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Can Some Probiotics Have an Antibiotic Effect?

A strain of healthy bacteria can kill harmful bacteria in lab tests

The Claim: Some probiotics, healthy bacteria commonly known for improving digestion and boosting the immune system, also can kill pathogens, such as those that cause food poisoning and others that cause illnesses such as strep throat.

The Verdict: A probiotic lozenge can reduce incidence of strep throat, according to published research by Italian scientists. A Harvard University scientist found another strain, which is added to some smoothies and raw juices, can kill a wide variety of harmful bacteria in lab tests. The use of probiotics to kill pathogens is a promising area but most of the work is still preliminary, scientists say.


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This Juice Guru Has Strong Opinions on Milk, the Paleo Diet, and Toxic Human Beings



25 Best Juice Shops in America 2015: #1 Juice Press, New York City





He was born to run on a treadmill. Bruce Springsteen worked out, then headed to Juice press for a smoothie called - you guessed it - Fountain of Youth. We're told that the fruit smoothie, made from berries, bananas and hemp protein, is the 68-year-old rocker's "go to drink."

Casey Neistat Youtube Video Hot Sauce

Casey Neistat Youtube Mentioning Our Hot Sauce



BevNet: Juice Press Makes Travel Play at NYC Airports


Cold pressed juicery Juice Press is seeking to expand its grab-and-go business to travelers from around the world via a partnership with airport retailer OTG that will put some of the company’s ready-to-drink and energy bar products in three major New York City area airports.

US Weekly



“There’s a lot to love about smoothie bowls. They’re quick, customizable and total Instagram gold. What’s harder to embrace is the high sugar content – up to 36 grams! That’s why the team at celeb-favorite Juice Press (Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Kravitz frequent the East Coast chain) decided to whip up a green option.”

Seattle Met

Russell Wilson Will Bless U Village with a Juice Bar This Fall


Wilson, who’s partnering with Juice Press’s Michael Karsch and Marcus Antebi, is opening the Seattle flagship in University Village. In fact, the organic juicery will open in the former Evolution Fresh space at 2620 NE University Village Street.”

What Celebrities Do When They're Not Working


“Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson was seen at the first flagship west coast Juice Press store in Seattle, WA (scheduled to open Fall 2017).”

Grub Street

CAP Beauty's Kerrilynn Palmer


“Afternoon meetings take me to the kitchen for another matcha. This time neat and straight up. And an Ommm! from Juice Press, my pick-me-up for the second half of the day.”

Seattle Pi

Russell Wilson to open Juice Press store in University Village


"I've admired, and have been a small part of the growth on the East Coast, but now it's time to go change the West Coast with fresh and healthy non-processed juices and foods," Wilson said in a press release last summer announcing the partnership. "The Emerald City deserves the best organic products. And no better place than the city I love... Seattle."

Biz Journals

New York Shop Jumps Into D.C. Juice Scene


“Juice Press, which is taking over the former Crumbs cupcake shop location on the Amtrak departures concourse, aims to open in August. The shop offers organic juice but also smoothies, soups and snacks.”

The New Potato

The Best Activated Charcoal Drinks in NYC


Juice Press’s Dirty Detox was a favorite.

OK Magazine

Check Out The Hottest Celeb Pics This Week.


Russell Wilson to bring juice press to Seattle's U. Village!

Stage Buddy

thEATer – NYMF Edition!


“I will be picking up Juice Press before my Camp Wanatachi rehearsals. They are the only juice place worth their salt, in my opinion. Not only do they have a ton of green juice options, they also have fruit juice and mixed greens/fruits options. I love their smoothies (Advanced Berry Blend all the WAY), as I like to keep the fiber in my fruits/veggies. Their açai bowls are the perfect pre-rehearsal breakfast.”


What's Hot


“Gigi Hadid likes Juice Press’s Rose Water, which is infused with natural blooms, because it provides stress relief and supports digestive health while keeping you hydrated.”

W Magazine

The 10 Most Glamorous Places New York Has Lost


“Through the years, gentrification, skyrocketing rents, death, and general ambivalence have led to a parade of shimmery hotspots being turned into so much glue, as Manhattan becomes the home to banks, nail salons, Duane Reades, Juice Press shops and SoulCycle meccas.”


14 Chefs Reveal Their Secret Hangover Cures


"My go-to is the Harvey Wallbanger from Juice Press. It has cold brewed coffee, banana, almond milk, and agave. I need the caffeine when I'm hungover, and it's not too sweet, easy on the stomach, and the banana really helps."


Blend a Next-Level Breakfast with a Healthy Green Smoothie Bowl


“There’s a lot to love about smoothie bowls: They’re quick, customizable and total Instagram gold. What’s harder to embrace is the high sugar content — up to 36 grams in some of the most popular options! That’s why the team at celeb-favorite Juice Press (Amy Adams, Justin Bieber, Bradley Cooper and Zoë Kravitz frequent the East Coast chain) decided to whip up a green option that clocks in at just 210 calories and 14 grams of sugar (sans toppings).”


Everything You Need to Know About Infused Waters, the Latest Trend Taking Over the Wellness World.


An anti-inflammatory and antibacterial liquid, when use topically, rose water can purportedly reduce redness and irritation. Ingested, it's chock-full of vitamins, according to nutritionist Amanda Mittman, R.D., including A, B3, C, D, and E, all important for your health and skin. And it may just help you sleep better, too: rose essential oil was historically used to deepen hypnotic states and as a natural remedy for insomnia. Sakara Life offers its addictive Beauty Water, infused with rose and silica, while Juice Press has a Rose Water on tap (in bottle?) as well.”

