

if you avoid fruits because you are needlessly afraid of their sugars, you are avoiding their vitamins and anti-oxidants as well. vital nutrients that are not readily available from any other sources.

people are sick because of the processed garbage and the high protein diets that they consume. not because of fruits and starchy vegetables. if you have a toxic diet and eat tons of fruit, the fruit may be adding to your problem, but only in the context of the crappy diet.

fruit in both the juice format and the solid or blended format are both extremely cleansing to all aspects of the body where cleansing (detoxification) is required.

fruit does not “spike” sugar levels. fruit raises sugar levels but the blood sugar levels off quickly for most people including type 2 diabetics.

the smoothies we make in store can be made with a variety of sweeteners we keep on hand or no sweetener at all. the bottled smoothies have small amounts of one of our selected raw sweeteners.

we offer several options from raw agave to coconut nectar and whole dates in store on made to order smoothies.

there is no comparison to the sugar in soda for example, and the effects that it has on your chemistry with the grams of sugar that occur in say raw pineapple juice.

pineapple juice has amazing atomic elements and nutrients. the same holds true for the juices of starchy vegetable like carrots and beets.

if you avoid raw fruit and vegetables for fear of sugars, where will you get your vitamins and minerals from? anti-oxidants? a bagel? frozen vomit-yogurt? no.

sugar occurs naturally in fruit and is vital part of muscular strength and energy.
fruit is a vital source of vitamins.


it is very important to make the distinction between added sugars and sugars that occur naturally in foods like fruits and vegetables. these are healthy foods that contain water, fiber, and various micronutrients. the naturally occurring sugars are absolutely fine, even necessary.


however, added sugars are a cause for concern.


the most common added sugars are regular table sugar (sucrose) and high fructose corn syrup. if you want to lose weight and optimize your health, then you should do your best to avoid foods that contain added sugars.
raw fruit sugar, even in raw juice, is not the problem for most people. processed foods, processed sugars, and too much protein are the problems.


the sugar issue is one that has many people confused. juice press does not add any sugar of any kind to our juices. no sugar is added, not even raw, unprocessed sugar. fruit and vegetables contain natural sugar. this sugar is a vital source of energy for most people.



if you drink a fruit juice or carrot juice, you are consuming sugar. this kind of sugar has not been isolated from the companion nutrients contained within the fruits or vegetables. it has a positive effect on your chemistry. although there is a glycemic index associated with fruit, the companion nutrients stabilize the sugars so insulin levels are balanced in the bloodstream.



juice press stands behind the paradigm that raw fruit juice and vegetable juice are incredibly beneficial because they work their way into the bloodstream so quickly. it’s instant energy. both fruit and vegetable juice are alkalizing.


isolated and processed sugars and artificial sugars are the curse of modern man. they are rank poison and they are slowly killing us. there is no comparison between fruit and vegetable sugar and sugar from soda or anything else with isolated, processed sugar.


no one can prescribe a specific amount of sugar from raw fruit and vegetables that is ideal. no two chemistries are in the same place at the same time and not everyone will do well with consumption of large amounts of fruit and/or fruit juice.


most people who increase their consumption of raw juice and reduce their intake of processed foods do very well and have incredible improvements to their overall chemistries.


juice press does not prescribe or diagnose illnesses, nor are we recommending that you deviate from the diet plan recommended by a medical person or a licensed nutritionist.


fruit sugar does not spike the blood sugar levels of a healthy person. it raises it. your chemistry adjusts and brings it back down to where it needs it to be.
toxic people may feel like hitting the bathroom soon after drinking a raw fruit juice. this is a cleansing side effect.


people with blood sugar problems may want to consume only fruit juice that has plenty of green juice in it. the glycemic index will be lowered.


we are presenting our belief on raw sugar from fruits and vegetables. our cold pressed juice made from this produce is not sweetened. our desserts, raw food, and superfood smoothies may be sweetened with raw agave nectar or other raw organic sweeteners.


people have unique chemistries and no one should say that fruit sugar is good for everyone. there are many sides to the story of individual chemistries. i am not implying that people should go out and drink a gallon of orange juice. i’m also not saying that fiber is something to be avoided in general. you need fiber. the more digestive resistant your foods are (e.g. flesh foods), the more fiber you need.


many doctors take an opposite position because of the way they are programmed. there is plenty of science that proves the awesome and dynamic power of juice.


a february 2014 details article poorly quotes bad science when it compares gram for gram the raw, fresh fruit sugar in juice to the highly toxic, processed sugar in a snickers bar.


this is such a common and ridiculous mistake that it serves only to prove the individuals making the comments have an utter lack of experience with treating people with juices, and a lack of personal experience with juice in their own diets. traditional nutrition has brainwashed its students to promote diets based on high protein, calories in or out, etc.


if a comparison should be made, compare a snickers bar to an apple. this is a better comparison because they are both concentrated foods. compare coca cola to fruit juice—that’s more realistic. never a snickers to juice. but the comparisons in both cases have many flaws.


regardless of the sugar, soda is toxic and pure acid that can take the paint off a car. take a glass of fresh juice as it relates to your chemistry and it leaves behind an amazing alkaline ash in the bloodstream, which reduces inflammation in the body. this is the awesome power of juice. in most people’s chemistry, the sugars in raw, fresh juice are immaterial.


sugar (raw, unprocessed, naturally occurring sugar) effects everyone differently. if a person’s blood sugar bounces up and down, they’re going to feel much, much worse overall if they consume highly processed foods with processed sugars than if that same person drinks fresh, raw fruit juices with higher grams of sugar (moderation is still key for that person).


if that same person mixes more green juices in with the fruit juice—say 1:1, they’ll feel fabulous. fruit juices diluted 1:1 in water also allow even the most toxic people to make amazing progress in their overall chemistry. unless they’re über-toxic, the symptoms they feel relate to detoxing and not to illness.


soda can dissolve a seashell if left to soak for several days. theoretically, you would have to drink about 80 glasses of water to alkalize yourself after drinking this garbage. the person eating processed garbage never makes progress unless he’s taking lots of medicine, and even then it’s short lived.


soda, and its sugar, is terribly acidic and promotes inflammation. inflammation, the precursor to most illness, is a big, big problem.


whereas fruit juice, and its sugar, is very alkalizing because of its vitamins and minerals. even citric acid, as it relates to the digestive alkalies, converts to neutral salts. this is simple science.


