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ProViotic – born on a flower & born in a juice!

Supports Healthy Digestive and Immune Function

●       100% Vegan

●       Allergen-Free: NO soy, NO dairy, NO gluten

●       Non-Bloating

●       Shelf Stable – does not require refrigeration

●       USDA Organic

●       Non-Caloric

●      Can be taken safely with antibiotics 

Probiotics are an important part of any healthy lifestyle as they are scientifically proven to be powerful digestive and immune health support. As with everything we do, we wanted to provide our community with a probiotic that met our standards: top of the line, pure, vegan, unprocessed, and of course, organic. 

We scoured the market until we found ProViotic, scientifically known as Lactobacillus bulgaricus GLB44: a non-GMO, allergen free, vegan probiotic strain from the European snowdrop flower, grown in organic pea juice. This probiotic strain is known to support digestive and immune health and outcompete harmful bacteria. Because it is 100% vegan, it is not inflammatory and does not cause bloating.

We were blown away by the power of ProViotic and its reception by the academic community Since our partnership began, ProViotic has been referred to as “striking” by a Harvard Professor in the Wall Street Journal (Sept 1, 2015) and featured in Oprah’s O List of Wellness Picks (January 2016). 


What is a probiotic, and why do I need one?

Probiotics ("good bacteria”) promote a balanced immune and digestive system and aid in the absorption of critical nutrients to support a healthy GI tract. There are trillions of good bacteria throughout the digestive tract, and they are necessary to counterbalance harmful bacteria in our systems. Probiotics protect you by preventing the proliferation of harmful bacteria, thereby destroying and inhibiting the growth of pathogens. Probiotics aid in the absorption of critical nutrients to support a healthy GI tract by altering the existing intestinal bacteria, enhancing the intestinal barrier function, and stimulating the immune system. Furthermore, current scientific advances and research have linked a number of common illnesses and health issues directly to an imbalance of good bacteria in the digestive system. 

A major factor in digestive health is the balance of bacteria: 70 percent of your body’s immune system cells are in the digestive tract, so intestinal bacteria have a continuous and dynamic effect on both your gut and your immune system. A variety of factors can cause the good bacteria to lose territory within the digestive system including diet, stress, pollution, pesticides, and frequent antibiotic use. The bacteria in probiotics stimulates the gut to produce antibodies that protect against bad bacteria. As a result, probiotics help the immune system recognize and fight harmful bacteria.  

Why does JP add ProViotic to raw juices?

When ProViotic is added to raw juice, it is a natural preservative capable of inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria within the juice, while simultaneously benefitting the consumer by replenishing the healthy bacteria found in the gut. ProViotic amplifies our juice’s beneficial immune power and cleansing power while sustaining its alkalizing power and vitamin potency. JP's raw, unprocessed juices and smoothies an ideal environment for a healthy dose of probiotics because there are plenty of prebiotics (food for good bacteria) in the juice to keep the probiotics vital and strong.

In addition to our organic cold-pressed raw juices, we carry ProViotic in capsule and extra-strength tablet form. The supplements are non-caloric, non-bloating, and shelf stable, so they do not require refrigeration and can be taken on-the-go. ProViotic embodies the JP promise of transparency while offering consumers a unique, unparalleled probiotic.

Are there any allergens in ProViotic?

ProViotic is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. In the manufacturing facility, ProViotic is grown in organic, raw vegetable juices. ProViotic does not contain milk, soy, wheat, nuts or any other major allergen as defined by the FDA.

Is it okay to take ProViotic while on antibiotics?

Yes! Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria and supplementation helps restore the good bacteria. ProViotic does not compete with the antibiotic. While on antibiotics, ProViotic helps to enhance the good flora in your gut, and helps ensure that the post-antibiotic regrowth of digestive bacteria is mostly good flora bacteria.

Does ProViotic have the same side effects (gas, bloating, etc.) of some other probiotics?

ProViotic does not cause gas or bloating. Probiotics containing L. bulgaricus may even relieve abdominal bloating and other irritable syndrome symptoms. 

How is ProViotic made?

ProViotic is sourced from the European snowdrop flower found in the mountains of Bulgaria. The extracted bacteria is then grown in raw, pure, organic pea juice, and after 24 hours, the liquid is dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve the full vitality of the probiotic.


How often should I use ProViotic?

We recommend taking ProViotic daily — not just when you are sick or traveling — with no maximum course duration, as ProViotic is safe in limitless quantities. Because the levels of bacteria in our immune system vary depending on multiple factors (including stress, work, and sleep levels), we advise taking ProViotic daily to maintain a high number of good bacteria that support a healthy digestive and immune system at all times.


Is ProViotic safe? Can I overdose on ProViotic?

ProViotic is recognized by the FDA as safe for all ages in limitless quantities.


Is ProViotic safe for children and elderly?

ProViotic is safe for all ages — children, adults, and elderly.