LA Times & WWD

RKF Founder on the Future of U.S. Retailing


Robert K. Futterman predicts that health and wellness retailers, such as Juice Press, will continue to open brick-and-mortar stores.

Grub Street

Entrepreneur Hawa Hassan Loves Pão de Queijo and Doro Wat


I’ve got jet lag and I’m still on PT. I chug water and take a rehab shot from Juice Press. I pick up coffee on the way to my first meeting, but like most New Yorkers, I’m moving slower than normal because of the MTA.

Marie Claire

Health's New Heat Wave


The juicery chain has introduced a customizable five-day vegan reboot that’s not just liquids (although you do drink a lot of juice). $305 for five days (three meals and three juices per day)

Reader's Digest

The One Food 12 Nutritionists Eat Every Day to Maintain Their Weight


I regularly drink Juice Press' Fountain of Youth smoothie, a blend of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, banana, and hemp protein. The flavorful smoothie contains 470 milligrams of potassium and 5 grams of protein, keeping my blood sugar levels stable and providing me with an energy boost.


We Made These 4 Popular Smoothies At Home & Saved Major $$$


What's one of our biggest budget weaknesses? Fancy smoothies. Whether it's Juice Generation, Liquiteria, Juice Press, or Jamba Juice, we sometimes find ourselves dropping a chunk of change for a cool cup of fruity-frosty beverage bliss. Picking up our favorite blend from our favorite chain is fast, easy, and dependable — so we forget consider how much those prices can actually start to add up (and fast). Ranging anywhere from $6 to $10 a pop, these sweet sips can end up running you a whopping total of $70 a week (if you're a smoothie a day type of person). But instead of quitting cold turkey, we decided to try an alternative method: making copycat versions at home.

Well + Good



Usually I’ll have oatmeal or a smoothie after the gym—I really like the Clean Green Protein smoothie from Juice Press.

Harper's Bazaar

A Day In the Life of Jessica Seinfeld


I tend not to have sit-down lunches with people, but I’ll have a quick bite. I’ll go to Juice Press and get the cauliflower soup. I believe in the power of vegetables.

The Cut

The Designer and The Rancher on a Mission to Make Fashion Green


I also have these ginger tablets from Juice Press.”

Huffington Post

Surviving My First Juice Cleanse


I managed to have tons of energy, stay full consistently, and enjoy every meal while navigating my school-work-life balance. Most people recommend doing a juice cleanse at least twice a year. Juice Press has so many options, you won’t be without something you love.


Celebrity Foodies: See What the Stars Are Snacking on Today.


The singer sipped on Juice Press’s Greens + Earth while on-the-go in N.Y.C.


100 Ways to Look & Feel Healthy This Summer


89. Change up the juice cleanse. Try Juice Press’s Clean Eating Plan, which revamps the idea with vegan soups, salads and grains along with the usual juices.


What Instructors Eat After a Ride


A protein shake! The &$@ing genius from Juice Press!

Boston Magazine

The Best Luxury Gyms in Boston


There’s a reason—several, actually—that Equinox is the best-known luxury gym of them all. Its facilities are flawless, from the group fitness studios all the way to the Kiehl’s-stocked locker rooms. The on-site Juice Press bars, spas, and retail boutiques certainly don’t hurt, either.


Here's Exactly What Ashley Graham Eats In A Day


Graham will also reach for a bottle of East Coast chain Juice Press's Green Giant when she's on the go. It's got most of the same ingredients, plus a little kick, thanks to cayenne powder.


#GothamCelebSpy: Who Took a Bathroom #Selfie at the MET Gala & Where Did Naomi Watts Eat?


Naomi Watts enjoyed a healthy lunch on Friday, May 5 when she purchased the Ginger Fireball, Kelp Me! Pesto Noodles, and Clean Green from the 22nd Street Juice Press location.

Wall Street Journal

The 2017 Sohn Investment Conference -Live Analysis


This year, Sohn has gone a bit healthy for snacks. Guests are munching on Juice Press products, so that means your fearless Journal team is sharing a bag of something called Vanilla Gladiator Cookies and sipping "Love at First Sight" and "$&"@ING Genius" smoothies.

Radar Online

Very Important Photos: Here’s Who We Spotted Out And About In The Last 24 Hours


Karlie Kloss was spotted strolling with a bag of goodies from organic food and beverage retailer – Juice Press – including JP Infused Water, Cold-Brewed Coffees, the new JP Dirty Detox on Monday, April 24 in New York City.”


15 Korean Beauty Products Unlike Anything You've Seen Before


Make your juicing detox part of your skincare regime too by using these juice cleanse sheet masks a few times a week. They contain the same fruit and veggie-filled ingredients you find in your Juice Press favorite to supercharge your routine.


Celebrity Foodies: See What the Stars Are Snacking on Today


The model picked up a bag of goodies from Juice Press, including their infused water, cold-brewed coffees and their new Dirty Detox juice.


I Tried Juice Press’s 3-Day Cleanse And Now All I Want Is Veggies


But the best thing about the clean eating plan was the fact that I could end each day knowing for sure that I’d obtained the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and completely went without processed foods. It’s the perfect option not only for brides, but anyone looking to reset their diet or try out different fasts. And with a blend of soups, salads, puddings and juices/smoothies, you get variety while never going hungry.