Letter from co-founder Marcus Antebi – 

I’ve been juicing for 20 years and have spent the last 10 diving as deep as possible into all aspects of nutrition.
A lot of people ask about the following topics on vegetable vs fruit.

The green juices come from vegetables, which are higher in mineral content and also contain different and often similar compounds that are beneficial to human chemistry.

Generally the greens are lower in calories and therefore provide less energy.

The fruit juices are critical but only if they are raw. The molecular structure changes if the juices are heated. Fruits have vitamins, antioxidants, phyto-chemicals, and other important compounds including fiber, though in smaller amounts in a juice format than in the whole fruit.

Both can easily be combined together in juice format. This is not the case in solid whole forms. In whole form some fruits and vegetables are better not combined to aid digestion.

For glycemic index concerns one could easily dilute fruit juices with water to lower the glycemic index or mix with equal parts green juices.

One of the cleansing benefits of raw juices is the rapid introduction into the blood stream, which is contrary to what some “experts” believe. This is due to the lack of digestion required to absorb the nutrients; the body maintains total control for other processes. This can be observed in very sickly people healing. How awesome and beneficial the juices are in not interrupting their healing processes.

Like water, raw juices do not stay in the stomach long enough to have their ph balances lowered enough to effect their alkalizing power. They enter into the blood stream and leave behind a neutral ph balance.

Raw juices, when broken down into their respective molecular composition, enable the removal of carbonic acid from the cells. Carbon acid is the byproduct of cellular metabolism and is a critical element to remove from the cell and out through the normal waste removal system. @juicepress #healthyfood #juicing

Other important topics – green juices vs. fruit juices

What is a good source of fiber?
fiber hunting is the new protein hunting. don't be a hunter. be a gatherer.

our raw juice contains trace amounts of water soluble and non-soluble fiber. you only need trace amounts of fiber on a juice fast liquid diet. you can go quite a long time without fiber on a juice fast because you’re replacing the fiber with the water in the juices.

when you’re not doing a juice fast and just using juice to supplement your diet, you want to get the fiber you need from eating whole fruits and vegetables. but make no mistake: the value of raw fresh juice is that we are removing most of the fiber which allows the nutrients in the juice to be absorbed into the blood stream quickly. whole fruit and vegetable juices offer no resistance to digestion and require little to no energy to absorb. this we believe is their awesome power.

on a juice fast, we believe that a detox occurs because you’re leaving out all of the fiber, protein and fat. you’re flooding the body with vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals! yahoo!

the accelerated rate of absorption of nutrients and sugar into the blood stream is beneficial in our experience as it pertains to healthy people using fresh raw juice.

a person with severe hypo-glycemia or diabetes should do less fruit juices and starchy vegetables by themselves – this person will do best with greens mixed with fruit like most of our juice press formulas.

more on fiber
one purpose of fiber is to trigger peristalsis. this is the wave like motion that pushes dense material through the digestive system.

but this is relevant with food and not with juice because there is little to no digestion involved with drinking juice.

no two chemistries are the same and therefore there is not one answer to these question of fiber.

juicing is more detoxing than blending. scientists hate the word detox because it’s so vague and general. that is how i intend it in this instance.

blending and juicing are both valuable and powerful dynamic alkalizers. both have pros and cons. juice fasting is more powerful – and for very toxic people, therefore, may be unsuitable at first. you might not want to detox a person too quickly. blending, therefore, may be more suitable for toxic people.

juice is more dynamic because of what you’re leaving out. the minerals in raw fresh vegetable juices are an antidote to toxins because of how quickly they enter into the blood stream and offer little to no resistance to digestion. the main value of raw juice is that it neutralizes carbonic acid in the cells! bamm!

don’t let non-juice drinking, know-it-all professionals with little to no experience with nutrition get all intellectual about which is better: juicing or blending. many pros are weak and feable and are stuck in the quick sand of traditional science.
by the way, i have tradtional science on my side here. it’s just very deep stuff and i don’t know where to begin.

i have anecdotal knoweldge based on my extensive experience. i am a self proclaimed scientist of juiceology.

marcus antebi, ceo and co-founder

green juice vs. fruit juice

The green juices come from vegetables, which are higher in mineral content and also contain different and often similar compounds that are beneficial to human chemistry.
Generally the greens are lower in calories and therefore provide less energy.

The fruit juices are critical but only if they are raw. The molecular structure changes if the juices are heated. Fruits have vitamins, antioxidants, phyto-chemicals, and other important compounds including fiber, though in smaller amounts in a juice format than in the whole fruit.

Both can easily be combined together in juice format. This is not the case in solid whole forms. In whole form some fruits and vegetables are better not combined to aid digestion.

For glycemic index concerns one could easily dilute fruit juices with water to lower the glycemic index or mix with equal parts green juices.

One of the cleansing benefits of raw juices is the rapid introduction into the blood stream, which is contrary to what some “experts” believe. This is due to the lack of digestion required to absorb the nutrients; the body maintains total control for other processes. This can be observed in very sickly people healing. How awesome and beneficial the juices are in not interrupting their healing processes.

Like water, raw juices do not stay in the stomach long enough to have their ph balances lowered enough to effect their alkalizing power. They enter into the blood stream and leave behind a neutral ph balance.

Raw juices, when broken down into their respective molecular composition, enable the removal of carbonic acid from the cells. Carbon acid is the byproduct of cellular metabolism and is a critical element to remove from the cell and out through the normal waste removal system.


Other important topics: is fruit sugar bad?

What is our Vegan Probiotic (Proviotic)?
born on a flower and grown in juice, proviotic is an unrivaled vegan probiotic. pure, effective and incredibly powerful. scientifically proven to inhibit pathogens in ivy-league partnered research studies.

It can not be stressed enough the vital role that a balance of good bacteria (probiotics) play in our overall health. It is staggering how research links many common illnesses and health issues directly to an imbalance of good bacteria in the digestive system.


Probiotic organisms are live microorganisms thought to be beneficial to the host organism. According to the currently adopted definition by fao/who, probiotics are: “”live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host””. Lactic acid bacteria (lab) and bifidobacteria are the most common types of microbes used as probiotics; but certain yeasts and bacilli may also be used. Probiotics are commonly consumed as part of fermented foods with specially added active live cultures, such as in yogurt, soy yogurt, or as dietary supplements.


