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USDA Certified Organic


USDA Certified Organic


juice press is usda organic. not just our juice, not just our foods, not just our smoothies! everything we produce and handle is certified usda organic!

i am fortunate to have a close working relationship with fred bisci. fred has been 100% raw vegan for more than 45 years. fred bisci is 85 and thriving. as the co-founder and ceo of juice press, i cannot stress enough the importance of using organic produce in everything you consume.

i am also obsessed with the legacy teachings of norman walker. mr walker invented the norwalk cold press machine in 1932 and lived 99 years. both men teach the importance of using organic produce and avoiding pesticides. i am a believer in their work and knowledge base and adhere to it.

1. i have access to research that “accidentally” demonstrated that pesticides in trace amounts killed good bacteria that live within juice. my hypothesis is that pesticides can destroy important weaker strains of good bacteria that reside within your gut. this is a negative thing.

2. i believe that genetically modified organisms (gmo’s) may also be responsible for the more recent scourge of allergies that we have developed towards certain foods.

3. another major point that should not be overlooked is that in taste tests i conducted in early 2010, all of my test subjects, myself included, we all liked the taste of the juices made with organics over conventional.

4. i recently formed a relationship with two brilliant doctors: woodson merrell, md and phil landrigan, md. both esteemed doctors are anti-conventional produce. they both aggressively believe in organics.

5. i personally drink our juice every day of my life and so do my partners. we do not cut corners to boost profits. we do exactly what we say we will and that’s why we are so good.” marcus antebi – co-founder

juice press is usda certified organic. our cold-pressed juicessuperfood smoothies and vegan foods are made using organic produce and organic superfood powders.

our facility is usda certified organic and subject to inspections.