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Smoothies V.S. Drinking Juice










Juice is not good. It’s g-r-e-e-a-a-a-t-tt! Don’t believe me (Marcus Antebi, co-founder of Juice Press) just because I said so. I have an agenda. I want to sell more juice. The best resource for evidence is simply doing a juice fast. You can include blended smoothies for added calories and just the feel good taste. Eventually juice is all that’s needed for a cleanse. This site contains a lot of content about cleansing. Read More


 It’s hard to believe that in the year 2015/16 magazine editors will still publish the dribble that their average amateur writers puke out from their befuddled brains about juice.


The leading questions and concerns today about smoothies and juice are: calories, sugar,  and fiber. Read More



It’s even harder to believe that “medical people” still talk about juice in a negative way! There are two causes for both of these silly circumstances: (1) utter ignorance on the science of nutrition, down to a molecular level; and (2) a total lack of experience with juicing and observing thousands of people outside of a the clinical experience who all improve their chemistry drinking raw fresh juice.



The ignorance is actually understandable because the science is very minute and the details are hard to collect and disseminate. You have to really combine book smarts with practical experience. It’s very rare that a person gathers a bit of both.



The fact for me is that I have been collecting bits of anecdotal science based on my personal dietary experiences and that of many thousands of people I have been fortunate to observe.



Juice is mostly water with a s**t-load of vitamins, minerals and other important compounds like anti-oxidants, flavonoids, and phytochemicals. Even fat. There’s ample trace amounts of fiber in juice (Juice Press juice). It’s all there. You can function at a high level of activity even on low amounts of protein depending on your overall health. If you want more protein drink more protein. It’s available in vegetable juices in good amounts. Moreover, you don’t need to add amino acids to your daily consumption to perform a cleanse. That’s utter nonsense.



I theorize that juicing allows the body to obtain a large amount of nutrients and sufficient amounts of calories to maintain and regulate normal body functions (depending on the calories and the amount of activity exerted, this would vary).



During a cleanse you don’t drink a martini with dinner. You don’t have a cigar after a five course late night meal. You don’t eat. You’re not eating late. You’re not mis-combining foods. You’re not eating processed foods. No heavy sauces. No white flour. No refined sugars. You’re not overeating. You’re just drinking fluids with all natural fruit or starchy vegetables and leafy greens. However you mix the juice, you’re avoiding all dietary mistakes. That’s how the miracle of cleansing and natural healing takes place. Through what you leave out and from what you then add in.



The sugar doesn’t matter within reason, but even within slight excess it just doesn’t matter (test it on a type 2 diabetic and if I’m wrong i’ll gladly donate my own kidney for a transplant). The sugar has the nutrients intact. It’s not heated and concentrated and made into acid.



But raw fruit or starchy vegetables have a totally different effect on your chemistry. If you have blood sugar issues and a toxic diet, you won’t do well chugging down a gallon of straight pineapple juice.



Sugar from raw fruit or not-enough-fiber is not the problem in the western fucking diet! It’s processed foods and too much protein!



For god’s sake. The science is already here. The master minds of molecular nutrition already write about this in one form or another.



On a juice fast or a combination juice and smoothie fast, or add some salad, you are not making mistakes.



For every mistake you leave out….there’s an immediate immediate overall improvement in your chemistry. You’re cleansing mistakes and thereby improving your chemistry. (god I’m so mad).



The range of reactions people have from fasting on juice are miraculously positive. 99 out of 100 people feel fabulous even on long cleanses.



With a more toxic group of people 78 out of 100 people feel fabulous. The rest of the class feels like shit because they have more to detox from. Or there are usually emotional and psychological components involved when people abstain and detox.



Detox is a natural process. The only way to help it along is to get out of its way. All of the mistakes I listed above slow down daily detox or impede it completely. I don’t have statistics at hand, but I have never heard of a crack head who cleaned up their chemistry by adding more crack. They clean up by abstaining. Then what happens? The body does its job. It cleans up the mess. If the crack head eats 97 twinkles a day after quitting crack, there can still be improvement up to the point where the twinkies disrupt the body’s natural process. Your ability to detox in your regular life diet and external toxifying circumstances is only as good as your worst dietary or lifestyle mistake.



Juice V.S. Smoothies
Finally, I’m getting to my point. Juice has less fiber (but still enough to be good for you) than a smoothie. Juice will enter into the blood stream faster with little to no mechanical digestion. Therefore, it is more effective at helping detox on a cellular level. I believe it is because of all the minerals and how they clean up the cells from things like carbonic acid. I may be wrong.



When you blend a drink and leave all the fiber in as with a smoothie it’s slower to digest and introduce in the bloods stream. I believe it’s slightly less detoxing for that matter. This is neither a positive or negative.



A more toxic person may do better on smoothies than on green juices at first.



For the lifestyle of juicing and smoothies, you want to do both: smoothies and juices.