At the start of the 20th century, probiotics were thought to beneficially affect the host by improving its intestinal microbial balance, thus inhibiting pathogens and toxin producing bacteria. Today, specific health effects are being investigated and documented including alleviation of chronic intestinal inflammatory diseases, prevention and treatment of pathogen-induced diarrhea, urogenital infections, and atopic diseases.


Digestive Health
Intestinal flora consists of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. Intestinal flora’s primary benefit is the energy extraction from the fermentation of undigested food. Intestinal bacteria also play a role in synthesizing vitamins such as vitamin b and k.


On the other hand, the digestive tract also contains pathogenic bacteria that can produce toxins, which have been implicated in such conditions as inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer. A major factor in health is the balance of bacterial numbers; if the numbers of pathogenic bacteria grow too high, it can be harmful to people. Helpful probiotic cultures compete with pathogenic bacteria assisting in the intestinal balance.


Not all probiotics are created equal. Juice Press carries a special vegan probiotic called Proviotic. Proviotic is a bacteria known as L. bulgaricus glb44. It has been scientifically proven to have strong inhibiting effect over pathogenic bacteria such as e. coli, salmonella and h. pylory in scientific in vitro tests. L. bulgaricus has been shown to survive passage through the digestive tract in sufficient amounts to have beneficial effects on digestive health.



Immune Health
A large percentage of the body’s immune system cells are contained within the digestive tract. Intestinal flora has a continuous and dynamic effect on people’s gut and immune systems. The bacteria stimulate the gut to produce antibodies to bad bacteria. The immune system recognizes and fights harmful bacteria.


Proviotic is a brand of probiotics under the registered trademark brand of Proviotic LLC. The strain of bacteria in Proviotic is GLB44 a.k.a L. Bulgaricus, which has been in use in consumer dairy foods for over 100 years and is generally considered safe (GCS) by the FDA. Proviotic is non-allergenic, truly vegan, does not require refrigeration, and will not cause gas. People of all ages can use Proviotic.



Since this sub-species of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus has been safely used in foods for over 100 years with no indications of overdose or side effects, top scientists believe that if it is added to unpasteurized juice it will serve both as natural preservative capable of inhibiting “bad” bacteria and as a way to replenish the healthy bacteria found in our bodies. read more| | probiotic comparison chart



Pure, Vegan, Powerful
Proviotic is an exceptional probiotic, containing a special strain of the L. Bulgaricus subspecies called GLB44 that is 100% plant-based & vegan, as it is sourced from the snowdrop flower and grown in fresh, raw vegetable juice. It is one of the few probiotic cultures in the world that has a vegan origin: it is sourced from a flower, not from the mammalian gut.


Proviotic is allergen & gluten free, with ivy league proven effectiveness in inhibiting pathogens like e. coli, salmonella and listeria.  All probiotics contain traces of the media in which the culture has been grown. In our manufacturing facility, Proviotic is grown in organic, fresh, raw vegetable juices, which is why Proviotic has traces of only 100% organic vegetable juice. It does not contain milk, soya, wheat, nuts or any other major allergen as defined by the FDA.


We are proud to carry Proviotic exclusively at Juice Press in the form of flavor-free, non-caloric, shelf stable capsules, in addition to including Proviotic in a number of our best-selling juice formulas.


Proviotic and Juice Press

Proviotic has been clinically proven to significantly inhibit the presence of e. coli, salmonella and listeria in fresh, raw juice. Before proviotic, the only way to eliminate these pathogens was to use heat or pressurize, both of which have negative side effects on fresh raw juices. Juice press does not process our juices using these methods, offering a 100% fresh, raw product, and uses Proviotic to enhance the awesome power of the juice. In Europe, Proviotic’s culture has been used in dairy products for decades and is 100% safe.


We believe a crucial part of health and restoration stems from natural balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract.


Proviotic can be consumed by adults, children, and elderly. Raw juice with Proviotic has been and will continue to be a magnificent part of human health. There were always very minor and low risks involved with consumption of raw juices by people with weakened immunity if there were ever pathogens present in the produce supply. The risk has always been manageable. In an effort to bring raw fresh juice more mainstream, and in effort to make its cleansing power more effective in our opinion, we developed the partnership with Proviotic.


We’ve just made fresh raw juice safer from the risk of e. coli and salmonella while enhancing its immune beneficial power and its cleansing power, meanwhile sustaining its alkalizing power and its vitamin potency. Each Juice Press with Proviotic contains 4 billion cfu of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus special strain GLB44 that works in the digestive tract to help keep your immune system healthy. Juice press just reinventing fresh juice…



In 1912, the New York Times reported that a Bulgarian woman was living at the age of 126 and had a son who was 102 years old, and that one percent of the Bulgarian population was over 100 years of age. This rate of centenarians is 6 times higher rate than in the US today. Professor Mechikoff investigated the reason for this longevity in the mountain villages of Bulgaria. His conclusion was that it was a result of their daily diet, which included a large consumption of yogurt with a specific probiotic culture. Dr. Stamen Grigorov at the Pasteur Institute in Paris discovered a special kind of lactobacilli was contained in this yogurt and called them Lactobacillus Bulgaricus.


Modern research later uncovered that there are over 100 strains of Lactobacilus Bulgaricus, each with different specific characteristics. Proviotic is the only brand that contains the special L. Bulgaricus strain GLB44. L. Bulgaricus GLB44 has unique properties compared to other Lactobacillus Bulgaricus strains. It is effective in inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, supports a healthy digestive system and maintains digestive balance.



Proviotic is manufatured in a genesis laboratories, world-class manufaturing facility with a perfect historical track record in both quality and safety.


Genesis Laboratories is an FDA registered manufacturer, EFSA (european food and safety authority) certified (allows for products to be sold through eu, subject to regular inspections) and had undergone stringent due diligence to become a Health Canada approved facility for importation into Canada, where there is perhaps the most strict regulation of imports of food supplements.


Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Andrew Onderdonk conducted analyses on Proviotic for 8 months, and throughout microbial testing has never detected the presence of a microbiological contaminant or another quality issue.


Proviotic is subject to FDA scrutiny and approval upon every importation of the product, having passed every detailed check with perfect status.