Men's Fitness

20 Tasty 200-calorie Snacks that Satisfy Every Craving


Trust us: There's really no reason to eat potato chips once you find how crunchy and satisfying kale chips are. Juice Press sells a flavorful one-serving package that packs some heat. Its ingredient list is simply kale baked in a lime dressing made of olive oil, lime juice, tamari, coconut nectar, garlic, onion, chipotle, and cayenne. One container has 60 calories, 4g of protein, and 3g of fiber.

Daily Mail Online

QUICKFIRE: Singer Joe Jonas on pirate ships, private planes and playing at the White House.


Hangover cure? A place in New York called Juice Press sells an immune-boosting drink called the Volcano, which gets you back into fighting shape. Failing that, I’d have chicken and waffles.


Here's what to know about the health benefits of activated charcoal


The Green Charcoal drink at Juice Press, a chain that sells organic juices and other health foods, is a blend of charcoal, cucumber, celery, lemon and kale, Marcus Antebi, Founder of Juice Press, said in an email, explaining the company is also going to release a new drink that has activated charcoal mixed with water, lemon, maple and cayenne. The Green Charcoal drink has 0.05 grams of charcoal, significantly more than the 0.25 mg (aka 0.00025 grams) in Dirty Lemon's drink.

W Mag

The K-Beauty Secrets of Up-and-Coming Model Sunghee Kim


I usually drink Juice Press or protein shakes.

Teen Vogue

How To Make An Acai Bowl from the Founder of Juice Press


To prove just that, Marcus Antebi — AKA the genius founder of Juice Press — stopped by for a very special Facebook Live to show us how to make their tried-and-true recipe. What you'll need? A blender, of course! Plus the ingredients below. Simply add the following to whatever blender you have hanging around, and voilà — breakfast is served. To see how Marcus and our wellness editor, Vera Papisova, mastered making their delicious version of the açai bowl, check out the video below — and be sure to tweet us pictures of your own renditions when you test-drive their recipe in your own kitchen. Good luck!

Bon Appetit

Activated Charcoal Is in Pretty Much Everything Now


Go into any Juice Press in NYC, Nekter Juice Bar in Dallas or Pressed Juicery in LA, and you’ll find drinks with charcoal on the menu too.

New York Magazine

What SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan Can’t Live Without


I fundamentally know that if you have a cold coming on, and if you take two rehab shots from Juice Press and follow them up with a ginger fireball, you will not get sick. I just got home from a trip to California, and I texted my husband from the plane to get me some. I drank it down, went to two meetings and a dinner, and then I had a lemon popper, and now I feel great. Editors’ note: If you feel a cold coming on, and want your Juice Press Shot and Fireball now, you can order them through Postmates.

CBS New York

NYC’s Best Juice Bars For Smoothies, Fresh Juice, Veggie Juice And More


Now with more than 60 locations across the county, Juice Press has worked to promote healthy, clean living since opening its doors in 2010. The juices on offer don’t have additives or preservatives or processed ingredients. Instead, they’re raw, fresh, and yummy — never frozen, never pasteurized, always organic. For an extra boost, Juice Press also offers their own blends of proprietary, vegan probiotic, and vitamin C and D supplements, as well as on-the-go breakfast options, including raw oatmeal, Acai bowls and protein smoothies.


We Tried It: Adele's Slimming Sirtfood Diet


"I don’t have a juicer, nor the space in my apartment to store one, so I bought juices that matched the ingredients in Sirtfood‘s recipe from Juice Press.."

Teen Vogue

5 Healthy Snacks to Stash In Your Backpack


If you're yet to try Juice Press's cult cookies, then you've seriously been missing out. Made with delicious and good-for-you ingredients like cashew, dark chocolate, and pure sea salt, these bite-sized cookies hit the spot, sans all the calories.

Teen Vogue

How Food Can Affect Your Mood + How to make an Acai Bowl


Juice Press founder, Marcus Antebi, joins Teen Vogue on Facebook Live to talk all things Acai.

Mindy Body Green

How Hollywood's Healthiest Really Snack


My favorite snack is from my favorite grocery store in New York City, High Vibe—I grab Chocolate Tree chia crackers," the model told Stylecaster. What does she wash it down with? "'Green Giant' from Juice Press


A Week In NYC On A $230,000 Salary


I stop by Juice Press to get an acai bowl. I get these every few weeks when I'm really craving them.


Ultimate Guide to Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in NYC


Put on your favorite athleisure outfit and get your hungover butt out of bed for this health-themed crawl that’s the antithesis of St. Patrick’s Day. The crawl kicks off with a Caribbean Reggae dance party followed by tastings at House of Juice, Juice Press, and Pressed Juicery. $35 tickets include a workout and juices

Soul Cycle

How to Crush Your Morning


I always teach a 7:30 AM the morning of daylight savings, so I grab a JP Fuel or JP Fuel Xtreme the night before from Juice Press and have it ready to drink first thing in the morning. It gives me the long-lasting pick-me-up that I need to carry me through not just class, but the whole day!

My Domaine

This Doctor Specializes in Inflammation—Here's What He Eats in a Day.


To "wake up" his digestive system, Pedre starts with a cup of warm water with lemon promptly at 7:30 a.m. Next, he prepares a blue ginger breakfast smoothie, which usually contains a combination of frozen blueberries, Brazil nuts, chlorella, spinach, ginger, coconut oil, almond milk, and protein powder. Finally, he rounds out his morning with a fresh green juice from Juice Press around 11 a.m.

