Keto at JP

Our Keto Friendly Walnut Taco Salad has only 9g Net Carbs and 10g Protein!

Keto has quickly become one of the most popular nutritional philosophies. Manipulating your diet and macro intake can put your body into ketosis, a metabolic state that makes the body burn fat (rather than glucose) as your principal form of energy. Fat burns much faster than carbs, which take time to break down, helping to increase energy, promote brain power, and clear a foggy mind!

You’re the best. We’re just here to support you. That’s why at JP, we’ve created a guide to help our Keto followers navigate the store:

Chocolate Keto Smoothie (7-11g Net Carbs)

Vanilla Keto Smoothie (5-8g Net Carbs)

Kelp Me! Summer Noodles (9g Net Carbs)

Split Pea Soup (5g Net Carbs — 8oz serving!)

Kale Chips (4g Net Carbs)

Raw Almonds (3g Net Carbs)

Tamari Almonds (2g Net Carbs)