View a recent study here:

Some probiotics (not Proviotic) may actually cause gas and bloating. Bacterial gases in the intestines account for almost 75% of flatulence.  The strain of bacteria found in proviotic is of the l. bulgaricus subspecies and by nature does not cause gas or associated symptoms, as indicated by recent a Cornell University classification document.   Most probiotics contain lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria are divided into two categories, gas producing and non-gas producing:


1) Homofermentative – good bacteria that do not produce gas during fermentation. Proviotic’s L. Bulgaricus GLB44 is an example of non-gas producing homofermentative bacteria. Two facts that support this classification:

a) Lack of gas during metabolism is actually used as identifier for l. bulgaricus strains (like Proviotic). In the science community, when they isolate a strain that they think is a L. Bulgaricus, they check it for gas production; if there is gas, then it is not a Bulgaricus.

b) You can keep dairy yogurt that contains live cultures of L. Bulgaricus outside the fridge and it will not blow up the plastic container the same way raw juices may expand on their own.

2) Heterofermentative – good bacteria that produce multiple substances during fermentation including co2 gas in many cases. Probiotic bacteria under major brands such as culturelle, biok plus, biogaia, goodbelly, and garden of life all contain heterofermentaive bacteria.   On top of Provoiotic’s non-gas producing classification, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that probiotics containing L. Bulgaricus may even relieve abdominal bloating (& potentially other symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome). These findings set the stage for continued scientific research on the alleviating effects of L. Bulgaricus on bloating and related digestive issues.

PROVIOTIC is a “game-changing” probiotic, discovered by our founding partners in a search for a USDA organic, 100% vegan probiotic. We include Proviotic in many of our popular juices because of how important it is to the safety of our raw juices and to enhance our juice’s positive enhancement to your overall immune system. We have the science of the most respected ivy league university behind us as well as a 100 year track record of its use in consumer products!



why is juice press special?
it's a lot of little and important details

“There’s no other food brand that I know of committed to all areas of food excellence! Broadest selection, organic produce, freshest products, highest standards and practices, innovation, and much more. We are the first raw juice company to innovate with the use of a probiotic supplement that is absolutely going revolutionize the industry.” Marcus Antebi – co-founder


Here is a brief summary of what makes us special:

1) Exponentially greater selection of the following items: cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, delicious raw foods, hot soups, and raw desserts.


2) We have the shortest shelf life. We produce juice and food every day. We deliver every day. And we pull our juice and food off the shelf earlier than necessary to ensure freshness.


3) We are certified USDA organic – all of our produce and ingredients. No exceptions are allowed with USDA certification and inspections. Some of our local competitors are selecting certain sections of their retail areas to have “certified organic” displayed, while other areas are not certified anything. This is a confusing practice to consumers. We do not do this.


4) Strive for the shortest shelf life product in the industry.


5) We are “real” healthy and not “fake” healthy. We are one of the only companies concerned enough about your health to avoid all processed ingredients. We never use preservatives, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, iodized salts, or canned products in any of our products.


6) We believe and we are told that we have the best tasting products on Earth. Fresh, organic produce and brilliant formulations play a part.


7) We have the most locations in the raw, cold pressed juice industry. We never sacrificed on quality to expand. In fact the opposite is true. We pride ourselves on our super clean stores. Juice Press owners and team members are maniacally obsessed with detail and order.


8) Our people are the best. Juice Press is a great organization, from the owners, to the corporate team, to the managers and FOH team that make our stores beloved neighborhood spots.


9) Committed to the best method of juice extraction, cold pressing our juice on Norwalk and Good Nature cold press machines to maximize juice extraction and preserve nutrients and enzymes.


10) We are the only juice chain that has a fully transparent commissary open to the public for viewing. All of our business is your business – we pride ourselves on our transparency.


11) Expertise in food science; strive to be at the cutting edge of all things nutrition. There is science behind our philosophy on cleansing. Our proprietary, vegan probiotic, PROBIOTIC, is an entirely new category in the juice industry, and the success to date of our game-changing product suggests that customers trust Juice Press as a health and wellness platform.


12) Our brand is a lifestyle. Juice Press keeps people engaged, committed and interested in their own health.


13) We are the only juice company to deliver our full menu of fresh, organic products in NYC.


14) We pride ourselves on having the sharpest knives in the industry.


15) We have a sustainability plan in effect. We are charitable and thoughtful to our community.


16) We tell great jokes.


17) We drink and eat our juices, smoothies, and foods every day. That says something great about our passion and our love of what we do.

When is juice press coming to your neighborhood?
good question!

thank you for your interest and support of juice press! juice press was founded in 2010, but it was not until 2013 that we made our rapid expansion moves. today is December 2, 2016 and we now have 56 stores open and several more in construction!

we are building in boston and austin at this current moment and are waiting for the right moment to expand into completely new territories. there are many aspects to this enterprise and this specific industry that need to be “fleshed” out before making a distant move. we are close.

20+ of our stores are inside the health club equinox in 3 states.


we are not franchising at this time.

what exactly is a juice cleanse?
the body is a miraculous healing machine. simply, by drinking only organic, raw juice, or perhaps smoothies, you are eliminating toxic dietary mistakes, like processed foods, and habits, allowing the body to repair.

juice fasting part one

it’s hard for me to believe that in the year 2015 there are still some people who think the earth is flat and that juice fasting is a fad, or something that the rich and famous do to be elite and fabulous. it’s neither. juice fasting is a safe way to induce a dynamic healing crisis in your body, while still getting all your needed nutrition.

the body is a miraculous healing machine with incredible self-healing capabilities. if you don’t believe this, please spend some time reading the merck medical manual. the body performs countless natural detox processes on an ongoing basis. for example, blood is cleansed through the lymphatic system and liver. when such processes fail or weaken, we become ill in various ways or even die. certain factors, including stress, pollution, genetics, diet and lifestyle, and moods control how fast or slow you are able to cleanse. the body tries to maintain an ideal internal state (homeostasis), but if we overburden our systems with toxic food, for example, we fall out of balance and can become ill. when you give your body a total rest, including from digesting foods, we believe that your body in its infinite wisdom diverts vital healing forces into areas of the body that need attention.