W Magazine

How to Relax Like a W Editor


I like to do a Juice Press cleanse every season, which means I get to eat and drink a lot of kale. It leaves my skin glowing every time. - Mia Adorante, Beauty and Health Editor

Harper's Bazaar



Morning drinks: Iced chai and Juice Press Fountain of Youth.

Spoon University

What Happens When a Bad Lactose Intolerant Gives Up Cheese for Lent


Day two actually started out good. I was busy with midterms, so I only had raw oatmeal from Juice Press until later in the day. The oatmeal was super filling, and I barely thought about cheese until much later on

International Business Times

Is Juicing Good For You?


Detox Health Benefits Reduced By Sugar, Calories In Fruits And Vegetables

Huffington Post

What I ate 2 weeks prior to Fashion Week


Started the day with alkaline water, breakfast was a Almond Butter Cup Smoothie from Juice Press, an organic Juice Press Dark Chocolate bar for morning tea, Lunch the Egyptian red lentil soup from Juice Press.

Marie Claire

The Cleanse for the Girl Who's Always Hungry


Geared towards those living active lifestyles, the menu was created to make clean eating easy for those working long hours with satisfying breakfasts, light lunches, tasty snacks, and nourishing dinners with zero meal prep.

Spoon University

Juice Press Came to Boston with the Healthiest Açai Bowls Around


Ever tried to buy an açai pack at the supermarket? It was likely sweetened and had added emulsifying agents to it. Juice Press' commitment to purity shines through with their açai bowls, blowing Boston competitors away.

The Business Journals

Juice Press founder on why N.Y.C. startups should 'go the extra mile'


The most important lesson I have learned is to be vigilant about self-improvement and to embody the qualities of a true leader — recognizing that I have the ability and responsibility to fuel a better future. By doing things differently and pushing boundaries, Juice Press has emerged as a brand that is trusted by elite pros on the field, top runway models, Hollywood elite and, most importantly, everyday New Yorkers.

The Daily Mail

How to DRINK your way to fame and fortune


Fashion designer Alexander Wang loves fresh juices - his favourites are the Doctor Green Juice and the Ginger Fireball from Juice Press, a juice brand in the US.

Connections Magazine

St Patrick's Day Gift Guide


JP's deepest green juice. Taste why it has achieved cult level status. JP's best-selling green juice–sweet with a ginger kick! The Fuji apple and pineapple mask the green taste, but the nutrition benefits still lie within.

Rodale Wellness

Food Finds: Juice Press Infused Waters


Need a better way to get your eight glasses a day? Infused waters will not only give you the hydration you need, but will deliver the nutritional punch you want. These Juice Press infused waters—which come in aloe, cinnamon, vitamin D3, vitamin C, ginger, and rose flavors—make drinking water delicious again

The New York Times

Villanelle, Serving Vegetable-Forward Fare, Opens in the East Village.


The major art show and sale has teamed up with Hospitality House, a consulting company, to increase the number of options from well-known New York restaurants at the event. It opens Wednesday to V.I.P. ticket holders, and to the public Thursday through Sunday. Specialties from Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria, By Chloe, Colonia Verde, Black Seed Bagels, Juice Press and Mile End deli will be available from various sites on the Hudson River Piers. There will be cocktails by Grand Army and a full-service restaurant by Hotel Americano in Chelsea, which were at last year’s show.

Boston Magazine

15 Healthy Things to Do This Week


Move with Mindfulness: After a 60-minute vinyasa yoga session, which will help you slow your mind and connect with your breathing, ramp up your taste buds with refreshments from Juice Press.

Vogue France

What do models really want to eat before a show?


Granola, fresh fruit and juice, from Juice Press if possible. In reality, the backstage buffets aren't always that great, nor that healthy, so I usually bring my own snacks with me.

Art News

Armory Show Food Purveyors Will Include Il Buco, By Chloe, Juice Press, Black Seed Bagels


The eateries setting up shop on the West Side piers will be Juice Press, fast-rising vegan outfit By Chloe, downtown Italian powerhouse il Buco Alimentari & Vineria (visit its website to see David Zwirner, a partner in the enterprise, enjoying a glass of wine with restaurateur Donna Lennard)…




Then I usually snack on dried mangos or I love the kale chips from Juice Press.

The Observer

Juice Cleanse at a Former Smoke Shop; Become America’s Next Fitness Star


Try your next juice cleanse at a former smoke shop: Juice Press is expanding yet again (it is the East Coast’s fastest growing organic retailer). The latest New York store opened on Monday at 77th Street and Lexington Avenue. The uptown location was formerly a smoke shop—now, it’s a bit healthier, with cold-pressed juices and salads, instead of cigarettes and lighters. via Juice Press.

Harpers Bazaar

Beauty Diaries


Morning drinks: Iced chai and Juice Press Fountain of Youth.

Public Lives



Our day started off with a few meetings followed by some juices & snacks from Juice Press. After a week of pizza & cookies, we desperately needed a detox.




With newly added locations from Sweaty Betty and hip-hop yoga studio Y7—plus established outposts from Ballet Beautiful, The Fhitting Room, SoulCycle and Juice Press—New York City’s Upper East Side is steadily racking up its wellness-mecca bona fides.

Teen Vogue

14 Feel-Good Valentine's Day Gifts to Give Yourself


Show your body some extra TLC with totally natural, rose-infused water. Fancy, huh? That's because it is! Made with actual rose blooms to extract the oils, this delicious — yes, delicious — water tastes subtly fragrant and even provides stress relief. Now that's a water we can get behind.


Model/Artist Kira Ship's Guide to Fashion Week


Since I'm usually on-the-go I'll opt for a Juice Press smoothie in the mornings—I'm a sucker for them.