overeating is also toxic. it results in fermentation and intercellular gases. it causes food to digest poorly and rot in the digestive system, which allows toxic bacteria to proliferate, and of course, causes more fermentation and creates more gases. a dirty upper gastrointestinal tract is at the root of many degenerative and acute illnesses. this is science.

are you following me so far?
other common dietary mistakes such as eating processed foods, bad food combinations, eating late at night, consuming too much protein, to name a few, are also the source of health problems. these statements are irrefutable science.
the benefit of a juice fast is that you are leaving out all of these mistakes. for every mistake you leave out, there is an immediate reciprocal improvement in your overall chemistry. the reason is linked to what is called vital force- something many health care professionals sadly know nothing about. vital force enables an immunological response by your body to cleanse and self-heal. when you stop introducing harmful toxins, your vital force increases because you are not having to expend energy removing the toxins. the unused energy will have a direct positive effect on your immune system and your cleansing and detox processes. in other words, when you get out of your body’s way, it knows exactly what to do to restore homeostasis.

there are limitations. if the body’s pathway to natural recovery is closed, healing may not occur. drugs and surgery often save lives and do have their place. there are no sure things in recovery and illness.

juice fasting part two

juice is not snake oil. this is not quackery. juice is actually a brilliant approach to a variety of problems.

juice works for two simple scientific reasons. first, if you drink juice only, you leave out every mistake. you leave out everything except supremely clean plant-based nutrition. that’s right- on a juice fast that utilizes a wide selection of produce you will get everything you need. protein, carbohydrates, fat, organic salts, vitamins, and minerals are all found in our juice. second, raw organic juice is alkalizing. it pulls endogenous acids (toxic material) directly from the cells and puts them back into the bloodstream where they can be picked up and expelled through normal waste function.

cleansing is a ridiculous word. the word fasting is more accurate. a fast is a dynamic way to induce a healing crisis. drinking juice on a fast is a safe approach because you’re including complete and perfect nutrition. i’ve watched many, many people do very long fasts (60 days) under skeptical medical supervision. i’ve witnessed and assisted people completely wean off every medication (for sugar, blood pressure, etc.). why? the juice? not exactly. the juice was responsible for a small part in the healing that enabled some people to come off medication. it was, again, what they left out of their diets that allowed their bodies to really heal.

remember, no two people fast and cleanse in the same way because no two people have the same chemistry at the same time. some people crap a lot on a cleanse. others crap in small pellets. some people feel weak, others invigorated. some people feel hungry and have cravings while others forget about food and enjoy feeling light and “rushy.” the fact is, on a proper juice fast you should be getting enough calories to remain efficient and feel good.

cleansing is not for everyone. some people should not juice fast. some do better on a raw vegan food diet for several months. there are too many variations to explain in the space of this article.

traditional scientific data stumbles over this healing process brought on by juice fasting. it’s too obvious.

naysayers worry about fiber. they simply don’t understand the biological and chemical purpose of fiber. juice has trace amounts of fiber. the inullins and the sacharides remain in the juice. you do not need fiber with a liquid diet. a purpose of fiber is to trigger peristalsis (part of the digestive process), but this is relevant with food and not with juice.

naysayers worry about sugar in raw fruit juice. they simply don’t understand the interaction of raw fruit sugar that is unprocessed and intact with companion nutrients. in a reasonable chemistry, companion nutrients stabilize the sugars so insulin levels are balanced in the bloodstream.

naysayers worry about protein. again, not understanding that excessive protein is the problem – not the solution.

juice fasting part three

a juice cleanse is a fancy way to say “liquid fasting.” maybe you’ve heard of the “master-cleanse.” this is a water, lemon, grade b maple syrup, and cayenne concoction that you drink several times a day for durations of 10 days or longer. it works only because of what you are leaving out of your diet. the formula is not mystical or super healthy. cayenne pepper is stimulating. maple syrup is sugar for energy and has some nutrients. lemon juice is an anti-oxidant. their diet could have easily been called “harry’s stone fruit surprise diet” and consist of water, peach juice, turmeric powder, and raw honey. same thing as the master cleanse. maybe a better combo in my opinion (i better patent that). the point is, and we say it over and over again, it’s actually what you’re leaving out of your diet that allows the body to heal. the statements herein were not evaluated by the fda.

the body cleanses reciprocally based on what you leave out of your system. in other words, the more you leave out of your diet the more you will cleanse. a water fast is therefore the most powerful and effective cleanse. the only nutrition you’re supplying is h20. within a few days on a water fast, the body enters into a “dangerous” healing crisis. the longer you’re on such a cleanse the closer to death you come. this type of cleanse can force a “reset” of many dysfunctions of the body. it could also bring to the surface problems that were latent. it is a dangerous method of cleansing that requires supervision and practice to increase the durations. my food guru, fred bisci, did two 40 day water fasts. i’ve never tried one.

the easier and far safer approach is to juice fast. leaving out nearly all fiber, but receiving optimal nutrition from fruits and vegetables, is far more ideal than other liquid fasts. a juice fast is safer than a water fast because you are not leaving out the nutrition. our juice is loaded with living enzymes and the full spectrum of required nutrition (protein, carbohydrates, h20, fats, minerals, and vitamins). nutrition will keep all of your necessary functions stimulated and working as they should. the healing crisis occurs slower on a juice cleanse than with a water only diet. the statements herein were not evaluated by the fda.

juice fasting part four
medical people who teach that you should avoid fruit juice that is in a raw or organic form because it affects blood sugar levels are ridiculous.

medical people who compare the sugars in raw fruit juice to the sugars in drinks with isolated and refined sugars are ridiculous. it is in fact the sugars of raw fruit that are so dramatically cleansing. not everyone should consume large amounts of sugar from fruit. the ratio between fruits and vegetables on a cleanse should not exceed in general more than 20 ounces of fruit juice to 80 ounces of vegetable juice daily. remember that fruit is 70% vitamins and there’s plenty of valuable trace fiber in fruit juice. most doctors have this chemical equation all wrong. the statements herein were not evaluated by the fda.

just because you’re drinking juice doesn’t mean you’re cleansing in the classic sense of the word. this is the honest truth that our competitors won’t tell you or don’t understand. almost anyone will instantly benefit from abstaining from bad food choices. drinking only juice will help you leave out bad foods and therefore some cleansing will occur. however, cleansing the body on deep cellular level, one that will alter the quality of your tissue and the function of your organs, requires that you rest during a juice fast. rest. imagine that. the body will have difficulty benefiting from a juice fast if you are hitting the gym once a day, stressed out at work, etc. what is there to cleanse?

so what exactly is cleansing? since no two people have their chemistries in the same place at the same time, cleansing is different for everyone. when you give the body a total rest, including digesting foods, we believe that your body in its infinite wisdom diverts vital healing forces into areas of the body that need healing. that sounds abstract. right now doctors would cringe. let us explain it further. your body performs day to day functions that could be considered cleansing, such as the daily dialysis of blood. the liver and the lymphatic system are the key players in this function. for some, by simply stopping the toxification of their bodies through accidental lifestyle mistakes such as alcohol or dairy, the body’s systems have to work less to do what they do every day. less work equals more energy reserve. the energy reserve is vital force. vital force is an enhancement to the immune system.

raw juice is anti-inflammatory, alkalizing, and nutritious when a variety of vegetables and fruits are used. juice must be 100% raw to possess the electrical power that all living organisms possess. our juice is 100% raw. the longer you leave out processed foods and other common food mistakes, the more your body will perform its tasks of cleansing. this is simple science and not nonsense.

how does fasting work? juice in its raw form is pure and complete nutrition! your body enters into a slower than water fast detox because there are trace amounts of fiber in juice that slow the cleanse, and there are nutrients and enzymes entering into the blood. when you are drinking juice you do not need fiber in the same amounts that you do on a solid food diet. there are many misconceptions about fiber and its absolute necessity at all times. not true. when your body stops working overtime to keep itself clean, other important healing processes take place more easily. one being the release of waste gasses that are trapped in the body. another is the release of endogenous toxic materials within the cells. raw green juices pull these toxins out of the blood and help push them through the easiest means of egress. toxins leave the body through the skin, exhaling, bowel movements, urinating, farting, belching, and tears.

consider this: our recommended six-juice per day cleanses fall around 1,200 total calories for all six juices. however, we believe it’s a catastrophic blunder to blindly pursue calorie counting. a further obsession is the naive collection of data pertaining to the different macronutrients, as in the case with protein gram counting. your body uses calories from clean food differently than it does from processed fake foods. what about protein? excessive protein is a problem in our diets, not the solution everyone thinks it is! on our cleanse all of your protein requirements are met. (nutritional panels should indicate how sick something will make you on a scale of one to ten. better yet, tell us how a fake sweetener will affect my arthritis. never going to happen, right?) metaphor: a clean engine running on super clean fuel will get better gas mileage (more bang for the buck) than a dirty engine running on dirty fuel. a dirty engine running on dirty fuel will get less mileage on the same comparative fuel, run poorly, and break down more frequently. this metaphor parallels the human body.

our juice cleanse provides essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that nourish the system. this statement has not been scientifically proven and is our opinion based on a dream marcus had in high school. it can also be argued that many of the scientifically proven “absolutes” pertaining to food have led us down this dark alley of disease far away from our actual truth! abstain from foods that interfere with healing processes. when you abstain from foods that interfere with the natural healing ability and physiology of your body, cleansing and detoxifying begins. in fact, cleansing and balancing are taking place as part of a daily occurrence, to what degree depends on many factors. on a liquid fast that includes the highest quality organic produce juiced on the most efficient extractor, you’re leaving out nearly everything including fiber. this allows the entire digestive system to rest and for the detoxing to commence.

raw juice is the key unpasteurized juice remains a living, vital organism, with powerful electric conductivities. this electrical force invigorates and stimulates your body’s own electrical forces. vital force is the energy supply that is left over after the energy required for all of your daily activities, including the energy required to digest food, has been used. when you have more energy than needed to carry out your daily activities and when you are a biologically cleaner organism, as in the case when cleansing, you have the energy reserve called vital force. vital force is an enhancement to the immune system. on our diversely mixed produce juice fast, the density of superb nutrition you are absorbing during a full day of juicing, combined with abstinence from highly processed foods, cooked foods (which become slightly toxic and devoid of nutrients), and/or concentrated proteins that become harder to digest, sets you on a path to a variety of internal cleansing processes.

the longer you’re juice fasting, the deeper the cleanse becomes. ideally, the toxins that could be endogenous to the cells release into the blood stream, move through to the liver, and are released in normal waste functions. in longer cleanses, other waste gasses throughout the body look for the easiest means of egress, e.g. through your skin, exhalation, bowel movements, urine, farts, belches, tears, and so on. the build up of waste is chiefly responsible for inflammation throughout the body, causing pain and leading to illness.
another benefit of drinking raw juice is the lack of fiber! in your regular diet you need plenty of fiber. but because juice only has trace amounts of fiber it’s able to enter the blood stream rapidly and be absorbed for nutrition. that is what makes juice a powerful alkalizer. also, without fiber your digestive system is allowed to rest. your energy can be used for detox processes.

our six juice per day juice cleanse has a full range of produce. we believe that all fruits and vegetables with naturally occurring sugars should be consumed in moderation and are a vital source of antioxidants and nutrients. we follow the teachings of the late norman walker and the great living and more than kicking, fred bisci. both teach that organic fruits are as important to a healthy diet as vegetables are. this may contradict some of our competitors’ food paradigms. we believe those paradigms are not exactly correct! we don’t drown you in green juice or murky, swamp-like formulas. we use very low concentrations of carrot or apple to enhance the taste and increase the health benefits of our juice plan. the amount of sugar from fruit one should consume depends solely on their lifestyle and activity level. our offerings include a wide bouquet of fruits and greens that meet the average person’s activity level. if our diets consist of refined and processed foods, dairy products, more than three small portions of animal protein per week, stimulants such as coffee, and if we are combining foods poorly, these choices are likely to be the source of health problems.

juice cleansing is extremely popular sport in this day and age. very few people in major cities have not heard of a juice cleanse. juice press has helped over 20,000 people successfully do cleanses ranging in duration from one day to 60 days. the worst reactions we’ve seen are that individuals suffer from headache or simple nausea. not everyone is in a condition to diagnose by themselves whether it is safe to fast on juice for durations longer than three days.