Style by Holly

Boston City Guide


Check out Tatte Bakery & Cafe. It’s a personal favorite of many locals and their multiple locations makes it a very convenient stop. Another must is Jugo’s or Juice Press for fresh juice, smoothie or acai bowl.

Good Morning America

GMA Health Alert: Benefits of Turmeric


How can we incorporate these into our diet?” / “Easy thing to do. First of all, you can have it in root form, powder form and juice form. We got these juices from Juice Press.

Boston Globe

Seaport gets a whole lot of lunch, where to find al fresco fire pits, and other restaurant news


Meanwhile, Juice Press (109 Seaport Blvd.) opens its fourth location later this month. Tikkaway Grill (55 Boston Wharf Road) starts serving custom Indian rice bowls and roti wraps around the same time, and Yoki Express (101 Seaport Blvd. #54) introduces sushi burritos and poke bowls to the neighborhood in early March.

Guest of A Guest

9 Healthy Ways to Fuel Up During Fashion Week


Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a boost without diverging from your diet? Look no further than Juice Press's chocolate coffee oatmeal drink! An easy meal replacement, this healthy drink will taste like a cheat snack, but has the benefits of an acai bowl or a green juice. Does it get any better?


How to Make the Perfect Smoothie Pack Every Time


You have to consider whether you want to drink your smoothie through a straw or eat it with a spoon," says Marcus Antebi, founder and CEO of Juice Press. "Some people like super-thick smoothies and others enjoy their smoothies on the thin side. Every person is different.


10 Habits Holding You Back From Health and Weight Loss


So, before you get excited about your recent discovery and affinity toward zucchini noodles, Brazil nuts, or that chocolate smoothie at Juice Press, consider having them once a week instead.

Rodale Wellness

Food Finds


Enter: these acai bowls from Juice Press. The breakfast-ready bowls feature a nutty crust, layered with a maca-infused acai filling, and topped with coconut flakes for added crunch and flavor. At just $9 per bowl, your breakfast or deskside snack options just got a whole lot more nutritious and delicious.

Haute Living

Top 5 Juice Bars in Boston


Choose between a Mostly Veggie or Mostly Fruit juice or opt for a combination of both. In honor of this weekend's Super Bowl, try the Game On! Lemon Lime made with coconut water, coconut nectar, lime, lemon and sea salt to root on the Patriots. There is a soon-to-be opened second location in the Seaport District, and Juice Press recently announced they will be replacing Squeeze Juice Company in the Franklin and Dartmouth Street Equinox locations.

Boston Magazine

Juice Press to Replace Squeeze as Equinox’s In-House Juice Bar


Juice Press, for its part, is pleased to partner with Equinox and continue expanding in Boston, says Chairman of the Board Michael Karsch. “We’re excited to further expand the Juice Press footprint and make fresh, delicious, organic grab-and-go food and beverages available for even more consumers,” Karsch says. “As a proud Tufts University and Harvard Business School graduate, I am particularly excited to have Boston as our first market for continued brand expansion outside the Tri-State area.”

New York Magazine

Can Age-Shaming Be the Next Fat-Shaming?


In my imagined 40s I’d be able to afford Juice Press. I’d find enough resolve to say no to afternoon doughnuts like, “Whatever, big deal, who needs doughnuts?”


What Does Drinking Rose Water Really Do, Other Than Smell Like Roses?


Drinking rose water is kind of a thing right now, popping up on menus at juice specialty stores like Juice Press and at health food stores.


25 Valentine’s Day Candies That Will Make Someone Feel Very Special


True love means honoring someone's diet even on Valentine's Day. These new chocolate and sea salt bars have all of the good stuff: cacao, coconut sugar and Himalayan sea salt, and none of the bad: gluten, dairy, GMOs, soy and refined sugars.


How a Nondieter Survived a 5-Day Raw Vegan Clean-Eating Plan


In the end, I learned to listen to my body more, nourish it when I'm hungry, and not ignore signs that I'm full. It's all about balance


5 Ways to Add Some Zen to Your Life


One of the best I’ve ever tried was the Clean Eating Day by Juice Press which is a mostly NYC franchise, but growing fast. You can customize your cleanse to include juice and soup and other light, healthy bites. The dressings are amazing, the soup yum and filling and they are incredibly creative with snacks, tasty bites and other healthier options. My version included kale chips, vegan ravioli made from turnips, lentil soup and far more juice than I expected. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, it was that fun and delish!


A Real Diary of What It's Like to Do a Juice Cleanse


When I woke up on day three, I felt amazing. For someone who is typically bloated due to my dairy-filled meals, waking up with significantly less bloat was instantly noticeable. At that point I had already consumed seven juices, an oatmeal, four salads, a soup, and a healthy sushi, and I still had three days left. I did not look at the scale while I did the cleanse, but it felt like my water weight was gone after just two days.


Cheat Days and Beignets! 10 Ways to Eat Like a Kardashian


To keep their svelte figures and perfect skin, the Jenner sisters sip on Juice Press on the reg.


What’s the Best Way to Cleanse? A Guide to Detoxing in 2017


Soup Is the New Juice: even juice companies like Juice Press are stocking their own versions of soup cleanses

Guest of a Guest

10 Healthy Eating Swaps For Junk Food Lovers


Conveniently situated at every Equinox in New York, most cosmopolitan women flock to Juice Press for their daily green juice. Did you know they're baked good connoisseurs as well? They're no Le Vain or Magnolia, but they're close enough. They've augmented this breakfast pastry to be both tasty and nutritious.