our cleanse is a cell rejuvenating, detoxifying, alkalizing, well-balanced, and complete nutritional plan. it is easy to complete by the average person. we’ve had thousands of people complete our cleanse with satisfaction and ease under their normal life conditions. you don’t have to stop working or make the perfect time to cleanse. we recommend doing a cleanse at any time and as frequently as you can afford.

our cleanse will reduce the work the body has to do to maintain homeostasis directly with the balance of the blood and tissue. factoid: what makes you lean toward acidity? stress, most cooked foods, acid-forming foods, low ph balanced water, pollution, and just being alive. processed and refined starches comprise 70% of the average person’s diet. 80% of what we consume should be alkalizing. although each specific produce contains a variety of essential atomic elements (for example, the calcium in spinach and dandelion; the iodine in cucumbers, beets, and parsley; the iron in cucumbers, tomatoes, and apple; and the potassium in carrot, celery, parsley, spinach, and beets), the focus isn’t on the nutrients of the juice; rather, the focus is on what you are leaving out of your diet when you shift to a raw food diet or an organic, raw juice cleanse. results will vary from person to person.

for optimal health, we recommend abstaining from the foods that make us sick, e.g. processed foods, and providing our bodies with the best possible nutrition one can consume: cold pressed, raw, and organic juice. this is a balanced diet that can easily be accomplished by healthy people. though the average person will be in a calorie deficit while absorbing an incredible amount of usable micronutrients, weight loss is not guaranteed. if you have health issues or concerns please check with your physician before attempting a cleanse of any kind. pregnant women or nursing mothers should not attempt a cleanse.

juice cleansing part five

there are always controversies in medicine and science. we do 100 studies on something, they come out with the results, and either fads or fears emerge, until the next set of studies come out with new sets of facts and truths.

whenever there is a change in the standard thinking of the time, people get nervous. this is mostly because they don’t want to not know something.

50 years ago doctors thought smoking cigarettes was ok. so everyone smoked camels. they were dead wrong about that call! i make this comparison because i believe that yesteryear’s proponents of smoking are the equivalent of today’s naysayers of raw juice, superfoods, blended smoothies, raw and plant-based diets, and of course juice cleansing and fasting.

in response to a february 2014 article in details magazine regarding juice fasting and juice cleanse businesses.
i don’t expect anyone to do real investigative journalism on juice yet, especially in sexy magazines. we are, however, at a wonderful point in juice history.

grab that details magazine and take a look.

i’m happy to see juice is a hot topic and we are all more or less (mostly less) on the same side and page.

-lauren slayton made great comments. kudos.
-joe cross is always awesome and he’s one of my heroes in the juice movement. check out his movie “fat, sick, and nearly dead.” it is epic.
-kimberly snyder. sorry. she clearly doesn’t understand juicing. she’s my new nemesis. she doesn’t have my experience with cleansing and clearly lacks the experience that i have with cleansing the masses. her comments indicate that she doesn’t understand autolysis.

quoting from paavo airola
“during a prolonged fast (after the first three days) your body will live on its own substance. when it is deprived of needed nutrition, particularly of proteins and fats, it will burn and digest its own tissues by the process of autolysis, or self digestion. but your body will not do it indiscriminately! in its wisdom – and here lies the secret of the extraordinary effectiveness of fasting as a curative and rejuvenative therapy – your body will first decompose and burn those cells and tissues which are diseased, damaged, aged or dead. in fasting, your body feeds itself on the most impure and inferior materials, such as dead cells and morbid accumulations, tumors, abcesses, fat deposits, etc. dr. otto buchinger, md, perhaps the greatest fasting authority in the world calls fasting very pertinently a refuse disposal, a burning of rubbish. the essential tissues and vital organs, the glands, the nervous system and the brain are not damaged in digesting or fasting.”” directly quoted from “how to get well” by dr. paavo arola

i’m on the warpath to defend science and spotlight kimberly’s missteps. i would gladly challenge her to a public duel on nutrition and juicing knowledge anytime, anywhere. regarding her comments about fiber: if you add fiber back into your diet, the same autolysis process won’t occur. remember, for everything you leave out, there is a reciprocal improvement in your overall chemistry. pressed juice is not meant to be utilized as a whole food.

also, she’s misusing the term “whole food,” a common mistake among the uninitiated.

all raw juice started as a whole food and remains unprocessed. it’s not made into battery acid—its nutrients are intact and of high value. vitamins and minerals are not lost through juicing.

it’s not whole in as much as we remove the fiber. we do this for a direct benefit. the purpose of juice is to get the vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream quickly and to leave out fat and protein. this promotes autolysis.

the protein and fat is not there in noticeable amounts. on a cleanse, through autolysis, your body will recycle its own morbid or weak cells.

of course, a lot of doctors in this day and age are still going to be against juice. most are pro-juice, though. over the last several decades many brilliant doctors have done studies that prove its efficacy.

for all of us, including me, the one thing that we should not do is take an absolute approach. i may be branded as a fanatic, but i’m as much of a fanatic as magellan was by declaring the earth was round.
on fruit sugar: people have unique chemistries and no one should say that fruit sugar is good for everyone. there are many sides to the story of individual chemistries. i am not implying that people should go out and drink a gallon of orange juice. i’m also not saying that fiber is something to be avoided in general. you need fiber. the more digestive resistant your foods are (e.g. flesh foods), the more fiber you need.

many doctors take an opposite position because of the way they are programmed. there is plenty of science that proves the awesome and dynamic power of juice.

the details article poorly quotes bad science when it compares gram for gram the raw, fresh fruit sugar in juice to the highly toxic, processed sugar in a candy bar.

this is such a common and ridiculous mistake that it serves only to prove the individuals making the comments have an utter lack of experience with treating people with juices, and a lack of personal experience with juice in their own diets. traditional nutrition has brainwashed its students to promote diets based on high protein, calories in or out, etc.

if a comparison should be made, compare a candy bar to an apple. this is a better comparison because they are both concentrated foods. compare soda to fruit juice—that’s more realistic. never a candy bar to juice. but the comparisons in both cases have many flaws.

regardless of the sugar, soda is toxic and pure acid that can take the paint off a car. take a glass of fresh juice as it relates to your chemistry and it leaves behind an amazing alkaline ash in the bloodstream, which reduces inflammation in the body. this is the awesome power of juice. in most people’s chemistry, the sugars in raw, fresh juice are immaterial.

sugar (raw, unprocessed, naturally occurring sugar) effects everyone differently. if a person’s blood sugar bounces up and down, they’re going to feel much, much worse overall if they consume highly processed foods with processed sugars than if that same person drinks fresh, raw fruit juices with higher grams of sugar (moderation is still key for that person).

if that same person mixes more green juices in with the fruit juice—say 1:1, they’ll feel fabulous. fruit juices diluted 1:1 in water also allow even the most toxic people to make amazing progress in their overall chemistry. unless they’re über-toxic, the symptoms they feel relate to detoxing and not to illness.

soda can dissolve a seashell if left to soak for several days. theoretically, you would have to drink about 80 glasses of water to alkalize yourself after drinking this garbage. the person eating processed garbage never makes progress unless he’s taking lots of medicine, and even then it’s short lived.

soda, and its sugar, is terribly acidic and promotes inflammation. inflammation, the precursor to most illness, is a big, big problem.

whereas fruit juice, and its sugar, is very alkalizing because of its vitamins and minerals. even citric acid, as it relates to the digestive alkalies, converts to neutral salts. this is simple science.

don’t get bored. stay with me. let’s recap because i tend to ramble as i am not a writer and have no media training. i am house trained.

if you are producing insulin and are efficient at stabilizing sugar, you won’t have a problem with a reasonable amount of fresh fruit juice every day.

in terms of fiber, juices have trace amounts of fiber (the inulins and the sacharides are there in trace amounts so as not to cause problems in juice fasts).

fiber as it relates specifically to juice fasting is cleansing because by leaving it out, you are able to cleanse. it’s what you leave out of your diet that allows you to cleanse. if you add fiber back in, you can only cleanse to a point.
too many “knowledgeable people” are focusing on calories, sugar, and fiber. this approach to health and nutrition is akin to a sailor in 20-foot seas spending all his time concentrating on decorating the interior of his ship, rather than keeping the vessel weatherproof and seaworthy.

good nutrition is all about reducing inflammation and getting quality, nutrient-rich calories. not just calories.

**raw fruit sugar matters in relation to the efficiency of one’s chemistry.

**fiber is relevant to the overall diet, not just to raw, fresh juices.

**calories are secondary to the need to cleanse and unclog the system.

it’s great that the argument is heating up and juices are cooling down!

the good news is that we are all more aware of the benefits of a predominately plant-based diet and that no one disagrees that juices, in some context, are healthy.

all content on this page copyright marcus antebi, juice press 2014

can i still work out when i am on a cleanse?
we recommend resting, but if you insist.

i’m convinced that the most mechanically perfect diet is a 30-day fast. i’m also convinced that the most mechanically perfect exercise is cross-country skiing, which i’ve only done one time.

for best results, we recommend that you do lighter than normal exercise while cleansing. if you want to cleanse deeply, you should rest as much as possible. if you want to lose weight and torture your body, exercise excessively.

if you insist on maintaining a workout regimen while you are juice cleansing, i believe you should use an elliptical machine to do low-impact cardio.

an elliptical trainer (also called a cross-trainer or x-trainer) is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate stair climbing, walking, or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints. for this reason, people with some injuries can use an elliptical to stay fit.

elliptical trainer workouts can vary from light to high intensity based on the speed of the exercise and the resistance preference set by the user.

What is E3Live?

what do you know about e3 live? is it a rock n’ roll band from the 70’s? no. e3 is a popular west coast lake grown algae. don’t say echh right away. anything plant based from the ocean or a lake is going to be teaming with nutrients, even more so than plants grown in soil, especially farm soil which is easily depleted of nutrients from over planting.


e3 live is another way for you to get a shot of good nutrients, and these nutrients may promote improved vitality, energy, endurance, brain function, concentration, digestion, intestinal health, and immunity. there’s only one ingredient in e3live, and that’s 100% aphanizomenon flos-aquae (afa).


Afa is an edible freshwater plant and a type of cyanophyta. cyanophyta are living water plants that grow in nearly every droplet of sunlit water, in nearly every gram of soil, on the bark of trees, and on the surfaces of rocks. it is estimated that there are 50,000 species, including various seaweeds and plankton. collectively, these species are responsible for 90% of the earth’s oxygen and 80% of its food supply. they are the very foundation of the entire food chain.


afa has been eaten for centuries by indigenous peoples and for the first time in history, afa – nature’s most basic food – is available in its complete, vital, fresh frozen, liquid form. all foods reflect the environment in which they are grown. afa grows in the unpolluted upper klamath lake. this lake is one of the few remaining alkaline lakes on the planet and has an astonishingly high mineral concentration due to a massive volcanic eruption that occurred around 7,000 years ago. the eruption covered the area with millions of tons of mineral ash and seventeen streams and rivers deposit into this 140 square mile lake, bringing an average of 50,000 tons of the mineral-rich silt to the lake. this environment holds the key to afa’s remarkable potency.


much has been learned about this amazing food since it became available as a food source in capsules and powders over 20 years ago, and, now, for the first time in history, afa is available in its much more potent and vibrant frozen liquid form. just try some.

what kind of bottles do you use? and what about bpa?
plastic is unavoidable in a grab-and-go business. ours is recyclable and bpa-free. our smoothie cups are compostable, however, along with many of our other disposables like utensils and salad bowls!

we use plastic, recyclable bottles that are bpa-free.

bisphenol a (bpa) is an organic compound with the chemical formula (ch3)2c(c6h4oh)2. it is used to make specific kinds of plastic: polycarbonate polymers and epoxy resins. bpa is controversial because it exerts weak, but detectable, hormone-like properties, raising concerns about its presence in consumer products and foods contained in such products.

our bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (pet) plastic, which does not contain bpa anywhere in its chemical composition. we do not heat anything. we do not use microwaves. and we do not boil or soak bottles in high temperatures.

we do greatly dislike contributing to the world’s pollution problem. plastic sucks. when juice press was founded, our leading competitor admirably sold their juice in heavy glass bottles. they tried valiantly to hold the line and collect deposits, recycle, and return deposits! this did not last. the demand for juice for all of us is so incredibly high that rotating thousands of glass bottles through small production facilities is not commercially viable. as the co-founder, i am without an answer as to how i could survive in this business without the use of plastic.