Metro Boston

It all turns to gold: Turmeric's trendy takeover


Meanwhile, at Juice Press (500 Boylston St.; 33 Boylston St. at The Street Chestnut Hill) the Turmeric Power Blend ($7) is known as “Liquid Gold” for a reason. The tangy mixture is a bright, orange juice perfect for anyone who wants the sweetness of pineapple and grapefruit with the traditional anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric.

The Shops at Columbus Circle


January 2017

Hydrate from the inside out. You already know you should be drinking plenty of liquids to keep your skin hydrated. Amp it up at Juice Press, which carries a line of infused waters ($2.75 each) that do double duty. Water + Aloe is high in vitamins and minerals that accelerate skin repair. Another delicious option: Water + Ginger + Vitamin C, which incorporates a boost of antioxidants to keep you hydrated – and healthy.

Eater NY

Rockefeller Center’s Long List of Food Vendors


Cold-pressed juice people of Juice Press will join Blue Ribbon on the Concourse Level.

CBS New York

NYC’s Best Juice Bars For Smoothies, Fresh Juice, Veggie Juice And More


Now with more than 55 locations across the county, Juice Press has worked to promote healthy, clean living since opening its doors in 2010. The juices on offer don’t have additives or preservatives or processed ingredients. Instead, they’re raw, fresh, and yummy — never frozen, never pasteurized, always organic. For an extra boost, Juice Press also offers their own blends of proprietary, vegan probiotic, and vitamin C and D supplements, as well as on-the-go breakfast options, including raw oatmeal, Acai bowls and protein smoothies.

Women's Health

Why This SoulCycle Instructor Naps Every Day


Then I head over to Juice Press for a Green Light with almond butter and cinnamon and a SIN-O-BUN and make a playlist.

The Shops at Columbus Circle


January 2017

Juice Press offers a Clean Eating Plan that’s designed with on-the-go New Yorkers in mind. Plans range from one to five days and will jump start your healthy eating with juices, soups, salads, and other nourishing meals. A personal concierge is also available to help customize your order, and meals can be delivered to your home or collected in person.

Metro US

Four major food trends for 2017


Charcoal: The laundry list of health benefits from chugging murky gray glasses of active charcoal are impressive enough to take this holistic niche mainstream. From what we’re told, tastewise, it’s not so bad, especially when expertly paired. Beatnik Beverage in Kendall offers the BBQ Lemonade — not because it’s got that sweet, vinegary, rib-rubbing tang — but because it adds activated charcoal to its blend of alkalized water, lemon, lime and agave. Likewise, Juice Press (which just opened a new location at 500 Boylston in Back Bay) offers a Green Charcoal, adding the detoxing ingredient to a cucumber, kale and celery blend.

Hostel World

12 Vegan Restaurants NYC Foodies Simply Adore


Looking for a quick healthy snack to-go? Indulge in one of the cities many smoothie bar locations- they’re seriously everywhere! Personal favourites include Juice Press (get the Almond Buttercup!!), Juice Generation, and Liquiteria.

53 Travel Health Essentials the Pros Swear By


Probiotics help keep your digestive system healthy... And thanks to handy, travel-sized packs, like Juice Press’ vegan version, you can easily pack them with you to continue your regimen on the go. Our favorite product is Juice Press’ Ginger Fireball Suckers, as they combine high doses (of Vitamin C and Ginger)

My Morning Routine

Erika Serow, President and US CEO of Sweaty Betty


When I eat on the go (the majority of the month), I have a vanilla protein smoothie at Juice Press


How to Detox After the Holidays Like Your Favorite Celebrities


Gigi Hadid: Drink something healthy. For Gi, her fave is the Spicy Citrus juice from Juice Press, which helps her sweat and clear her sinuses.

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Former MLB baseman Mark Teixeira becomes venture capitalist of Juice Press


Teixeira contributed money to an established enterprise - Juice Press after learning that an organic-drink product has benefited his performance a great deal. The company also acquired an investment from Russell Wilson, one of the NFL's highest-paid quarterbacks who intends to establish the markets in Seattle this year.

For. Yankee Mark Teixeira, NFL Russell Wilson 'Juiced' Up For Their Next Ventures

Fox Business

Published January 04, 2017

“Everyone thought I was crazy. What’s this juice, what are you guys talking about. Girls who do yoga, they are the only ones who juice,” Mark Teixeria, former New York Yankees first baseman told

Refinery29 A Week In NYC On $600 A Month

Refinery29 - A Week In NYC

Juice Press was referenced in a Refinery29 (Impressions: 5,655,277) article entitled, “A Week In NYC On $600 A Month.” In the piece, a 19-year-old college student shares her daily spending habits and notes that she drinks Juice Press in the morning.

Global Grind - Things for Under $35.

10 Awesome Things You Can Get for $35.

Global Grind (Impressions: 1,924,634), including Juice Press Simple Green juices. o “Feeling lethargic, or promised to eat healthy this year? Start with organic, fresh-pressed green juice, a fad that’s here to stay. At the popular chain Juice Press, you can buy three Simple Green juices (cucumber, celery, lemon, kale, proviotic) for less than $35 ($9.99 per juice).”

CNBC Online - Nighttime Habits To Stay Healthy

Juice Press founder shares the nighttime habit that keeps him healthy and energized.

Friday, 16 Dec 2016 | 3:18 PM ET

Last week’s CNBC Online (Impressions: 20,516,983) article entitled, “Juice Press founder shares the nighttime habit that keeps him healthy and energized” was picked up by Yahoo! Finance AU (Impressions: 1,038,375,000) and Women Free Time(Impressions: 14,940). In the first in a series of articles, this particular piece highlights how Marcus Antebi, a former addict and competitive boxer, now runs an organic food and juice company that attracts top celebrities such as Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Novak Djokovic.

Observer - Juice Press Clean Eating Plan

Replace Your Juice Fast With a Realistic Clean Eating Plan

12/30/16 10:00am

"Juice Press wants you to start clean eating the second 2017 begins. And after mashed potatoes on Christmas, eggnog all week and don’t forget about those chocolates you ate at work, their plan does prove effective. It’s a bit hard to go from indulging in second servings of dessert to suddenly returning to your kale ways. But Juice Press isn’t trying to force a juice fast upon you. Instead, for two days they’ll kick you off of carbs and sweets in an effort to jumpstart the new year."

Vogue's "The Biggest Food Trends of 2017"

Pot, Chocolate and Boozy Kombucha—2016’s Most Interesting Food Trends

DECEMBER 27, 2016 5:00 PM

"...From Juice Press’s Turmeric Power Blend to Natropathica’s Muscle and Joint Recovery Elixir (they even have a tea for achy limbs)..."

Huffington Post "How Fasting Allows The Brain To Recharge Itself"

Fasting Allows The Brain To Recharge Itself

12/07/2016 10:16

"How Fasting Allows The Brain To Recharge Itself When done correctly, it could even ward off cognitive decline, research finds."

Juice Press Opens in Back Bay, Boston

Nov 10, 2016,

A Back Bay storefront will soon spill out the fruitiest blended and pressed beverages for the masses. The New York-based company Juice Press opens its newest Boston location soon at 500 Boylston St., right next door to SoulCycle...

The Juice Bar Brawls

NY Times Juice Bar Brawls



PR News Wire

Aug. 17, 2016

Juice Press Partners With Super Bowl Champion Russell Wilson to Open Premiere Flagship Store in Seattle


Wikipedia - Juice Press

Oct. 2016

Read about Juice Press on Wikipedia

Vogue: Breathless: Why I Can’t Stand PDA

Vogue Online

Breathless: Why I Can’t Stand PDA

New York Times

The New York Times

OCT. 28, 2016

Five Things T Editors Are Really Into Right Now

PEOPLE Magazine - From Hell to Well

PEOPLE Magazine

Wellness 2016

JP founder and ceo shares his journey from hell to well

O the Oprah Magazine


March 2016

drink it in! do you water your plants better than you water yourself? for a refreshing health boost, try these calorie-free thirst quenchers in flavors like rose, which is said to aid digestion and antioxidant-rich ginger and vitamin C

Beauty Inc

Food for Thought: All Systems Go

June 2015

marcus antebi, the outspoken founder of juice press, talks about the blurring lines between beauty and wellness.

Muay Thai Work Out WSJ

WSJ: Muay Thai Work Out

March 2, 2015

Punishing workouts centered around the sharp punches and swift kicks of Muay Thai boxing keep stress levels in check....

We Tried It: Getting Ready for an Awards Show Like a Celeb


What do Kendall, Miranda, Cara, Zoë and I have in common? We're all internationally sought-after supermodels. Oh, wait, upon further fact-checking, it appears the correct answer is: We all drink Juice Press.

The Zoe Report

5 Ways To Cleanse Post-Holiday


To reset and recharge your body this season, we suggest trying a cleanse to rid your body of toxins that make you feel sluggish. Whether you’re suited to soup cleanses, tea detoxes or organic meal plans, here are 5 different methods that will get you feeling healthy this holiday season.


12 Chefs Reveal Their Secret Hangover Cures


"My go-to is the Harvey Wallbanger from Juice Press. It has cold brewed coffee, banana, almond milk, and agave. I need the caffeine when I'm hungover, and it's not too sweet, easy on the stomach, and the banana really helps."

Fox News

9 things to do when you feel a cold coming on.


Drink a Ton of Water. Or hot tea with lemon and ginger. Or orange juice. Or a fancy $11 bottle from Juice Press.

Harper's Bazaar



Volcano is one of fashion designer, Misha Nonoo’s flight essentials. “Before I board I try and drink a Volcano juice because it is rich with anti-oxidants. No colds allowed!”


Grown-Up versions of your favorite childhood drinks


Nothing beat a bottle of Sunny D's orange-flavored drink. Get that tangy citrus refreshment in Juice Press's spicy citrus offering...


Why You Should Start Your Post-Thanksgiving Detox Now


“Adding nutrient-rich items like cold-pressed juices to your daily routine in the days leading up to Thanksgiving can help people stay on track during the holidays”

Barney's The Window

Barney's Wellness Diary


I also had an overall sense of wellness, like my body and mind appreciated the fact that I was consciously doing something to take care of them. And bonus: quite a few people told me my skin had a glow.

US Weekly

The Beauty Drink Trend


All the good fat in Karlie Kloss' 320-calorie morning mix, Fountain of Youth, will only make a difference if you live a healthy lifestyle

Wall Street Journal

Former Hedge-Fund Managers Hit the Comeback Trail



EXTRA TV with Adam Glassman, Oprah Magazine Creative Director


"My favorite juice place in New York, Juice Press!" - Adam Glassman

Yahoo! Food

Foodie Friday


Juice Press Founder & CEO Marcus Antebi photographed courtside holding Watermelon and Coco-V, two of the six Juice Press drinks that are being sold at this year’s 2015 US Open in New York, where Juice Press is the “Official Cold Pressed Juice.”

Harper's Bazaar

My List: Alexander Wang in 24 Hours


I usually eat breakfast - oatmeal and juice from Juice Press. I like their Doctor Green and their Ginger Fireball; I can't afford to get sick

Beauty Inc.

Food for Thought: All Systems Go


Marcus Antebi, the outspoken founder of Juice Press, talks about the blurring lines between beauty and wellness

US Weekly

Kendall Jenner Sunbathes, Paddleboards in a Bikini With Pal Hailey Baldwin: Pictures


Runway model Kendall stepped out with pal Hailey Baldwin (the daughter of Stephen and Kennya Baldwin) to grab drinks at Juice Press

Wall Street Journal

Designer Peter Som's bag is practical with splashes of color


Juice Press Love at First Sight

Women's Wear Daily

DuJour Fetes Cover Girls Kendall and Kylie Jenner


Joining model friends and fellow famous family members, Hailey Ireland and Gigi Hadid, the girls holded up in a corner banquette, sipping on green juice Juice Press

The Daily Beast

How the Top Designers Survive Fashion Week (Hint: Lots and lots of Green Juice)


"I drink juices from Juice Press to survive fashion week!" - Phillip Lim


Street Seat


Usher takes a cold-drink break on the nearest seat available – a fire hydrant! – during a walk Wednesday in N.Y.C.

Women's Wear Daily

Barbie Goes Green With Juice Press


Barbie is not the only fashionista who fuels up for fashion week, whether for energy or skin care. Juice Press is providing an array of brands with “prep day” orders to fuel up for their big show.


New Year, New Look


Girls Who Code - Love at First Sighted with Karlie Kloss


From Hedge Fund Manager to Entrepreneur


In the 13 years he ran a $3.5 billion long/short fund, KCM Consulting founder Michael Karsch beat the S&P 500 by 100 percent.

Manhattan Magazine

Liquid Gold


With their NYC-based brand, Juice Press, cold-press pioneers Marcus Antebi and Michael and Erica Karsch are putting the squeeze on their competition

Harper's Bazaar Online

The List: 10 Backstage Beauty Essentials


Juiced Up: Instead of H2O, models at Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Marc by Marc and Marc Jacobs sipped on mini Juice press juices to stay hydrated and keep their skin glowing


Organic Beauty


Miranda Kerr has stayed grounded. She practices yoga regularly; the fridge is stocked daily with deliveries from Juice Press

Well & Good

How Good Nutrition Can Fuel Your Running


Too many athletes focus on pre- and post-workout beverages, quick fixes, and “boosters,” says Juice Press founder (and athlete) Marcus Antebi, instead of looking at how the sport affects their bodies on a cellular level and what they really need to handle those effects and stay healthy.

Hella Wella

Your Best Summer Diet


Advice from a Raw Food Enthusiast, Juice Press CEO & Founder Marcus Antebi


How I Went from Substance Abuse to Green Juice


I grew up in the late 1970's when Cookie Crisp cereal and Fruity Pebbles were part of a complete breakfast

Huffington Post

Nutrition is Complex and Controversial


No two people's internal chemistries are in the same place at the same time.

Grazia Daily

British Invasion! Cara Delevingne Backstage at Victoria's Secret Show


Ummm...I went to Juice Press yesterday and had a juice, but really haven't done much to prepare.

Women's Wear Daily

Beauty by the Gulp: Skin Care's New Direction


Juice Press' Fountain of Youth, Gravity and Aloe Water are some of the company's top juices for skin health

The Coveteur

Juice Press Headquarters


Inside the new headquarters of our favorite source for cold pressed greens

Yahoo! Beauty

The Original Juice Bar


One pioneering brand stands out from the pack, Juice Press.

Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting Video: Juice Press


Behind the scenes with New York City's juicing giant, brazenly bringing healthy drinks to the masses


Evangelical Juicing: An Interview with the Founder of Juice Press


Suddenly it seems there's a Juice press on every block. The organization is well on its way to becoming an empire, if it isn't one already

New York Post

Teixeira goes to bat for Big Apple Company


New York Yankee and Juice Press investor Teixeira is doing some off-field, boardroom conditioning with Marcus Antebi, the founder and CEO of Juice Press, to get the company into better shape.


We Hear You...


Your Issues Solved! Smoothie Recipe by founder & CEO Marcus Antebi


The Most Delicious Lunches You Can Order Downtown


"Raw, gluten-free and vegan - but damn good. I think I've gotten at least five people addicted to the raw falafel salad"

Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter's 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media: Arianna Huffington


Meal for Business Meetings? Juice Press juices

VOGUE Editors Name Their Favorite Juices For Every Ailment


Dr. Earth: The Antidote to Last Night's Hangover Fountain of Youth: The Skin-Brightening Fix

New York Post

Drink in the Action!


Those in the stands at the US Open will be able to cool off with a refreshing and healthy treat, Juice Press


EXTRA TV with Adam Glassman, Oprah Magazine Creative Director


"My favorite juice place in New York, Juice Press!" - Adam Glassman

Wall Street Journal

Muay Thai Workout: A Punch, a Kick and a Knee to De-Stress


Sharp punches and swift kicks keep stress levels in check for the CEO of Juice Press

Wall Street Journal

Can Some Probiotics Have an Antibiotic Effect?


Juice Press raw juices contain a bacteria shown in the laboratory to inhibit growth of E. coli and other foodborne pathogens.